Volunteer Recognition

Do you know someone who is a dedicated volunteer to SHARE? Nominate them today for a Volunteer Spotlight.

Volunteer Spotlight - Phoenix 2019

Theresa Tai - EDC Program

Theresa Tai is the lead IBM Program Representative to the EDC Program. She has been active in SHARE for quite a few years and has been instrumental in bringing new trends and technology sessions to the EDC Program as well as ensuring that the IBM speakers are prepared for their sessions. She presents multiple sessions at each SHARE conference. She steps up to chair sessions for any of the projects needing a last minute session chair and actively participates in the EDC Program activities. She is a great SHARE volunteer and the EDC Program would like to recognize her for all of her hard work and continuing efforts to improve the EDC Program and its offerings.

[Written by: Karla Houser]

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall educational experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance.

RAVE is meant to recognize efforts over and beyond the norm. If you feel someone has exceeded the already high quality of networking, assistance, support and presentations available for SHARE members, then RAVE is your vehicle to celebrate and reward that effort!

All SHARE members can nominate SHARE participants for the award. Nominees will be notified quarterly. A letter will be sent to the SHARE member's manager as well as to the nominee, who will also receive the RAVE pin. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE conferences.

Submit your RAVE nomination by clicking here.

RAVE Award Winners - SHARE Phoenix

Rich Smrcina (Velocity Software)

Nominated by Rick Barlow (Velocity Software)
When one of the other volunteers in the program was not able to fulfill his responsibility in planning for the LVM Program Dinner, Rich stepped in and helped to find a location and to collect names of people who plan to participate. This was very helpful in taking that job off of my list.

John Crossno (Compuware)

Nominated by Rick Barlow (Velocity Software)
John has repeatedly accepted the task of motivating volunteers to take the role of session chair for all of the LVM sessions. John has been very successful in spreading that task across many individuals and not leaving it all up to the ribbon wearers.

Wilhem Mild (IBM)

Nominated by Rick Barlow (Velocity Software)
When one of the LVM speakers who was planning to present 3 sessions took ill and was not able to attend, Wilhelm volunteered to fill one of the session slots with a brand new session. He also helps the LVM team to coordinate sessions and speakers with all of the representatives from the IBM Boeblingen lab.

Bill Bitner (IBM)

Nominated by Rick Barlow (Velocity Software)
When one of the LVM speakers who was planning to present 3 sessions took ill and was not able to attend, Bill volunteered to fill one of the session slots with a presentation that he had prepared.

Sarah Dailey (SHARE Staff)

Nominated by Dusty Rivers (GT Software)
When getting a LNL to end she made sure that the LNL ended on time, got the caterers in, got the session over, and cleaned in 10 minutes.

Luisa Martinez (IBM)

Nominated by Warren Harper (BMC Software)
For stepping up and keeping zNextGen organized when the project manager couldn't make it at the start of the conference.

Tara Velozo (DTS Software)

Nominated by Ray Mullins (Trident Services) 
Tara stepped up at the end of St. Louis and volunteered to be a project officer for the LANG Project.

Charles Mills (BMC Software)

Nominated by Ray Mullins (Trident Services) 
Due to a change in roles, Charles decided to leave the SEC Project and was looking for an opportunity elsewhere to continue as a volunteer. He chose the LANG Project, for which I thank him.

Katie Isdonas (SHARE Staff)

Nominated by Barbara McDonald (IBM)
A big THANK YOU to Katie and the entire SHARE registration staff that enabled 80+ developers from the local IBM Tucson site to participate this week at SHARE. The coordination and registration of such a large number of people has its challenges, and each time there was a change, the SHARE team was fast to respond. There were some instances where manual registration was required, and again the SHARE team handled this quickly.

Dusty Rivers (GT Software)

Nominated by Steve Nathan (IBM)
A week before SHARE a user had their permission to speak withdrawn. Dusty modified the presentation to remove specific company information, added his own insights, and gave the presentation.

Tom Harper (Phoenix Software)

Nominated by Steve Nathan (IBM) 
Tom returned to SHARE after a 5 year absence and immediately joined the IMS Project. His knowledge and energy will be a great asset to SHARE.

Roxane Rosberg (Vanguard Integrity Professionals)

Nominated by Carla Flores (Broadcom)
For jumping in and getting 2 panel sessions organized and finding a place for our growing Security and Compliance dinner.

Jerry Seefeldt (NewEra Software)

Nominated by Carla Flores (Broadcom)
For continuing to support the Security and Compliance Project by printing grids and certificates for the attendees.

Phil Noplos (American Express)

Nominated by Carla Flores (Broadcom)
For his ongoing support of SHARE on the Marketing Committee, and the Security and Compliance Project.

Rosalind Radcliffe (IBM)

Nominated by Jerry Edgington (Western & Southern)
I was late for presenting a session, not only did Rosalind call me, but she stepped in and presented until I was able to get to the session. Thank you very much! 

Carla Flores (Broadcom), Theresa Dowden (IBM), and Becky Parchman (BMC Software)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar)
For stepping up and volunteering to take notes during the Women in IT roundtable discussion.  

SHARE Card Case Awards - Phoenix 2019

Liam Doherty, Application Architecture Development and Integration & MVS Programs
Nominated by Mary Anne Matyaz and Rosalind Radcliffe

Today’s long-overdue card case award is presented to Liam Doherty, in the ADI and MVSE projects. His long and continuing service to SHARE benefits us all greatly. While primarily involved in ADI now representing IBM’s DevOps tools, Liam also contributes to MVSE by continuing to provide new content for ISPF-based labs. He has been presenting around ISPF for the last 20 years. We don’t know how he’s able to make the trek from Australia to the US twice a year, but we’re very glad he does it. It’s our pleasure today to present the card case award to Liam Doherty of IBM.

Marty Hasegawa, MVS Program
Nominated by Russ Witt

Marty has been a volunteer in the MVSS Project for 5 years now. He saw the need to coordinate the session attendance counting when that transitioned to the individual projects, and has taken ownership of that task. He maintains his own spreadsheet, and sends it to me to update the Share database by the end of the conference on Friday. He saw the need, and took care of it without being asked.

Steve Nathan, Information Management Program
Nominated by Dusty Rivers

Steve has been the heart and soul of the IMS project for many years. Without his dedication and perseverance it would not have been as active and vibrant as it has been.

Angela Schmitz, Enterprise Data Center Program 
Nominated by Karla Houser

Angela has been a long time SHARE volunteer focusing on z/OS networking and communications. She is the Project Manager for the Communications Server Project. She has recently stepped up to coordinate the session scheduling for both the Communications Server and the Networking Management & Security Projects. She does an excellent job of proposing sessions that present a unified mainframe networking and communications overall track, ensuring that topics are updated and relevant and minimizing conflicts within the two projects. Additionally she does an excellent job of obtaining an above average percentage of session evaluation submissions. (She will even walk attendees over to the evaluation kiosks to remind them about the evaluations and their importance to SHARE.) She participates in the EDC Program activities and actively represents the Communications Server Project and the EDC Program at the SHARE Booth. Thank you Angela for your contributions to SHARE and the EDC Program.

Mike Shorkend, MVS Program
Nominated by MVS

Mike is being nominated for being willing to take over perhaps one of the largest parts of SHARE Requirements, MVS Core Technologies Requirements.

Chris Taylor, MVS Program
Nominated by Russ Witt

Chris plays the dual role of IBM Representative and SHARE Volunteer. He provides valued input in conference planning, working to line up relevant content, and user experience sessions. Chris steps up to chair sessions whenever last minute conflicts occur, and willing to assist everywhere to ensure a successful conference.

SHARE Best of the Best Session Winners - St. Louis 2018

User Session
MVS Program
23574: Receive Order Overview and User Experiences
Speakers: Keith Sisson and Jason Shewbert
Project Manager: James Lund

IBM Session
Linux & VM Program
22970: IBM Dynamic Partition Manager Introduction and News
Speaker: Andreas Bieswanger
Project Manager: Rick Barlow

Vendor Session
Enterprise Data Center Program
23346: Zowe UI - 21st Century z/OS: Introducing a Desktop UI/UX for Administrators and Developers
Speaker: Peter Fandel and Jean-Philippe Linardon
Project Manager: Jerry Miastkowski

SHARE Best Session Winners - St. Louis 2018

Application Architecture Development Program

User Session

22705: CICS Explorer Administration and Deployment: "What Are the Options?"
Speakers: Lisa Fellows
Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, CICS Project

IBM Session

23648: CICS Debugging Essentials
Speaker: Edward Addison
Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, CICS Project

VEND Session

23240: Zowe API - API Microservices Management for the Mainframe
Speaker: Sujay Solomon
Project Manager: Brian Jagos, ADI Project

Enterprise Data Center Program

User Session

23364: RACF Performance Tuning
Speaker: Robert Hansel
Project Manager: Carla Flores, SEC Project

IBM Session

22826: Is Your z/OS Network Traffic Properly Encrypted? zERT Has the Answer!
Speakers: Chris Meyer, Edward Seidl
Project Manager: Dean Butler, NMS Project

Enterprise-Wide Program

User Session

23330: Let's Build a z Environment 101
Speaker: Paul Robichaux
Project Manager: Hemanth Rama, zNextGen

IBM Session

23095: An Introduction to z/OS BCPii
Speaker: Steve Warren
Project Manager: Hemanth Rama, zNextGen

VEND Session

23238: CLIs and DevOps - the Secret Sauce to a Brighter Mainframe
Speaker: Sujay Solomon
Project Manager: Jerry Edgington, DevOps Project

Information Management Program

User Session

23141: User Experience: How IDAA and zIIP Processors Help to Reduce Costs and Improve Performance on Db2 for z/OS
Speaker: Lethika Panicker
Project Manager: Dan Ruehl, Database

IBM Session

22929: IMS 50th Celebration: The Reality Beyond the Moon
Speakers: Kenny Blackman, Dennis Eichelberger, Rich Lewis, Jim Martin, Suzie Wendler
Project Manager: Christian Koeppen, IMS Project

VEND Session

22912: IMS and API's (the Good, the Bad, the UGLY!)
Speaker: Dusty Rivers
Project Manager: Christian Koeppen, IMS Project

Linux & VM Program

USER Session

23230: User Experiences with Linux and IBM Z - Customer Panel
Speaker: Neale Ferguson
Project Manager: Mark Post, Linux Project

VEND Session

23253: Kubernetes Demystified
Speaker: Ivan Dobos
Project Manager: Mark Post, Linux

MVS Program

IBM Session

22981: Are You Leveraging the Latest DFSMShsm Enhancements?
Speaker: Glenn Wilcock
Project Manager: Russell Witt, MVS Storage Management

VEND Session

23312: An Introductory Tutorial on SMF and RMF, and What to Do with It
Speaker: Gregory Caliri
Project Manager: Meral Temel, MVS  Performance Project