Volunteer Recognition

Do you know someone who is a dedicated volunteer to SHARE? Nominate them today for a Volunteer Spotlight.

Volunteer Spotlight August 2022

James Lund - MVS Program

It requires a special person to lead a Project with such a long and storied history and James Lund is just such a person. He has stepped into big shoes and filled them comfortably. His successor will find James' shoes are actually cowboy boots -- making them even more challenging to fill.

James is known for his positive, Texas-born can-do attitude, a great sense of humor, unwavering resolve, and sheer likability. His leadership has engendered great loyalty and respect from his volunteer team and all that know and work with him.

Nominated by Ed Jaffe.

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall educational experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance.

RAVE is meant to recognize efforts over and beyond the norm. If you feel someone has exceeded the already high quality of networking, assistance, support and presentations available for SHARE members, then RAVE is your vehicle to celebrate and reward that effort!

All SHARE members can nominate SHARE participants for the award. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE conferences.

Submit your RAVE nomination by clicking here.


RAVE Award Winners - 2022

Lauren Valenti

Nominated by Ellis Holman for assisting with chairing sessions.

Paul Spicer

Nominated by Ellis Holman for assisting with chairing sessions.

Leanid Astrakou

Nominated by James Lund for presenting a session./em>

Maria Wittenauer

Nominated by Karla Houser for helping the EDC Program volunteers.

Brystol Koch

Nominated by Karla Houser for stepping in to helping the EDC Program volunteers.



SHARE 2022 Service Award

Service Award Winners are awarded every year in recognition of their years of service as SHARE volunteers.

Five years of Service

  • John Lyle
  • Andreas Henicke
  • Saket Khemka
  • Naijie Li
  • Wilhelm Mild
  • Philip Young
  • Russell Teubner
  • Rob Convery
  • Michael Giglio
  • Scott Chapman
  • Paul Spicer
  • Hemanth Rama

Ten Years of Service

  • Jerry Whitteridge

Fifteen Years of Service

  • John Klonaris
  • Justin Bastin
  • Reg Harbeck
  • Barbara McDonald
  • Stephen Branch
  • Jim Erdahl
  • Jeff Suarez

Twenty Years of Service

  • Liam Doherty
  • Gene Linefsky
  • Theresa Tai

Twenty-Five Years of Service

  • James Vincent
  • Leigh Compton
  • Rick Barlow
  • Frank DeGilio
  • Jim Elliott

Thirty Years of Service

  • Sandy Moy
  • A. Harry Williams
  • Pamela Taylor
  • Peter Sawyer

Thirty-Five Years of Service

  • Glenn Schneck

Fifty Years of Service

  • Barry Schrager
  • Robert Rosen