3-Part Webinar: The Latest News to Exploit Zowe in Products or Your Enterprise

A Journey to Zowe - Zowe Conformance and an Extender's journey from learning Zowe to building a Zowe App

Part 1
Begins with an overview of the Zowe V1 Conformance program and will describe how your Zowe component plug-in / extension can earn the V1 Zowe Conformance badge. We'll then walk through the steps that lead a software vendor to choose Zowe and leverage Zowe components as infrastructure for their UI transformation away from Eclipse.
Speakers: Roy Boxwell, Software Engineering GmbH; Bruce Armstrong, IBM; Joe Winchester, IBM - Hursley Labs; Rose Sakach, Broadcom


Part 2
Zowe Extensions - Zowe is open source software on z/OS that anyone can use. Part 2 will provide the latest news on Zowe features and functions and explain various ways you can exploit or extend the technology. Zowe provides several out of the box uses that are being enhanced monthly. There are also many extension points to allow you to tailor a solution that meets your needs. Come learn how Zowe can help you organize REST APIs on z/OS, automate tasks with the Command Line Interface or integrate browser applications. You will from the experts writing Zowe and be able to get involved in this revolutionary software for the z/OS platform.
Speakers: Bruce Armstrong, IBM; Joe Winchester, IBM - Hursley Labs; Dan Kelosky, Braodcom; Sean Grady, Rocket Software


Part 3
Zowe 2020 - Part 3 will present a summary of what the open community has accomplished in the first half of the year and describe the development goals for the remainder of 2020. The open community conducted a public planning session in June to describe the project. Come learn the plans and learn how to get involved. We will review ways to participate in the community.
Speakers: Michael DuBois, Broadcom; Peter Fandel, Rocket Software; Bruce Armstrong, IBM