MVS Program

The MVS Program is concerned with the installation, maintenance, management, performance, and exploitation of z/OS on z Systems processors.

Project areas include:

MVS Performance Project

The primary objectives of the MVS Performance Project (MVSP) are to ensure that computer systems meet the service level requirements of their customers and to provide management the information required to make well-informed decisions concerning hardware and software systems. These objectives are accomplished by identifying, evaluating, developing, and/or sharing strategies, tools and techniques. Current z/OS topics include components and tools such as SMF, RMF, Systems Resource Manager and Workload Manager as well as zAAP, zIIP and IFL hardware analysis.

MVSP Project membership consists of SHARE members with expertise in performance management or capacity planning from a management or technical perspective. To become a project member, an individual should attend the project opening or one of the scheduled working sessions during the week, and sign up with the Project Manager. Volunteers are needed for the following functions:

  • Participate in an open session
  • Share in a working session (short, informal presentations 5 minutes or longer)
  • Chair a session
  • Assist with scheduling
  • Assist with a newsletter or Internet site

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MVS Core Technologies Project

The MVS Core Technologies Project is concerned with a broad spectrum of mainframe-related topics that provide in-depth exploration of IBM's flagship platform in both the hardware and software realms. Hardware areas of interest include:

  • z Systems processor
  • zBX/blades
  • HMC/zManager
  • Coupling facilities
  • Time services
  • I/O connectivity

Software areas of interest include:

  • z/OS operating system components
  • Subsystems and applications such as RSM, VSM, IOS, Parallel Sysplex, JES2, JES3, TSO/E, ISPF, z/OS UNIX, zFS, Ported Tools, z/OSMF
  • Enterprise presentation solutions such as Infoprint.

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MVS Storage Management Project

The MVSS Project focuses on the management of storage resources throughout the enterprise and the facilities necessary to provide these functions. In the OS/390 and z/OS environments, DFSMS and all of the DFSMS components and other vendor-developed (OEM) packages for providing these services are discussed. Among the many subjects covered are storage hardware supported by OS/390 and z/OS, access methods (including ICF/VSAM), ICF catalog topics and installation-developed tools and techniques.

In the open systems arena we discuss storage-related aspects of USS, Tivoli Storage Manager on the OS/390 and z/OS platforms, Storage Area Networks, storage interfaces, and other open systems storage hardware and software issues.

Topics that are addressed for all platforms are disaster recovery, data storage devices, data backup and archival systems and data integrity and recovery.

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