Destination: San Antonio

Looking for downtime distractions? Discover a few of our favorite ways to pass the time in San Antonio. For even more help getting around, head to Developed in partnership with:
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River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is the number one tourist attraction in Texas. The River Walk is lined with restaurants, hotels, attractions and more, and has something for everyone. Click here to learn more.


Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery is a culinary and cultural destination in San Antonio. This historic gathering place is where everyone is welcome to eat, explore and learn along the banks of the San Antonio River. Click here to learn more about the Pearl Brewery.

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The Alamo

More than 2.5 million people a year visit the 4.2 acre complex known as "The Alamo." Located on Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio, the Alamo houses exhibits on the Texas Revolution and Texas history. Just a short distance from the River Walk, the Alamo is a "must see" for all who come to San Antonio. Click here to learn more.

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