Requirements FAQ

  • What is a SHARE Requirement?

    A SHARE Requirement is a statement describing a business need that is not currently met, or
    is met in a way that can be improved. A Requirement can relate to a product, service, policy or
    strategy of IBM or another participating vendor, and must include a business justification.
    Through a formal process, the Requirement is submitted by SHARE to the vendor and a formal
    response returned.

  • Why should I submit a SHARE Requirement?

    SHARE Requirements provide IBM and other participating vendors with technical input on
    needs for improvement to existing products or services and on directions for future products or
    services. Requirements, and the Project or Cluster discussions involved in submitting them, are
    among the most important work products of SHARE; through them, member installations
    contribute knowledge and expertise to help vendors meet our current and future information
    technology needs.

    Requirements represent SHARE business positions. As such, they must adhere to a high level
    of quality and timeliness, and must be truly representative of the beliefs held by SHARE member installations.

  • How do I submit a SHARE Requirement?
    1. Log on to the site with your normal SHARE credentials
    2. Go to the Advocacy & Requirements home page
    3. Click on the appropriate Project button:
      1. CICS
      2. CS
      3. DB2
      4. IMS
      5. ISPF
      6. JES2
      7. JES3
      8. LANG
      9. LNX
      10. MVSE
      11. MVSS
      12. NMS
      13. SEC
      14. ZVM
    4. Click the Submit a Requirement button
    5. Populate the fields, then click the OK button at the bottom of the page:
      1. Title:  A one line concise problem summary
      2. Private: (ignore)
      3. Submitting User:  (Should automatically populate with your Organization and Name)
      4. Description:  Describe the want, need, or problem you are addressing, and include any unique usage or objectives that will help the developers understand it.  Do not assume it is obvious!  Please do not describe a solution here.
      5. File(s):  File uploads if applicable
      6. Component:  (Select the matching component from dropdown)
      7. Use Case: What is the impact if the vendor does not provide a solution?  On the business? The Users? Are there alternatives that have been implemented or considered?  (From another vendor, or roll-your-own)?
      8. Key Words:  (Optional)
      9. Suggested Solution:  What is a desirable solution?  An undesirable solution? How will you know when you get the solution?
      10. PMR ID:  (update as needed)
    6. Following clicking the OK button, an email alert should be sent to the Group Administrator(s), where they will review, follow up, and approve the request.
  • How do I follow a SHARE Requirement topic?

    To follow a SHARE Requirement topic, you should subscribe to the discussion forum. These forums will be used to discuss submitted Requirements as well as inform you when voting is open.

    1. Log on to the site with your normal SHARE credentials
    2. From the logged in homepage, click on the Forums icon
      Select Forums
    3. Select the SHARE Requirements topics
      Select SHARE Requirements Topic
    4. Then select the topic you are trying to subscribe to
    5. From the topic landing page, click the envelope icon in the left navigation bar. This will subscribe you to the forum.
      Subscribe to topic.jpg
  • How do I unsubscribe or manage my subscriptions to a SHARE Requirement topic??
    1. Select My Subscriptions from the My Options menu in the top right corner.
      My Subscriptions
    2. Under the Forum Subscriptions tab:
      1. To unsubscribe: click the X next to the forum you want to unsubscribe from
        Delete Subscription
      2. To mange: Click the pencil/paper icon. Each forum is default set to receive emails immediately. Here you can select to receive digest emails.
        Manage Subscription
        Update Subscription Type
  • Who should submit SHARE Requirements?

    SHARE encourages all attendees to lend their expertise to the drafting and submission of
    requirements. However, to avoid actions contrary to the purpose of SHARE, an attendee who
    represents a vendor with business interests in a requirements area—particularly vendor
    employees who participate in design, development, or marketing—may not participate in the
    requirements process if by doing so they would obtain information about the activities of a
    competitor (refer to the SHARE Policies for further details). If you have questions about a
    specific situation, please discuss it with a member of SHARE Senior Management.

  • Who do I contact at SHARE HQ if I have questions or feedback about the RFE submission process?

    Contact Meredith Halperin, our Sr. IT Manager.