Justification Resources to Attend SHARE

With 300+ industry speakers, 500+ sessions and 1,000+ attendees, SHARE events combine renowned industry leaders, user-driven technical sessions, insights from colleagues, and hardware and software product highlights for one eventful week. SHARE attendance guarantees you access to the latest enterprise IT news, prominent industry leaders — including IBM executives — and product highlights on emerging technologies, bringing priceless value to your daily work.

Top Three Reasons to Attend SHARE

Reason #1: Education. Experience a user-focused approach to education with interactive, hands-on training for professionals at any level. SHARE provides knowledge, tips and offers guidance on the ins and outs of different products — all to make you more effective at your job. The business impact of increased efficiency, agility and cost savings as a result of SHARE participation makes this event one of the best IT investments your company will make all year. 

Reason #2: Networking. Learn and grow with seasoned enterprise IT professionals as they share successes and lessons learned. You will gain insight from other attendees’ careers and experiences as they highlight valuable resources.

Reason #3: Influence. Connect directly with IBM, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other companies to compare and discuss the newest solutions to problems you may be facing at your organization. SHARE is the best place to evaluate the latest products and solutions, with access to a rich mix of industry representatives through its varied technical program and fully equipped exhibition.

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What value will your organization gain from SHARE?
SHARE events are one of the best IT investments your company will make as your employees fuel the agility of your business, increase cost efficiency and solve your most difficult IT dilemmas. The business impact of SHARE attendance and participation helps streamline all business processes. It is a benefit to participants at any stage in their career. 

Reason #1: Increase Efficiency, Decrease Costs. As attendees at SHARE, your employees will learn the ins and outs of products to help save time (and money!) while decreasing the chance of error through user- and vendor-lead sessions, workshops and hands-on labs.

Reason #2: Develop In-person Connections. IT professionals attending SHARE specify networking as a critical reason for participating. Sending your employees to SHARE ensures they will establish a network of solutions-oriented allies. The ability to learn directly from peers is the reason SHARE has been coming together for over 60 years.

Reason #3: Drive Professional Growth. Not only will your employees dive into topics supporting their current projects, SHARE will also introduce new areas of enterprise IT. Broaden your technicians’ experiences and encourage them to attend sessions of interest for potential involvement in current, upcoming or new projects. 

NOTE: In addition to sharing the above, be sure to include past successes and new ideas that you have brought to your company as a result of attending SHARE. Recognize and emphasize the value of attending in-person. 

> Alternate Attendance Options

One-Day Registration
If you cannot make the full week of education at SHARE, consider our convenient, single-day registration option. Identify one or two days that feature key sessions relevant to your area of interest and secure a one-day badge! 

Company Badges
Company badges allow multiple staff members from the same organization to attend sessions throughout the week. One individual may use the badge at a time, so you can take turns attending sessions that are relevant to each of your specific job roles. Make sure to coordinate pick-up/drop-off instructions for the company badge among your group prior to arrival.

Passport to Education
If you have colleagues that are also attending SHARE events, consider the Passport to Education option to save as a group! This bundle of five, full-conference Member individual registrations is good for two years from the date of purchase and can be used for all events brought to you by SHARE. Please contact us at for more information.