Information Management Program

The Information Management Program (IMGT) focuses on how enterprises organize, retrieve, acquire and maintain information.

Project areas include:

Database Project (DB)

The Database (DB) Project aims to improve SHARE members' effectiveness with a focus on database management and all aspects of its interactions with the enterprise Information Management environment.

The project sponsors sessions presented by users, IBM personnel, and industry experts; fosters a strong working relationship between IBM development teams and SHARE members; coordinates SHARE event session content with other projects so that members maximize their SHARE event experience; gathers, prioritizes and forwards SHARE member requirements to IBM; increases the ability of members to effectively use database software on all supported platforms; and influences IBM in improving current products and defining future products.

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IMS Project (IMSD)

The mission of the IMS project is to the improve member's effectiveness by fostering an atmosphere of information sharing with a focus on all aspects of IMS and its interactions with the Enterprise Information Environment. To this end, the project:

  • Schedules sessions to provide valuable education from IBM, other vendors and users
  • Schedules sessions in response to attendee requests
  • Schedules forums to allow for information interchange
  • Influences SHARE, IBM and other vendors based upon member input

The goals are:

  • Increase the knowledge and effectiveness of member IMS technical people
  • Increase member's awareness of industry trends and directions with regard to IMS connectivity and use from other platforms
  • Communicate members tactical and strategic concerns to SHARE and IBM
  • Assist IBM in improving current and future products

In order to achieve these goals, the IMS Project:

  • Focuses on the technical requirements necessary to support an IMS system, particularly in the on­ line environment. Support comprises IMS system installation and generation, IMS system maintenance, IMS Performance, tuning and IMS operations and application support.
  • Is concerned with the interfaces to IMSITM. These include: APPC, TCP/IP, OTMA, MQSeries, IMS Connect, JAVA, XML, SOAP, and the WEB among others.
  • Is concerned with the data management aspects of IMS/DB, including OBCTL, OOBA, ODBM, HALDB and partitioned databases, the IMS Catalog, and DB2 Stored Procedures. This includes how data is defined, documented and stored; the manner in which programs ask for data; methods of administering data, the integrity of data and the tools (both hardware and software) used to perform these functions.
  • Attempts to foster good and strong working relationships with IBM and other vendors' development and technical support teams to help ensure their strong participation at SHARE.

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SAN, Disk, Tape Project

The SAN, Disk, Tape Project provides the SHARE community with the SAN, Disk and Tape infrastructure aspect of enterprise storage hardware in the Information Management environment. The SAN, Disk and Tape project sponsors sessions presented by users, vendors and industry experts and coordinates SHARE event session content with other projects, so that the SHARE community can maximize their event experience. The project increases the ability of the SHARE community to effectively use current SAN, Disk and Tape technologies and understand future product strategies.

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