Individual Membership

*For a limited time: Individuals can sign up as an individual member while registering for SHARE New Orleans for just $149 (normally $199)! This bundle will be available as an add on when individuals register. Offer valid for a limited time, once purchased, membership renews on January 1, 2024 at the normal $199 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SHARE incorporating this new membership category?

SHARE is modernizing our membership options. This shift to an individual membership structure sets up the association with a more sustainable, long-term model that also benefits our members throughout their careers in enterprise IT. The new structure will drive more member engagement and feature on demand educational opportunities throughout the year.

What does the new Individual Membership provide and how does this add value for me?

Individuals who sign up for the Individual Membership will have exclusive access to new content and networking opportunities as part of our year-round education initiative. Individual Membership also allows you to maintain your SHARE membership when changing professional jobs or companies. 

When you sign up for individual membership while registering for SHARE New Orleans, you get a discount on the individual membership fee. For just $149* (normally $199), you’ll gain access to:

  • SHARE’d Knowledge, a new and exciting platform launching soon with EXCLUSIVE content including on-demand conference recordings; brand-new educational content created by other SHARE members; live, virtual symposia; and expert dialogue sessions, as well as opportunities to earn DIGITAL BADGES
  • Informative online discussion forums tied to cutting-edge industry topics
  • Portable membership that is not tied to your employer, lasting the LIFETIME of the INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP
  • INDIVIDUALIZED VOTING RIGHTS for BOARD OF DIRECTORS elections and SHARE REQUIREMENTS, as well as eligibility to stand for Board elections
  • PERSONALIZED VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES that allow you to become a more active member of the SHARE organization
  • Member-exclusive WEBCASTS
  • SHARE'd INTELLIGENCE newsletters, quarterly SHARE INTERACTIONS, and other digital communications, delivering NEW and EXCITING industry trends and updates
  • Full access to the SHARE MEMBER DIRECTORY
  • SHARE-branded Yeti, for the first 50 people who bundle individual membership with SHARE NEW ORLEANS CONFERENCE REGISTRATION

These new exclusive benefits are only available to individual members.

I’m currently a corporate member through my employer. What do I gain if I become an individual member?

Members under the corporate umbrella can switch now to the $149* individual membership to access the new year-round educational offerings through the new education content platform to be released this summer. You will also receive voting rights for elections and SHARE requirements, additional volunteer opportunities to become a more active member of the association, including the opportunity to apply as a SHARE board member. Another key difference is that your membership will be portable, meaning it continues even if you change jobs.

Nothing is changing in the corporate membership program, but none of the new benefits available with an individual membership will be made available to current corporate members and delegates. View and compare membership benefits.     

What is the annual cost of the new membership?

The standard annual fee for the individual membership is $199. However, for a limited time you can sign up as an individual member while registering for SHARE New Orleans for just $149*. The first 50 people who join will receive a SHARE-branded YETI at the SHARE booth in New Orleans. Individual membership will renew annually on January 1 for $199. Each year, SHARE will offer new education opportunities and your individual membership will continue if you change jobs or companies.

I am an affiliate member already. How does this change my membership?

All affiliate members will be automatically transferred to an individual membership. The cost to renew in 2023 will be based on your renewal date. Renewals will occur every year on January 1. You will be contacted by a SHARE team member to walk you through the process. For more information, please reach out to

I am not a member of SHARE currently. How do I sign up?

If you’re new to SHARE, this is your best opportunity to sign up as an individual member and see what the association has to offer! Visit our Join SHARE page to learn more and join today.

Who can I contact to learn more about this new category? 

A SHARE team member can help you with questions, please email us at or call toll free, 1-888-574-2735.