Digital Badging

SHARE's Digital Badge program recognizes notable achievements by members of our community. Digital badges are earned as a result of a number of different criteria: earning best session distinction, earning multiple Best Session awards at different SHARE events; attending a certain number of presentations in a specific technical area; or attending a certain number of hours and days at a specific SHARE event. Currently, the following Digital Badges are awarded through SHARE:

  • Distinguished Speaker
  • Best of the Best Session
  • Best Session
  • Security Warrior
  • DevOps Wizard

Once earned, SHARE Digital Badges can easily be added to e-mail signatures, social media profiles and digital resumes. They are a great way to demonstrate enterprise IT competence, expertise and achievement to peers and the industry at large.

SHARE plans to continue to add and evolve our Digital Badge program to keep pace with an evolving technology landscape and member/attendee recognition.  Watch this page for the latest information.

digital badges