Standard SettingInfluence

SHARE has a history of active participation in standard setting throughout the industry. The following are some industry standards to which SHARE has contributed.  

Questions about SHARE’s involvement in standard setting? Contact Harry Williams.

National and International Standards Management Groups help formulate and vote on national and international positions and set direction for standards development

Conformity Assessment and Interoperability develop and establish policies and mechanisms to ensure conformity of implementations to standards and ensure interoperability of implementations

Information Technology Access develop standards for universal accessibility for Information Technology hardware and software

Internet and World Wide Web develop specifications, help establish policies and mechanisms

Internationalization and Multibyte Character Set Standards develop specifications and standards to ensure a single multibyte character set which can support multiple codes and languages

  • International Committee Multibyte Character Set Standards
  • JTC 1 Conformity Assessment and Interoperability Rapporteur Group (CAI-RG)
  • The UNICODE Consortium

JAVA Standardization work to progress the Java specification to a standard and internationalize

Storage Networking Standards develop specifications and standards to enable interoperability for SAN and networked storage implementations

Security Techniques develop specification and standards for security architectures and tools across all computing implementations

Software License Management develop and establish standards to manage software license and use