Security and Compliance (SEC)

Roster of Volunteers

  • Jerry Seefeldt, Project Manager
  • Mike Shorkend, Project Manager
  • Cynthia Overby, Project Manager
  • Karla Houser, Project Manager
  • Carla Flores, Project Manager
  • Al Chakra, Project Manager
  • David Astemborski, Project Manager
  • Marlaina Chirdon, Deputy Project Manage
  • Julie Bergh, Project Officer
  • Johnathan Crossno, Project Officer
  • Paul Robichaux, Project Officer
  • Phillip H Smith, Project Officer
  • Mark Wilson, Project Officer
  • Philip Young, Project Officer
  • Roxane Rosberg, Project Officer
  • Barry Stephen Schrager, Project Officer
  • Steve Hosie, Project Officer
  • Charles Mills, Project Officerr
  • Ross Cooper, IBM Representative
  • John Pinkowski, Broadcom Representative

If you have any changes to your roster, please send an email to