Volunteer Recognition

Do you know someone who is a dedicated volunteer to SHARE? Nominate them today for a Volunteer Spotlight.

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall educational experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance.

RAVE is meant to recognize efforts over and beyond the norm. If you feel someone has exceeded the already high quality of networking, assistance, support and presentations available for SHARE members, then RAVE is your vehicle to celebrate and reward that effort!

All SHARE members can nominate SHARE participants for the award. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE conferences.

Submit your RAVE nomination today! 


RAVE Award Winners - 2023

Joann DeNardis & Jonah Willsey
Nominated by Jennifer Stefancin for going above and beyond to ensure a successful SHARE New Orleans

Lindsey Williams
Nominated by Rick Barlow for ensuring everything for the speakers and scheduling went smoothly, always with a smile.

Alexis Kolak
Nominated by John Pinkowski for helping work through issues and the new process for the Security Warrior Digital Badge.

Roxanne Rosberg
Nominated by John Pinkowski for going above and beyond in herding the security track for their track dinner.

Dorothy Quincy, Lyn Elkins, and Mitch Johnson
Nominated by Dennis Pherigo for stepping up and presenting numerous MQ track sessions in place of the IBM Hursley speakers.


SHARE 2023 Service Award

Service Award Winners are awarded every year in recognition of their years of service as SHARE volunteers.

Five years of Service

  • Dan Dirkse
  • Cody Giardinello

Ten Years of Service

  • Jim Erdahl
  • Marty Hasegawa
  • Rich Wolff

Fifteen Years of Service

  • Carla Flores
  • Peter Muench
  • Larry Reagin
  • Russell Witt

Twenty Years of Service

  • Gary Jacek
  • Mark Post
  • Thyra Rauch
  • Cheryl Turner
  • Ed Webb

Twenty-Five Years of Service

  • Sam Reynolds
  • Dennis Pherigo

Thirty Years of Service

  • Tom Ross

Thirty-Five Years of Service

  • Karla Houser

Forty Years of Service

  • Dusty Rivers
  • William Smith
  • Ray Sun

Forty-Five Years of Service

  • Aron Eisenpress
  • Cheryl Watson