Linux and VM Program

The Linux and VM (LVM) Program at SHARE is a leading provider of education, collaboration, and influence for IBM z/VM and the commercial Linux distributions including SUSE, Red Hat, and Ubuntu.

Linux Project

The Linux Project exists to provide a forum for education and information exchange relating to the Linux operating system running on IBM z Systems and x86 platforms.

The primary focus of the project includes:

  • Existing and future technologies
  • Planning, implementation and operation of Linux systems
  • Establishing a network of people within the project to share expertise and advice

VM Project

The VM Project exists to teach and exchange information about existing and future technologies with the z/VM operating system and the support and services it provides as a virtualization platform (hypervisor) to Linux and other guests.

The VM Project focuses on the services and technologies of the z/VM operating system, with strategic emphasis on system components, use of virtualization technology, support of guest systems, and relevant vendor products.

Virtualization Project

The Virtualization Project (VIRT) exists to provide a forum for education and the exchange of information related to all aspects of virtualization technology, with an emphasis on server hosting platforms, networking, and storage. Mainframe and non-mainframe related issues are relevant to the project.