2022 SHARE Election Information

2022 SHARE Election Information

Those of you who are reading this likely take an active interest in the governance and strategic direction of SHARE Association. Governed by an independent Board of Directors, SHARE is owned and operated on behalf of Members that make up the heart and soul of the organization. Every year, SHARE holds an election, which determines the composition of its Board of Directors. In my role as the Immediate Past President of SHARE, I am honored to chair the Nominating Committee for a second year, tasked with the goal of prospecting those individuals best qualified to be a candidate for the SHARE Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee is seeking capable people from a diverse background to help set the future direction of SHARE, to be stewards of the 66-year-old institution within the enterprise IT community. We will be looking to slate up to four Officer positions and two Director at Large positions in the upcoming summer SHARE election, to be held in August 2022. The committee will be conversing with candidates and conducting formal interviews with those interested in being considered as candidates. This process serves as an opportunity to better understand the organization, holistically, and ensure SHARE is meeting the needs of its Members.

The opportunity to serve on the SHARE Board of Directors provides a unique chance to participate at the highest level of organizational management, and grapple with complex and high-level issues not usually encountered in many of our day-to-day jobs. The time spent each week on SHARE work, though critical to the function of the organization, rarely exceeds the time spent by many of our dedicated SHARE volunteers. Those who are selected for the final slate will be required to provide a written statement of commitment signed by themselves and their manager.

If you have any questions about the process, think you might be interested in being considered, or know someone whom you would like to recommend, please follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Reach out to me, Justin.Bastin@share.org, or any Nominating Committee member to share your interest and further connect on the opportunity 
  • Step 2: Participate in a call with the Nominating Committee to discuss your interest in joining the SHARE Board

On behalf of the members of the SHARE Nominating Committee, I thank you for your support of SHARE.


Justin Bastin
Immediate Past President
Nominating Committee Chair