SHARE Sacramento 2018

More than 1,200 enterprise IT professionals gathered at the Sacramento Convention Center March 11-16 for another unforgettable SHARE® event! In just six days, SHARE Sacramento delivered over 500 technical sessions, countless networking opportunities, exciting keynote presentations and of course, plenty of hoopla! Attendees loved this event's focus on mainframe security, IBM Z® and new and innovative workloads — which allowed them to engage with thoughtful presentations and hands-on labs alike. SHARE Sacramento kicked off with SHARE Academy March 11, which guided participants through labs focused on Modern COBOL Development, and continued the education throughout the week. Of course, there was much fun to be had at the nightly receptions, during general sessions and in the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo (STE).

Keynote Highlights

keynote_39.pngMonday, March 12, attendees were treated to a riveting and inspirational presentation given by the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter in the U.S. Navy, corporate executive and busy mother Carey Lohrenz, who shared her first-hand knowledge of how to overcome the challenges of navigating the many demands of daily work-life balance. Enterprise IT professionals often face heavy workloads, stressful projects, and are constantly navigating industry changes. Carey is no stranger to working in high-pressure and fast-moving environments — and her presentation expressed the importance of leveraging failures for future success, communicating by exception and trusting in yourself. 

hackers_39.pngThe industry's friendliest mainframe hackers, Chad Rikansrud and Phil Young, took the stage Tuesday, March 13 for their keynote presentation, Mainframe Security: Hacking Hearts and Minds. Chad and Phil stressed that without a greater focus on education and transparency, the world's largest organizations will be vulnerable to significant data breaches and the mainframe community will be unable to train the next generation of employees to prevent them. They shared their tips for addressing top security issues and how to get the mainframe in the hands of the younger generation so that they can continue an effective security strategy in the future. 

Event Highlights

Student Career Day

students.PNGOn Tuesday, March 13, students gathered for the popular Student Career Day and participated in the Master the Mainframe Hackathon, where they hacked their way through the power of z Systems in Application Development. Students competed in a series of fun challenges to earn points towards prizes and connected with IBM and SHARE experts along the way. David Castanon of Sacramento State was the winner of the Hackathon, who raved that "Being able to participate in this event was a great opportunity for me to work on such important technology. As a student entering the workforce, it makes me more marketable and opens up new opportunities for me as I pursue my career path." Katherine Chau of Sacramento State took second place and Sacramento City College's Vernon Sarumi took third. 

After the Hackathon, students were also able to hear from enterprise IT professionals, both seasoned and new in their careers, in two panels discussing careers in the mainframe. With early admittance into the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo, students had the opportunity to meet with SHARE Premier Sponsors, IBM developers and IBM Z® Champions as they viewed the famous plexiglass mainframe. 

SHARE Recognizes

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to consistently feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts across the globe. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the following session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE Providence, held in August 2017.

Best of the Best Session Winners – Providence 2017

User Session
MVS Program
20998: ISPF Edit Master Class: From A to.ZLAST
Speaker: Dan Dirkse
Project Manager: Mary Anne Matyaz, MVS Core Technologies

IBM Session
MVS Program
21561: z/OS V2R3 JES2 Product Update and Latest Status
Speaker: Tom Wasik
Project Manager: Mary Anne Matyaz, MVS Core Technologies

Vendor Session
Enterprise Data Center Program
21525: Live: Subsystem Security for Dummies
Speaker: Mark Wilson
Project Manager: Carla Flores, Security and Compliance

Best Session Winners – Providence 2017

Application Architecture Development Program

User Session
21309 - Profiling and CICS Transaction Using Trace
Speaker: Ezriel Gross
Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, CICS

IBM Session
21309: CICS and IPCS
Speaker: Edward Addison
Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, CICS

Enterprise Data Center Program

User Session
20901: TCP/IP Network Access Security and RACF on z/OS
Speaker: Adam Klinger
Project Manager: Dean Butler, Network Management and Security

IBM Session
20916: TCP/IP Stack Configuration with Configuration Assistant for z/OS CS
Speaker: Mike Fox
Project Manager: Angela Schmitz, Communications Server

Enterprise-wide Program

User Session
20978: DSLISTs for Fun and Profit
Speaker: John G. Kelley
Project Manager: Warren Harper, zNextGen

IBM Session
21380: Why I Am a Millennial Mainframer
Speaker: Luisa Martinez
Project Manager: Warren Harper, zNextGen

Information Management Program

IBM Session
21372: DB2 for z/OS Continuous Delivery Introduction
Speaker: John Lyle
Project Manager: Dan Ruehl, Database

Linux & VM Program

IBM Session
21155: Private Cloud on z/VM and Linux
Speakers: Michael D. Maclsaac and Phil Tully
Project Manager: Mark Post, Linux & VM

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall educational experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance.

RAVE is meant to recognize efforts over and beyond the norm. If you feel someone has exceeded the already high quality of networking, assistance, support and presentations available for SHARE members, then RAVE is your vehicle to celebrate and reward that effort!

All SHARE members can nominate SHARE participants for the award. Nominees will be notified quarterly. A letter will be sent to the SHARE member's manager as well as to the nominee, who will also receive the RAVE pin. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE conferences.

Submit your RAVE nomination by clicking here.

RAVE Award Winners

Jovanna Marquez (IBM Corporation)

Nominated by Martha McConaghy (Marist College) 
For coming to our rescue at the very last possible minute. She used her web programming skills to create the session evaluation leader board that will be seen throughout the Sacramento event. This is a key component to our effort to make submitting session evaluations more fun.  We definitely could not have done this without her. Thanks also to Frank DeGilio for suggesting her for this work.

Ed Airey (MicroFocus)

Nominated by Jerry Edgington (Western & Southern) 
For volunteering to help out with my project manager duties since I was unable to attend SHARE in Sacramento. I'd like to give a big thank you to Ed for stepping up.

Mary Anne Matayz (CA Technologies)

Nominated by Steve Warren (IBM Corporation) 
For her extremely hard work and dedication as MVS Core Technologies Project Manager for the past several years.   Her massive amounts of work in scheduling the Core Technologies sessions, her patience when dealing with a plethora of annoying notes from me asking for speaker and other miscellaneous changes, and her can-do, conscientious attitude is the epitome of what volunteerism is all about. She will be sorely missed!

Ed Airey (Micro Focus)

Nominated by Jim Erdahl (US Bank) 
For not only assisting with the Sunday SHARE Academy, but spending the week as the acting DevOps Project Manager.

Steve Nathan (IBM Corporation)

Nominated by Brian Kithcart (Rocket Software) 
For an outstanding job of scheduling, adjusting, moving and being very flexible with many of their IMS sessions. This helped make his project, and others, a big success in Sacramento.

Christian Koeppen (PECK Software)

Nominated by Brian Kithcart (Rocket Software) 
For an outstanding job of scheduling, adjusting, moving and being very flexible with many of their IMS sessions. This helped make his project, and others, a big success in Sacramento.

Dan Ruehl (Delta Airlines)

Nominated by Brian Kithcart (Rocket Software) 
For, even while dealing with big personal changes, Dan continued to do an outstanding job managing his Database Project. Thank you Dan!

Robert Andresen (CA Technologies)

Nominated by Dan Ruehl (Delta Airlines) 
For being invaluable in the Database Project including speaking as well as session monitoring.

Jim Martin (Fundi)

Nominated by Steve Nathan (IBM Corporation) 
For scheduling all the IMS sessions, including entering them in CONFEX (no small feat) even though he had retired and was not going to attend SHARE.

Tracy Dean (IBM Corporation)

Nominated by Neale Ferguson (Sine Nomine Associates) 
For preemptively providing assistance in recruiting customers for the Linux & z/VM Customer Panel.

John Lyle (IBM Corporation)

Nominated by Dan Ruehl (Delta Airlines) 
For stepping up to the Database Project as our new IBM representative serving as a session monitor as well as speaking. IBM is a key reason for our success in the Database Project.

Jerry Miastkowski (Sirius)

Nominated by Susan Rice (BMC)
For stepping up to chair all the project live sessions.

Marlaina Chirdon (Vanguard)

Nominated by Ray Mullins 
For learning from another RAVE award winner that someone wanted to volunteer as a Project Officer for the Languages Project and helping facilitate the introduction.

Karla Houser (Caterpillar Inc.)

Nominated by Ray Mullins 
For being approached by someone who wants to volunteer as a Project Officer for the Languages Project and directing them to another RAVE Award winner.

Ellis Holman (IBM Corporation)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar Inc.) 
For stepping up and successfully presenting a session for a speaker who was unable to attend the Sacramento conference.

Angela Schmitz (AS Communication Consultant Services)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar Inc.) 
For acting as the Project Manager for the NMS Project with the NMS Project Manager was unable to attend SHARE Sacramento, in addition to her other duties.

Susan Rice (BMC)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar Inc.) 
For working diligently to juggle numerous "last minute" scheduling change requests for the I2T Project and ensuring that a cohesive set of sessions was presented.

Mary Ann Matyaz (CA Technologies)

Nominated by Cheryl Watson (Watson & Walker, Inc.) 
Being a SHARE project manager is a huge job that requires a lot of time. And being the project manager of the largest project is even harder. Mary Ann has served as the MVSE (Core Technologies) project for several years and is now relinquishing that position, but deserves a BIG Rave for the many SHARE conferences that she has led the project so capable. Thank you for the entire project!

Jerry Seefeldt (NewEra Software)

Nominated by Carla Flores (CA Technologies)
For contributions to the SHARE Security planning, grid printing and certificates.

Barry Schrager (Barry Schrager)

Nominated by Carla Flores (CA Technologies) 
For starting the SHARE Security Forum and contributing to the mainframe security ecosystem for over 45 years!

Greg Boyd (Mainframe Crypto)

Nominated by Carla Flores (CA Technologies) 
For helping mutual IBM and CA customers with their crypto challenges & sharing his knowledge at the conferences.

Jim Willette (Sunrise e-Services)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar) 
For all of your remote support before, during and after conferences. We really appreciate your support!

Pam Taylor (Durango Place Manuscript and Presentation Services), Mike Stack (K Cats Consulting), Marty Zimelis (MAZ/Consultancy), Holden O'Neal (SAS Institute), Ron Thielen (The University of Chicago), and Marlaina Chirdon (Vanguard Integrity Professionals)

Nominated by James Vincent (Velocity Software)
For the amount of time, attention and passion they all put into the process of finding high-quality individuals to lead SHARE into the future. The sacrifices they made for the SHARE organization in preparing, holding interviews and making decisions on the next slate for SHARE's election is significant. I can not express well enough how much they did and accomplished for SHARE. THANK YOU ALL!

Joe Parisi (Compuware)

Nominated by Ray Mullins
For stepping up to volunteer as a Project Officer in the Languages Project.

Alex Johnson (SHARE Association)

Nominated by Ray Mullins
For capably taking care of some issues with my registration information that I had due to overlapping organizations.

Volunteer Spotlight

Tony Negro – IMGT Program, SAN/Disk/Tape Project

It is with great joy and respect to be able to nominate Tony for the Volunteer Spotlight. Not only has he served as Project Manager for the past six years, he also provided co-Program Manager support during this time. Needless to say, he did an outstanding job fulfilling both positions and bringing tremendous value to the SHARE organization. As Tony prepares for retirement from corporate life and his SHARE responsibilities, it is with mixed emotion to lose such a great volunteer in the Information Management Program. He will be missed dearly by the Information Management Program & SAN/Disk/Tape Project.  It is with great honor and privilege that we spotlight Tony Negro, a very close friend & colleague.  Thank you, Tony, for all you have done for each and everyone at SHARE!

[Written by: Brian Kithcart]

SHARE President’s Awards & The John R. Ehrman Award for Sustained Excellence in Technical Education

In the Monday General Session, Harry Williams awarded two President’s Awards to Brian Peterson and Rosalind Radcliffe. Brian Peterson was instrumental in SHARE’s pursuit for tax-exempt 501(c)(6) status. He stepped up to run point on the initiative through his efforts working with the accountants and lawyers, drafting a plan and schedule of actions, drafting new bylaws, drafting emails to Members, and organizing the Town Hall we had in Providence. Rosalind Radcliffe was recognized for her fierce dedication to SHARE volunteerism and devotion to furthering the technical program. She has 14 sessions here in Sacramento, plus an additional 5 to chair. In addition to speaking and promoting SHARE, she has offered to help manage the AADI Program, the ADI Project, and the DevOps Project, while also actively trying to recruit others to take on those same responsibilities.

Also in the General Session, SHARE had its inaugural presentations of The John R. Ehrman Award for Sustained Excellence in Technical Education. Robert Rannie was awarded this honor for always giving SHARE participants his best. As a dynamic speaker, he engaged SHARE participants in highly technical discussions, leading them through spirited debates, and planning sessions. He is famous for producing project publications to better distribute and share operating systems internals.

Cheryl Watson received The John R. Ehrman Award for Sustained Excellence in Technical Education honor for consistently and energetically sharing her extraordinary knowledge of computer measurement and tuning with numerous outstanding technical presentations, making her presentation materials readily and widely available, and heading up the SHARE Requirements coordination. She has been an active SHARE volunteer and advocate for 40 years, starting as a CME Project Officer in 1978. She has also served as Deputy Project Manager, Project Manager or Officer roles in the EWCP, MVS Core Technologies, and Requirements Projects.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

SHARE Sacramento would not be possible without the countless hours of support from volunteers. A special thanks to all SHARE Project Managers who act as the guiding light for the event's technical program. They help put together a program full of compelling content based on attendee interests and feedback.

To learn how you can volunteer with SHARE, visit


Sunday, March 11, enterprise IT professionals enjoyed a full day of immersive educational content focused on Modern COBOL Development. Led by Scot Nielsen, Product Manager for Visual COBOL, and Michael Bleistein, Principal Architect for COBOL, attendees participated in a series of hands-on labs that solidified their skills in OO programming, interfacing with .NET and Java, writing unit tests and RESTful web services. 

Passport to Prizes Winners

Thank you again to our Passport to Prizes sponsors for giving away amazing prizes and congratulations to all the winners!

ASG Technologies
Shawn Williams

Black Hill Software
Sonja Ward

Roberto Seragioli

CA Technologies, Inc.
Peter Van Dyke

CM First Group
Srinivas Voleti

Yan Jin

Dell EMC
Victoria Yee

Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.
Robert Ross

Enterprise Systems Media
Jayne Pui

Hitachi Vantara
Kristin Anchulis

Lori Dobbins

IN-COM Data Systems
George Neverov

Innovation Data Processing
Doug Lester

Walter Auerochs

Luminex Software, Inc.
Dale Harrison

Micro Focus
Bob Bates

New Era Software, Inc.
Richard Fox

Optica Technologies Inc.
Betty Wong

Rocket Software
Rick Beard

Software Diversified Services
Cyndi Seibel

Software Engineering of America
Jennifer Garcia

Pat Timmons

Greg Gretz

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