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Date/Time: 09/28/2023 10am-11am CT

Title: 9 Perks from Broadcom That Every Mainframe Shop Should Take Advantage of

Greg Lotko, SVP and GM, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division


At Broadcom, we’re invested in your success. That’s why we created “Beyond Code” perks–to help our customers maximize their mainframe investment. Like credit card perks that enhance the experience of a great product you already use daily, these Beyond Code offerings go beyond the technology you currently use to provide essential benefits to you and your organization.
From workforce upskilling to expert guidance for change events, uncovering cost-saving opportunities, and boosting mainframe efficiency, our customers are seeing that these perks add real value.
Join us to learn about the value of no-cost Beyond Code offerings, enabling you to:

  •  Establish workforce resiliency by building the next generation of mainframe talent
  • Change and innovate with confidence by mitigating risks of production downtime
  • Proactively optimize your Mainframe environment with built-in predictability and cost savings

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can tap into these valuable perks, often at no additional cost to your organization.

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Date/Time: 10/10/2023 11am-12pm CT

Title: Simplifying Security and Compliance Using a Mainframe Cyber Vault for Your Data Storage Strategy


Perry Jones, Product Manager, Broadcom

David Schuchart, Product Manager, Broadcom


Today, storage and system administrators require mainframe data storage strategies that are secure, flexible, and cost-effective. Considering the daily occurrences of ransomware and other cyberattacks, it’s imperative that organizations create a “Cyber Vault” as insurance against cyber criminals and to be confident that your most important asset is always protected. Storage professionals no longer need to struggle with managing limited data storage options for locations and media. Storing data anywhere is now possible - on disk, tape, or in the Cloud – securely with encryption and immutable volumes. This session will provide an overview of how building a Cyber Vault will help your organization conquer data backup and storage challenges, while ensuring secure recovery, cost savings, and audit compliance.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to securely store your mainframe data anywhere without compromise
  2. Shorten audits and ensure compliance using a Cyber Vault with immutability
  3. How to save money with flexible storage options that improve operations
  4. Learn about Broadcom Security Suite and CA 1TM Flexible StorageTM

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Date/Time: 10/17/2023 10am-11am CT

Title: How Continuous Monitoring Creates Strong Trust and Brand Reputation


Mary Ann Furno, Director, Software Engineering, Mainframe Security, Broadcom

Chip Mason, Senior Principle Product Manager, Mainframe Security, Broadcom

Chad Rikansrud, Software Engineer, Mainframe Security, Broadcom


Protecting your customers, your company, and your reputation are top priorities today. A key aspect of a digitally transformed society is stronger protection of the privacy rights of individuals. People expect that businesses and government agencies are protecting their personally identifiable information (PII).

Unfortunately, legislation rarely stops cyber criminals, and since the mainframe holds your organization’s most vital assets, protecting and ensuring it is compliant is the topmost priority. Compliance is now a continuous process.

Explore these challenges and uncover insights into how leading global organizations are addressing them. In this session, we’ll explore the following:

  • What are the key factors driving greater compliance regulation and oversight?
  • What approaches work best to integrate continuous monitoring into the enterprise cybersecurity strategy?
  • The Mainframe holds the most vital data. What are the first things I should do there?

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Date/Time: 10/25/2023 10am-11am CT

Title: Security, RPA, and automated testing – keys for a modern mainframe


Barbara Ballard, Senior Product Manager, OpenText

Gary Evans, Product Manager, OpenText


Traditional mainframe systems can be pivotal for digital transformation, as the applications that run on these platforms are of high business value. Integrating the mainframe with modern systems is key to providing maximum value from mainframe systems and data. The challenges around integrating these key systems are security, RPA, and automated testing. Secure application access, the ability to manage access to a mainframe in a way that lives up to modern security standards, is critical to ensure the mainframe is secure. RPA, coupled with AI, when used with the mainframe, reduces errors, decreases costs, increases productivity, and makes better use of human resources. Automating mainframe application testing enables application teams to respond to business demands quickly and efficiently by streamlining the testing needed to support CI/CD practices for host-based applications. Join this webinar to learn how security, RPA, and automated testing can be the keys for a modern mainframe.

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Date/Time: 10/26/2023 1pm-2pm CT

Title: Are you doing EVERYTHING to keep your mainframe SECURE?

Sandy Campbell, Senior Mainframe Security Architect, CDW


IBM Mainframes are the most securable platform in the industry. BUT you need to proactively take the necessary steps to protect and secure them to the maximum potential. This webinar will share the list of FULL POTENTIAL STEPS to minimize risk and maximize security. This Senior Mainframe Security Architect will outline these steps and share the experience from years of securing the platform.

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Date/Time: 11/07/2023 10am-11am CT

Title: Extending ChangeMan ZMF with modern tooling such as GIT and VS Code

Speaker: Preethi Ramdoss Prabakar, Senior Solutions Consultant, Mainframe DevOps, OpenText


Likely, your development team has been looking at adapting and integrating GIT into their development processes with ChangeMan ZMF. There is a wave of new tools, such as GIT and VS Code, where developers are more familiar and comfortable with. This session will introduce your teams to the ZMF Explorer and GIT Connector and show you how you can integrate these components and developers into the ChangeMan fold without compromising your governance and methodologies. In addition, we will explore how to administer and manage the challenges of having a hybrid environment comprised of mainframe and distributed tools where ChangeMan ZMF can still sit at the heart of your development processes and manage pipeline delivery. With our ZOWE CLI plugin, we have taken a lot of the friction away of having to understand REST when needing to integrate tools within the DevOps toolchain. REST is still very much part of the ZOWE CLI plugin. However, we have been able to shield much of that behind the covers as the plugin calls REST without you having to make those calls yourself. Thus, making it easier and simpler to write your integrations.

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