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Year-round Education Through SHARE

SHARE members have access to webcast education sessions and the SHARE’d Intelligence monthly e-newsletter with trending articles and expert insights. Members also have on-demand education at their fingertips, through a library of SHARE webcast archives and a collection of SHARE event proceedings from past SHARE events. 

Online Training and Certificate Programs

Marist College Enterprise Systems Certificate Program

marist.gif    idcp.jpg

Marist College and the Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) host an online three-tiered certificate program to help participants increase their knowledge of the z Systems platform. Learn from Marist College’s IDCP along with mainframe industry leaders. Learn more about this certificate program.

Interskill is offering free mainframe online courses for zNextGen® members


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IBM Education Discounts

In cooperation with IBM, SHARE members can receive a 10% discount on IBM Systems Technical Universities and all classes offered by IBM IT Education Serves in the United States.  To access this discount, log-in to your Members Only section. 


SHARE's Winter and Summer Events

SHARE is well known for its technical events that deliver expertise, hands on training and professional networking opportunities. SHARE members receive a discounted registration rate for in-person events.

Social Media

As a SHARE member, gain access to a secure network of colleagues through the SHARE Member Directory. Connect with the entire SHARE community via social media and participate in conversations covering the latest information on industry hot topics.



Have your voice heard through the SHARE Requirements System, SHARE’s online product enhancement dialogue and voting system.