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Since 1955, SHARE has proven itself to be an outstanding forum for exchanging practical information and providing quality education to IT professionals. Through our semi-annual educational events and widespread volunteer network, SHARE offers unparalleled resources to the enterprise computing user community. SHARE membership provides endless opportunities for you and your company to learn and succeed.

SHARE is structured to consolidate its members’ collective knowledge and then make that information available for all members to benefit.  As a new participant, you too can contribute to the SHARE member–organization partnership and help keep the cycle going. 

Becoming an active member in SHARE is easy.  We continually look to members for success stories, challenges, experiences, professional best practices, and the latest information on emerging industry trends.  SHARE promotes the exchange of this relevant information through outlets such as conferences and the web site – where you can easily contribute year round.  By the very nature of SHARE, the more you contribute, the more you take away. 

SHARE membership is by organization, each receiving a unique Installation Code. SHARE member installations may include as many individuals under the company membership as desired. There is a one-time membership fee per organization.


If your organization is already a SHARE member, you must create a member record for yourself to access SHARE member benefits. By creating a member record you will be supplied with a login and password for the website.

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