Enterprise Data Program Roster

Karla Houser, Program Manager 

Jerry Seefeldt, Project Manager

Mike Shorkend, Project Manager

Cynthia Overby, Project Manager

Carla Flores, Project Manager

Al Chakra, Project Manager

Ellis Allen Holman, Project Manager

David Astemborski, Project Manager

Chris Walker, Project Manager, IBM Representative 

Marlaina Chirdon, Deputy Project Manager

Michael Kiehl, Deputy Project Manager

Julie Bergh, Project Officer

Craig Guess, NMS Project Officer, IBM Representative 

Anne Caluori, Project Officer

Johnathan Crossno, Project Officer

Paul Robichaux, Project Officer

Phillip H Smith, Project Officer

Mark Wilson, Project Officer

Philip Young, Project Officer

Roxane Rosberg, Project Officer

Gus Kassimis, Project Officer

Larry Reagin, Project Officer

Kevin Manweiler, CTEC Project Officer

Junnie Sadler, CTEC Project Officer

Angela Schmitz, Project Manager

Judy Miskill, Deputy Project Manager

Barry Stephen Schrager, Project Officer

Steve Hosie, Project Officer

Charles Mills, Project Officer

Patrick L Stanard, Project Officer

Gustavo de Paiva Almeida, Project Officer, IBM Representative

Howard H Banks, Project Officer

Ray Sun, Project Officer

Sai Gujja, Project Officer, Broadcom Representative

Jovanna Hadley, Project Officer, IBM Representative

Shalawn King, Project Officer, IBM Representative

Ross Cooper, IBM Representative

John Pinkowski, Broadcom Representative

Brian Birdsong, IBM Representative

Thyra Rauch, IBM Representative

Deborah Carbo, Broadcom Representative

Chris Meyer, IBM Representative

Frank John DeGilio, IBM Representative

Liya Ma, IBM Representative

Wilhelm Mild, IBM Representative

David Morlitz, IBM Representative

Geoffrey Smith, IBM Representative

Sam Reynolds, IBM Representative

If you have any changes to your roster, please send an email to sharehq@shar