Data Center Management Project

The Data Center Management (DCM) Project targets organizations that operate heterogeneous enterprise computing environments. Emphasis is placed on the issues affecting the data center itself and the tools, methodologies, and architectures needed to create and maintain reliable, redundant data centers. The project provides a combination of vendor and user sessions on topics of current and ongoing interest. The Data Center Project is currently open and actively encourages new and existing members to participate in all activities.

The project has recently been focused on mini-tracks within the subject area, such as Analytics as it applies to the Data Center and Disaster Recovery.

The DCM Project is currently looking for project officers. If you are interested in taking on an officer role please contact the project manager Michael Kiehl. 

Project Roster:

Karla Houser, Program Manager 

Ellis Allen Holman, Deputy Project Manager

Michael Kiehl, Deputy Project Manager

Art Psalidas, Project Manager, IBM Representative

Chris Walker, Project Manager, IBM Representative


If you have any changes to your roster, please send an email to