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Throughout the year, SHARE will be working with our Members, volunteers and vendor partners to bring you new industry information and education through our webcast series. Take advantage of trusted SHARE content without ever leaving the office. Check back often, as new webcasts will be announced frequently.

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Operations Analytics: Identify Mainframe Consumption and Utilization for Cost Optimization

Date and Time: Thursday, September 20, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CDT
Speakers: Craig Hilburn, Technical Account Manager, RSD and Mark Perillo, Technical Account Manager, RSD

You need to know: What is running on your mainframe? Which applications consume the most resources? How you can reduce your consumption and MLC costs to accelerate your modernization initiatives! Join our experts to learn how to leverage SMF and key KPIs, with performance analysis, for greater efficiency and optimization without consuming any MSU. We will demonstrate how to create a dashboard in a few clicks, view your mainframe consumption by Sysplex, LPAR, Workload, JobName, Application, etc. and visualize how much you can reduce your R4H peak by optimizing a specific activity.

RSD develops and sells enterprise-grade software solutions to help its customers make a change in the way they use and manage their hybrid IT world. Built upon 45 years of expertise and the highest professional standards, RSD’s offerings enable customers to optimize IT resources whether on mainframe or open systems and reduce further their existing IT operating costs.

This webcast is sponsored by RSD SA and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

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GDPR Data Subject Access Request is Not a Buzzword: The Complete Readiness Guide for Mainframe Managers

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 26, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CDT
Speakers: Adi Shtatfeld, Lead Product Manager, Model 9, and Amit Ashbel, Cyber Security Evangelist, Cognigo

The GDPR introduces the ‘right of access’ for individuals, known as DSAR- Data Subject Access Request. Fulfilling this request in a 30-day limited timeframe requires the help of automated and modern solutions in the Data Manegement and Mainframe Storage domain.

Join Model 9's webinar, in cooperation with Cognigo to learn:

  • The GDPR data subject requirements: data indexing, management, storage and security
  • The operational challenges involved in complying with DSAR
  • Examine automated and modern solutions to ensure compliance and increase efficiency while doing so

This webcast is sponsored by Model 9 and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

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Integrating Mainframe Data and Processes with Distributed Systems & the Cloud

Date and Time: Thursday, October 11, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CDT
Speakers: Art Tolsma, Co-founder and CEO, Luminex Software Inc.

Looking to experience the business advantages of integrating mainframe and distributed systems data for better insight and decision making? Mainframe integration initiatives are leading to new business innovations, improving operational efficiency and analytics, and lowering costs.

Join Luminex Software as they discuss how native mainframe FICON channels can be leveraged to provide fast, secure, and cost- effective bi-directional I/O between mainframes and the rest of the enterprise. They will also explore how moving selective mainframe data to Microsoft Azure offers a competitive edge, by allowing you to store, process and access data when and where it makes the most sense.

This webcast is sponsored by Luminex Software and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

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Automating z/OS STIG Compliance with Real-time Continuous Security Monitoring and Simplified Audits

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 17, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. CDT
Speakers: Itschak Mugzack, Founder and Managing Director, SecuriTeam

The security, compliance, and auditing benefits gained by using STIGs are, at times, outweighed by the tedious nature of the STIG process. IronSphere will automate this process, freeing up resources to fix the vulnerabilities detected in real-time.

  1. STIG continuous monitoring and a single point of view with zero human involvement.
  2. Helps pass security compliance protocols for z/OS: NIST ISCM, RMF, GDPR, PCI DSS, FISMA
  3. IronSphere as an open framework: add your own checks to the STIG automation
  4. Beyond the DoD STIGs: Any product, Any (Cobol) application.
  5. Input diagnostic results to other products, like insurance fee calculators, GRC, Workflows, etc.
  6. Simplicity of a GUI and step-by-step resolution instructions allow less experienced staff to implement fixes while providing insight to authorized non-mainframe personnel (auditors, security team).

This webcast is sponsored by Software Diversified Systems and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

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