SHARE Awards

The John R. Ehrman Award for Sustained Excellence in Technical Education

This award was established to recognize an outstanding body of contribution to SHARE’s technical program. It honors those who have provided the content of SHARE’s technical program, by delivering high quality presentations, contributing to strategic white papers and ongoing task forces, championing technical activities, and sharing technical expertise at a high level. There are two aspects of the award that must be satisfied:  the demonstration of exceptional technical competence and knowledge, and the effective sharing of that competence and knowledge with fellow SHARE participants over time. Please submit your nominations by utilizing the link below. 

Any participant is eligible for consideration, we recommend at least 5-10 years experience of SHARE contributions. Recipients need not be ribbon-wearers but must be long-term contributors to SHARE's technical program. Current and past volunteers, and IBM employees are eligible for the award.

Past Recipients

Glenn Anderson, 2019
Melinda Varian, 2019
Robert Rannie, 2018
Cheryl Watson, 2018

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Laetitia Harrer Snow Memorial Award for Humanitarian Service to SHARE

To honor individuals who have shown a long-term dedication to SHARE, with contributions to SHARE's culture, people, and environment, and as a memorial to Tish Snow, who was, herself, an example of this type of individual. 

Nominees must have five years or more of volunteer service to SHARE, but should not have been a member of SHARE Senior Management in the five years immediately preceding their nomination. During those five years, however, their service to SHARE will have continued, in the form of active mentoring volunteer support, informal committee or Board involvement, and will have demonstrated that their commitment to SHARE's people extended beyond their commitment to complete their formal volunteer duties. 

Past Recipients

Robert Rosen, 2014
Ron Thielen, 2008
Robert Rannie, 2004
Anne Caluori, 2003
Chuck Forney, 1994
Bettye Odneal, 1993
John Hogan, 1993

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SHARE President's Award

To honor the individual effort of a SHARE contributor who has, in the opinion of SHARE's President and CEO, performed outstanding service for SHARE during the preceding year. 

Past Recipients

Brian Peterson, 2018
Rosalind Radcliffe, 2018
Martha McConaghy, 2016
Donna Hudi, 2016
Karla Houser, 2015
Cheryl Watson, 2013
Ray Sun, 2013
Martin Zimelis, 2013
Ray Sun, 2012
Anne Caluori, 2012
Gary Ward, 2008
Anne Caluori, 2005
Steve Ryder, 2004
Christina McGill, 2003
David Vardi, 2001
Art Louise, 2001
Bob Archambeault, 1999
Lionel Dyck, 1999
Carl Youngren, 1998
Bob Shannon, 1998
Jonathan Burnett, 1996
Mike Halbert, 1995
Karla Houser, 1995
Lillian Cooper, 1995
Pam Henderson, 1994
Jerry Wetherington, 1994
Aron Eisenpress, 1994
Rich Olcott, 1993
John Bevis, 1993

John McCann, 1992
Ron Thielen, 1992
Jerry Feinman, 1991
Tony Leonardo, 1990
Mary Schafman, 1990
Ed Hart, 1990
Harvey Kramer, 1989
Anne-Marie Marcoux, 1989
Dana Godfrey, 1989
Bob Benson, 1989
Jim Boyce, 1988
Hank Hamilton, 1988
Joan Winters, 1988
Bob Pugsley, 1988
Melinda Varian, 1987
Andy Olivenbaum, 1987
Virginia Hetrick, 1987
Aron Eisenpress, 1987
Steve Vnuk, 1986
Bill Mosteller, 1986
Chris Thomas, 1985
Charles Daney, 1985
Sal Asad, 1985
Sandi Piazza, 1984
Sandra Hassenplug, 1984


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SHARE Distinguished Service Award

To recognize outstanding service and support from someone in a provider role (as opposed to volunteer role) who has worked for and with SHARE management over a period of years, generally given upon their departure and/or retirement. 

Nominees are any (generally senior) individual who has made an outstanding contribution to SHARE over a period of years of service in a provider role (as opposed to volunteer), in the opinion of the nominators and the judging committee.

Past Recipients

Henry Givray, 2015
John Ehrman, 2012
David Thewlis, 2003
Bruno Farre, 2000
Buffy Schechter, 1999
Pete Simon, 1999
Robert Rannie, 1996
Sheila Hoffmeyer, 1996
Don Boos, 1993
Louise Ristau, 1990
Arnie Cashingino, 1990
Bob Yelavich, 1989
Pete Pakeltis, 1989
Deborah Curcio, 1989
Chuck Forney, 1988
Melinda Hickman, 1988
Elliott Nohr, 1985

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SHARE Distinguished Speaker Award

badge.pngTo recognize an outstanding speaker who demonstrates exceptional skill in delivering presentations with great content to the SHARE community. The speaker regularly presents at in-person events, often more than one session per event. Additionally, the speaker receives high evaluation marks by our attendees and is commonly awarded a Best Session when eligible. 

Awardees are removed from the pool of eligible speakers for future Best Session Awards.

Past Recipients

Edward Addison, 2020
Bill Bitner, 2020
Peter Enrico, 2020
Ezriel Gross, 2020
Gus Kassimis, 2020
Mark Wilson, 2020
Marna Walle, 2008
David Barnes, 2007
Randall Munson, 2007

John Ehrman, 2006
Jonathan Harter, 2006

Best of the Best Session Winners

badge.pngAt each SHARE event, from the hundreds of sessions presented, SHARE recognizes the Best of the Best from within the User and Vendor session categories. Those winners are selected based on session evaluations completed by event attendees and recognized at the subsequent event.

The Best of the Best Session Winners are awarded a Best of the Best digital badge that allows them to showcase their accomplishment across their professional networks. Look for these badges in the SHARE community.

Congratulations to these SHARE Fort Worth Best of the Best Session Winners:

  • User Session: Frank Kyne & Mario Bezzi - "Watson & Walker zRoadShow"
  • Vendor Session: Johnathan Crossno - "The Enemy Within"


Congratulations to these SHARE Virtual 2020 Best of the Best Session Winners:

  • User Session: Rich Jackson & Randy Frerking - "Serverless Computing: A Walmart Perspective"
  • Vendor Session: Frank Kyne & Cheryl Watson - "What’s New for Sysprogs, Security, and Tuning in SYS1.PARMLIB?"

View additional Best of the Best Session Winner information from past SHARE events.