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WLM Management of DDF Work: What Can You Do and What Has Changed?

Date and Time: Thursday, December 15 | 10:00 a.m. CT

Speakers: Scott Chapman, CIO & Director of Software Design and Development, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.
Peter Enrico, Instructor/Consultant, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.
Dana Novotny, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.
Jamie Novotny, Business Operations Manager, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.

Managing DDF workloads can be somewhat tricky because DDF can be quite variable. You may have an application where each row inserted is an extremely short transaction. Or you may have QMF users who submit queries that run for hours or even days. And you probably have a lot of DDF work that falls in-between but which varies in both importance and intensity. Historically, the full range of WLM goal types and controls were available to help manage this challenging workload. But now, in some situations, that’s no longer the case. If you use DDF and want to better understand the WLM options for managing the work, and especially if you’re using (or may use) high performance DBATs, you should attend this presentation delivered by Scott Chapman to better understand how to take control of DDF.

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