Women in IT Panel Discussions

Visionary Women Leaders: Defining the New Mainframe Agenda

Within an environment of unprecedented and unpredictable economic turmoil, the mainframe is poised and deployed across the globe to meet the new demands of businesses and governments. We’ve heard the news—from calls for COBOL programmers to the search for a vaccine—how is the mainframe playing a role? This dynamic panel of executive women leaders who drive mainframe initiatives every day, discuss the innovations, opportunities and challenges ahead. Collaboration and transparency are always priorities but are they enough to lead the way forward.

Moderator: Jeanne Glass, Founder and CEO, VirtualZ Computing

Panelists: Lauren Valenti, Broadcom; Lisa Dyer, Ensono; Priya Doty, IBM; Tendu Yogurtcu, Precisely


A New Innovation: A Fresh Look at Mainframe Inclusion, Mentorship and Innovation

IBM just set a new record for MIPS, this year shipping the highest MIPs in history, driven by growth in new workloads. There is no debate that incredible innovation drives the industry. But are we fully deploying that same world-class creativity and problem-solving to the spectrum of needs in the industry—beyond product and services—like the skills gap, diversity, inclusion and mentorship? In this session we examine the progress and efforts in place today in the mainframe industry and brainstorm applying innovation to accelerate our path forward.

Moderator: Lisa Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, VirtualZ Computing

Panelists: Tyler King, IBM; Melissa Sassi, IBM; Gloria Chance, Mousai Group; Katie Branch, Ensono; Deborah Carbo, Broadcom


Women in IT: Getting Girls Interested in Technology

We know we need more girls to get interested in learning about technology. But the same tactics that appeal to boys don't always work with girls. In this session, I'll share what the education researchers say works and how I've used these methods to get young girls interested in mainframes in particular. You'll walk away armed with the tools to personally make a dent in this massive problem.

Moderator: Misty Decker, Program Manager, z Systems Academic Initiative at IBM

Panelists: Lella Halloum, Student; Chloe Allen-Ede, Student; Kaitlyn Lowe, Student