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Throughout the year, SHARE works with our members, volunteers and vendor partners to bring you new industry information and education through our webcast series. Take advantage of trusted SHARE content without ever leaving the office. Check back often, as new webcasts will be announced frequently. View past recordings.

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Upcoming Webcasts

Revolutionary Improvement for Security and Compliance of IBM Mainframes

Date and Time: Thursday, October 10, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. CT
Speaker: Al Saurette, Security Thought Leader, MainTegrity, Inc.

Breach Detected: Respond in a Heartbeat

FACT: Breaches happen, even on the mainframe... When they do, you'd better be ready and you'd better be right. 69 days to respond to a breach? This IBM report says so. See how FIM+, the only File Integrity Monitor for mainframes, prepares you to react with precision, in minutes... not days.

Step One: Confirm the Alarm is real
There are too many false alarms. Confirm it’s a real threat by comparing to a trusted level.

Step Two: Know What Changed
Instream compare tells you what line or character changed. Know why it changed and what services were impacted? Traditional tools don’t have these answers. But FIM+ does. FIM+ finds all changes and selects just the relevant SMF access records. Now you know who did it and you can react correctly.

Step Three: Know What to Restore
The FIM+ restore assistant determines all compromised components and which versions to restore. Then FIM+ proves all modules were fixed correctly and you are back in business. FIM+ gives you the answers in a heartbeat letting you take back control as fast as possible.

This webcast is sponsored by MainTegrity and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

Think Again... Mainframe Innovation is on the Move Again! 

Date and Time: Thursday, October 17, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. CT
Speakers: Ken Steinhardt, Field CTO, Debbie Miller, Software Engineer; Infinidat

Your incumbent vendors have forgotten you, except when it’s time to send you a new invoice. You’ve been paying more for the same storage, without any new innovation. To save money, you’ve even migrated your massive data store to secondary media, such as virtual tape. And now, you feel like you’re being forced onto expensive new media that doesn’t necessarily benefit your applications.

Time to think – again, because mainframe innovation is finally on the move. Attend Infinidat's webinar to learn about a new solution that will provide you with superior performance and the flexibility to handle modern workloads without forgetting about your existing applications. At the same time, you’ll benefit from significantly improved ease-of-use, integration with your applications, and the ability to consolidate your older frames into a single floor tile — all with the industry’s lowest TCO.

This webcast is sponsored by Infinidat and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.

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Take the Mystery Out of Your Mainframe! 

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 5, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. CT
Speakers: Craig Hilburn and Mark Perillo, Technical Account Managers; Rocket Software 

At least 15% of your mainframe budget is used for non-critical applications but you have limited visibility of how better to optimize it. Without acting now, you will continue to waste some of your valuable budget that could be used for other IT modernization initiatives.

Time to build your MSU optimization plan and share it with your business stakeholders!

Understand in one click:

  • What is running on my mainframe?
  • What is the resource impact of each program or application?
  • How much will I save by optimizing MSU?

Register now to attend Rocket Software's webinar and see, during a live demo, how to get insight into your mainframe consumption in one click and start your MSU Optimization plan!

This webcast is sponsored by Rocket Software and does not necessarily represent the view of SHARE and/or SHARE members.