Application Architecture Development & Integration Program

The Application Architecture Development & Integration Program focuses on infrastructure, programming languages, message flow, message transformation and transaction processing.

Project areas include:

ADI (Application Development Integration and Infrastructure) Project

The Application Development & Integration (ADI) Project showcases application related tools and products. Featured tools include editors, compare tools, database support tools, analysis and testing tools - anything that helps developers create higher quality applications. Everything from library and configuration management products to integrated software frameworks also fall in this area.

Each SHARE event highlights tools from different vendors, who speak about their products' little known features, so attendees get in-depth technical information from the experts themselves.

If it is your job to find new tools and creative ways to manage your organization's application environment, you've just found your project.

LE and Programming Languages Project

The primary mission of the LE and Programming (LANG) Project is to provide SHARE members information about programming languages that use Language Environment (LE) features and capabilities as they are used in z/OS and VM.  This project encourages discussion and critical thinking about the roles and capabilities of Assembler, COBOL, PL/I, C/C++ along with Java programming languages as they are supported by the common run-time environment, Language Environment (LE).

The Project also focuses on topics that are integral across all z/OS and VM programming languages. Examples of these are program management (specifically the Binder), linkage conventions, debuggers and debugging techniques, program development environments, interfaces to High Level Languages, and the relationship of the assembler to HLLs.


The CICS Project is chartered to provide an exchange forum for users of the IBM CICS family of products and their ancillary services. The goals of this project include:

  • Providing the membership with technical education
  • Keeping them informed of new developments within the CICS family of products
  • Promoting dialog between members and IBM and among the membership itself
  • Submitting requirements and papers to IBM on technical needs and business directions in the CICS product line.

MQ (Messaging and Queuing along with Integration Bus)

The mission of the MQ Project is to improve effectiveness and broaden the knowledge of SHARE members/participants related to the use of messaging within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Project information exchange revolves around the use and integration f the IBM MQ family of products along with the Integration Bus (Message Broker) product line as they relate to messaging within SOA based business solutions. A primary focus of the project is to provide a broad range of messaging based information to assist the novice to the seasoned veteran within a business organization.