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SHARE Security and Compliance Series: Understanding Format-Preserving Encryption for non-cryptographers

Date and Time: Thursday, June 9 | 10am CT
Speaker: Phil Smith III, Senior Architect & Product Manager, Mainframe & Enterprise Micro Focus (Voltage)

As data security requirements grow, it has become clear that while disk-, file system-, file-, and database level encryption schemes provide value, they are not sufficient: the gold standard is application-level, data-specific field-level encryption. Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) is gaining in popularity as the way to provide this level of data protection, especially since NIST Special Publication 800-38G blessed its use in 2016 as a mode of AES. How does this majick work? It turns out to be (conceptually) relatively simple. Yet it requires a change in thinking about how encryption is used in order to maximize the benefits. 

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