SHARE Pittsburgh 2019

On August 4-9, 2019, nearly 1,400 enterprise IT professionals from across the entire ecosystem gathered at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for technical education and opportunities to connect with peers and subject-matter experts. SHARE Pittsburgh offered 500+ technical sessions on relevant topics that included Zowe and Open Source, women in IT, and IBM Z. Explore the SHARE Pittsburgh technical agenda.

Keynote Highlights

EBNTm7aX4AAQNzr.jpgOn Monday, Robyn Benincasa, Founder and CEO of The 501c3 Project Athena Foundation and world champion adventure racer, challenged attendees to use courage, luck, adversity management skills and the ability to create synergy with their colleagues to continually motivate themselves and others. Drawing inspiration from her team of World Champion adventure athletes as well as “winners” from all walks of life, Robyn's keynote uncovered the common traits and attitudes of the world’s most consistent high performers, leaving attendees energized and empowered to create consistent world-class results in every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

EBShlCnX4AE0wrI.jpgTuesday's keynote brought together different perspectives on joining the Z workforce, hiring and training those new to the Z workforce, and facilitating critical knowledge transfers. This TED-style presentation, followed by a robust question-and-answer session, featured mainframers new to the industry and how teams have evolved their approach to recruiting, training and retaining new hires, ensuring the collaborative learning between multiple generations.  

Event Highlights


EBSQp2MXUAA5555.jpgThe Women in IT track is designed for women in the enterprise IT space to make peer-to-peer connections, and share tips and tricks for navigating the industry and supporting others. At SHARE Pittsburgh, attendees joined in the Encouraging Women in IT Breakfast, the Women in IT Panel: Real World Experiences, and sessions that allowed them to hear what the women of Z have been working on for the last year. 

Secure Z! Escape Room 

z.pngIn this collaborative Escape Room experience, we challenged attendees to play the roles of newly hired z/OS security professionals investigating a possible insider threat to a massive data breach. With a mix of logic puzzles and security best practices on IBM Z, and just an hour to complete their task, teams competed for the fastest time and highest score in the game. Plus, several clues stemmed from the new Enterprise Knights video curriculum on IBM Z Secure Engineering, and attendees had the chance to earn their own badge as a Knight-Errant.

lounge_64.pngNetworking Lounge

New for SHARE Pittsburgh, the Networking Lounge provided another opportunity for attendees to make connections with each other. Pre-scheduled meet-ups in the Lounge brought together the IBM Champions, the SHARE Board of Directors and volunteers, zNextGen and first-time attendees, and women in IT. 

SHARE Recognizes

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to consistently feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts across the globe. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the following session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE Phoenix, held in March 2019.

Best of the Best Session Winners – Phoenix 2019

badge.pngAt each SHARE event, from the hundreds of sessions presented, SHARE recognizes the Best of the Best from within User, IBM and Vendor session categories. Those winners are selected based on session evaluations completed by event attendees and recognized at the subsequent event.

With SHARE Phoenix Session Winners, SHARE added new digital badge recognition for the Best of the Best Session Winners to allow presenters to showcase their accomplishment across their professional networks. Look for these badges in the SHARE community.

Congratulations to these SHARE Phoenix Best of the Best Session Winners:

User Session
AADI Program
24143: Transforming Z Applications with APIs, CI/CD and Modern Languages
Speaker: Keith Wilson
Project Manager: Brian Jagos, ADI Project

IBM Session
MVS Program
24256: ICF Catalog Tips and Best Practices
Speakers: Stephen Branch, Janet Sun
Project Manager: Russell Witt, MVS Core Technologies Project

Vendor Session
Enterprise Data Center Program
23964: Mainframe Pentesting 101
Speaker: Mark Wilson
Project Manager: Carla Flores, SEC Project

View additional Best of the Best Session Winner information from past SHARE events.

Best Session Winners – Phoenix 2019

Application Architecture Development Program

IBM Session

23987: Enterprise COBOL v6.2 Was Announced! What's New?
Speaker: Tom M. Ross
Project Manager: Ray Mullins, LE & Programming Languages Project

Vendor Session

21483: [Zowe] Modern to Mainframe (Testing Automation and Orchestration)
Speakers: Dan Kelosky
Project Manager: Brian Jagos, ADI Project

Enterprise Data Center Program

IBM Session

24436: Becoming the Professional You That You Published on LinkedIn
Speakers: Frank DeGilio, Rosalind Radcliffe
Project Manager: Ellis Holman,  Professional Development Project

Enterprise-Wide Program

User Session

23910: "Git" Process Improvements for z/Os Development Using Jenkins
Speaker: Jerry Edgington 
Project Manager: Jerry Edgington, DevOps Project

IBM Session

24604: Practical Debug with System Trace
Speakers: Patty Little, John C. Shebey III
Project Manager: Hemanth Rama, zNextGen Project

Information Management Program

User Session

23839: User Experience of IDAA Monitoring and Capacity Planning at Worldpay
Speaker: Lethika Panicker
Project Manager: Dan Ruehl, Database Project

IBM Session

24547: Db2 12 Performance Update
Speaker: Mark Radar
Project Manager: Dan Ruehl, Database Project

Vendor Session

24227: VMAX Update and Introduction to PowerMax
Speaker: Brett A. Quinn
Project Manager: John Wright, SAN/Disk/Tape Project

Linux & VM Program

USER Session

24887: MongoDB for Hotel Room Shopping from Marriott
Speakers: Kurt Acker, David Morley
Project Manager: Mark Post, Linux Project

IBM Session

23885: Making the Business Case for the IBM LinuxONE and Linux on IBM Z
Speaker: Eduardo C. Oliveira
Project Manager: Mark Post, Linux Project

MVS Program

User Session

24670: JES3 to JES2 Conversion User Experience
Speakers: Stan Nutt, Chinedu Ibeh
Project Manager: James Lund, MVS Core Technologies Project

Vendor Session

24242: WLM Updates, A Deeper Dive
Speaker: Peter Enrico
Project Manager: Meral Temel, MVS  Performance Project

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall educational experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance.

RAVE is meant to recognize efforts over and beyond the norm. If you feel someone has exceeded the already high quality of networking, assistance, support and presentations available for SHARE members, then RAVE is your vehicle to celebrate and reward that effort!

All SHARE Members can nominate SHARE participants for the award. Nominees will be notified quarterly. A letter will be sent to the SHARE member's manager as well as to the nominee, who will also receive the RAVE pin. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE conferences.

Submit your RAVE nomination by clicking here.

RAVE Award Winners

Paul Spicer (BMC)
Nominated by Ellis Holman (IBM)

I would like to recognize Paul for all the assistance he's lent to the PDev project chairing sessions when I was not able to. 

Rose Sakach (Broadcom)
Nominated by Jerry Edgington (W&SFG)

Rose volunteered to chair 7 of the 16 DevOps sessions. Thank you Rose. 

Angela Schmitz (AS Communication Consulting Services)
Nominated by Thomas Cosenza (JPMC)

Angela is the glue that holds the entire Enterprise Network Track together. If it's responding to the needs of speakers,  promoting the track or even helping those how are attending she is the best! We could not pull off this without her!

Marty Hasegawa (Rocket Software)
Nominated by Barbara McDonald (IBM)

Although Marty may prefer to be "behind the scenes" , his contributions to the MVSS project are enormous! This SHARE he was not feeling his best, but he is the go-to guy for coordinating, tracking and reporting session attendance for ALL of the MVSS sessions. Having this data from every SHARE is instrumental in ensuring we continue to have sessions that are meaningful and valuable to the attendees. Thank you Marty!

Janet Sun (Sun Coast)
Nominated by Barbara McDonald (IBM)

A big thank to you Janet for taking on the role of scheduling for the MVSS project.  Although the project works together to plan for each of the upcoming conferences, the hard work lands on the coordinators who have to make sure all of the details are correct in the scheduling system. And, Janet has to deal with all of my last-minute additions and corrections, so I am especially grateful for her hard work!

Tom Conley (Rocket Software)
Nominated by Barbara McDonald (IBM)

A big thank to you Tom for taking on the role of scheduling for the MVSS project. Although the project works together to plan for each of the upcoming conferences, the hard work lands on the coordinators who have to make sure all of the details are correct in the scheduling system. And, Tom, along with Janet Sun, have to deal with all of my last-minute additions and corrections, so I am especially grateful for their hard work!

Holden O'Neal (SAS Institute)
Nominated by James Vincent (Velocity Software)

For Holden's unwavering commitment to leading Conference Operations with positive energy and a focus on teamwork and success for all of SHARE. His leadership and efforts are appreciated more than can be expressed in words.

Case Card Awards

Bill Bitner, Linux & VM Program
Nominated by Rick Barlow

Bill has stood as a top performance expert for VM for many years and no servers in the role as an advocate for VM customers. His participation in SHARE has included numerous presentations on VM performance and general best practices - presenting multiple sessions at every conference. He participates in all of the planning and scheduling processes for the LVM Program and is an IBM representative to the LVM Program.

Jim Elliott, Linux & VM Program
Nominated by Rick Barlow

Jim has been a major contributor to various aspects of the Linux and VM Program for decades. He brings vast experience with VM, Linux, and hardware. He has presented on a variety of topics through the years including extensive presentations on the history of VM and IBM Z at the recent major anniversaries of those products. He currently serves as the Project Manager for the Virtualization Project.

Richard Lewis, Linux & VM Program
Nominated by Rick Barlow

Richard is a vital participant in the LVM Program. He is always active in the planning process. He contributes to the conference agenda by both creating and running the majority of our hands-on labs and presenting excellent technical sessions. All of this is in addition to his official role as Lead IBM Rep through which he handles many interactions with IBM speakers.

Volunteer Spotlight

Theresa Tai - EDC Program

Theresa Tai is the lead IBM Program Representative to the EDC Program. She has been active in SHARE for quite a few years and has been instrumental in bringing new trends and technology sessions to the EDC Program as well as ensuring that the IBM speakers are prepared for their sessions. She presents multiple sessions at each SHARE conference. She steps up to chair sessions for any of the projects needing a last-minute session chair and actively participates in the EDC Program activities. She is a great SHARE volunteer and the EDC Program would like to recognize her for all of her hard work and continuing efforts to improve the EDC Program and its offerings.

Written by Karla Houser

Paul Spicer - EDC Program

Paul is a respected member of the ISV community who has been volunteering with SHARE intermittently for some time now. He started volunteering in the mid-1990s as a Project Officer for Communications Server. He has also been a Project Officer in the MVS Program. In 2017, he stepped up to become a Program Officer, functioning as a Deputy Program Manager for the EDC Program. In this role, he has assisted in the managing of the EDC Program by chairing sessions and assisting in the scheduling process and is always willing to help out at the program level. He is now a member of the “twisted stickies” team. We would like to take the time to formally recognize Paul for all his hard work and continuing support of SHARE’s EDC Program. We look forward to continuing to work with him as a valued SHARE volunteer.

Written by Karla Houser

Sam Reynolds - EDC Program

Sam has been a SHARE volunteer since January 1998. He started as an IBM Representative to the Enterprise Networking Project (which later became the Communications Server Project) and then accepted a role as the IBM Representative to the Communications Infrastructure Program. With the merger of the Communications Infrastructure Program and the Enterprise Data Center (EDC) Program, he has continued his role as the IBM Representative for all things host networking related to the Communications Server (CS) and Network Management and Security (NMS) Projects. In addition to this role, he presents numerous well-received sessions, including labs, at each SHARE focusing on network communications, network management, and security and ISPF. He is an excellent speaker, having won several SHARE Best Session awards, teacher and volunteer. Angela Schmitz and I would like to thank Sam for all his hard work and continuing support of SHARE. We look forward to continuing to work with him as a valued SHARE volunteer.

Written by Karla Houser

Steve Warren - MVS Program

It's hard to imagine organizing a SHARE conference these days without Steve Warren's contributions. Steve began his SHARE management career in 1995 as a representative to the MVS Open & Distributed Project. MVSO focused on what was new and cool—at the time and was eventually merged into the MVS Core Technologies Project to maximize use of SHARE and volunteer resources. Steve has long been IBM's main focal point and contributor to the MVS Core Technologies Planning Team and eventually became Lead Technical Rep to the MVS Program itself. His role requires leadership, patience, and lots of ‘managing IBM’ behind the scenes. For example, the MVS Core Project is where we place a lot of new hardware and software (OS) stuff, which is subject to IBM announcement concerns. We concoct false titles and placeholder abstracts and, at some point before the conference, Steve orchestrates the final updates within the bounds set by the various IBM development areas. Steve is the prime organizer of our Sunday morning by-invitation-only technical session with IBM as well as follow-up closed meetings throughout the week. These sessions often include IBM executives and managers who come to SHARE to pursue issues of concern to the member community at large, a forum for on-going discussions that contribute to our attendance justification back at the ranch.

Written by Ed Jaffe and Skip Robinson

Thank You to Our Volunteers

SHARE Pittsburgh would not be possible without the countless hours of support from volunteers. A special thanks to all SHARE Program and Project volunteers who act as the guiding light for the event's technical program. They help put together a program full of compelling content based on attendee interests and feedback.

Learn more about how you can volunteer with SHARE.

Passport to Prizes Winners

Thank you again to our Passport to Prizes sponsors for giving away amazing prizes and congratulations to all the winners!

Advanced Software Products Stephen Morrison
ASG Technologies Neha Mahajan
BMC Charles DeTwiler
Broadcom Sam Sanderson
Dell EMC Linda Duvall
Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc Saket Khemka
Enterprise Systems Media Steven King
HCL America Inc Ekrem Kurtul
Hitachi Vantara Torrie McLaughlin
HostBridge Technology Peter Garza
IBM Doreen Natelle
Innovation Data Processing Rob Gray
Key Resources, Inc Kevin Landin
Luminex Software, Inc Brenis Phillips
Micro Focus Ana King
Model9 John Dannenberg
New Era Software Yasemin Sen
Optica Technologies, Inc Scott Brod
Rocket Software Sercan Elcin
RSD Chris Mason
SecureAgent Software Dan Dirkse
Software Diversified Services Reg Harbeck
Software Engineering of America Ryan Martin
Syncsort Angela Shughart
Trident Services Jason Longwell
VirtualZ Computing Jim Virden
zCost Management Jing Pan

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