Professional Development Project

The Professional Development (PDEV) Project focuses on the development of professional and business related aspects of today’s enterprise IT environment. The business side and professional side of the enterprise IT environment has become critical to effectively meeting your enterprise’s business goals. The project presents sessions that are designed to address four areas of interest:

  • Professional Skills - address professional skills required to work with the business aspects of the IT environment and understand the business as a whole.
  • Leadership Skills - address skills required to be an effective technical leader regardless of position.
  • Personal Skills - address basic skills providing a foundation for building leadership and professional skills as well as technical skills.
  • Career Building Skills - address skills and methods assisting the IT professional to flourish in an ever changing environment and with changing career challenges in the IT environment.

The project has been developing a series of sessions related to IT professional skills and career building skills with an emphasis on technology architects. The project has broadened the speaker base and scope of session offerings.

The PDEV Project is currently looking for new speakers, and volunteers who are willing to chair sessions and assist in developing focused “mini-tracks.” If you are interested in taking on a role please contact the project manager, Ellis Holman.