AADI Program Roster

Dennis Pherigo, Project Manager

Glenn Schneck, Project Manager

M. Ray Mullins, Project Manager 

Jerry Edgington, DevOps Project Manager

Brian Jagos, Deputy Project Manager

Cheryl Watson, Deputy Project Manager

Gene Linefsky, Deputy Project Manager

Ezriel Gross, Deputy Project Manager

Lisa Fellows, Deputy Project Manager

William Bigelow, Deputy Project Manager

Kathy Bazinet, DevOps Project Officer

Dorothy Quincy, Project Officer

Jillian Kimberlin, Project Officer

Saket Khemka, Project Officer

Tony Matharu, Project Officer

Charles Mills, Project Officer

Joe Parisi, Project Officer

Tara Velozo, Project Officer

Neil Johnston, Project Officer, IBM Representative

Mayur Raja, Project Officer, IBM Representative

Wayne R Brumback, Project Officer

Tom Dunlap, Project Officer

Linda Duvall, Project Officer

Todd J Gagle, Project Officer

Nick Garrod, Project Officer

Ivan L Gelb, Project Officer

Eugene Hudders, Project Officer

Russell Teubner, Project Officer

Craig Whitaker, Project Officer

Wayne John Murray, Project Officer

David Coles, IBM Representative

Rob Convery, IBM Representative

Carolyn Elkins, IBM Representative

Chris Leonard, IBM Representative

Leigh Compton, IBM Representative

Edward Addison, IBM Representative

Andrew Bates, IBM Representative

William Leslie Yates, IBM Representative

Scott Davidson, Broadcom Representative

Vit Gottwald, Broadcom Representative

Stephen Stauffacher, Broadcom Representative

Naijie Li, IBM Representative

Tom Ross, IBM Representative

Liam Doherty, IBM Representative

David Follis, IBM Representative

Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Representative

Michael Stephen, IBM Representative

Suman Gopinath, IBM Representative

Don Spoerke, Scheduler


If you have any changes to your roster, please send an email to