Network Management and Security Project

The objective of the Network Management and Security (NMS) Project is to educate SHARE members on management protocols, tools, methodologies, best practices, and issues involved in managing today's complex networks. The project will also provide information, assistance and guidance in performing network management functions.

The project has several goals, including:

  • Defining requirements for existing and future networking management products and applications from IBM and other vendors
  • Educating SHARE membership on multi-vendor management technologies, services, products, implementation, and usage
  • Maintaining dialog between IBM, its business partners and other vendors
  • Providing a forum for discussion of tools, methodologies, and architectures related to the network management arena

The NMS Project is currently looking for volunteers to help chair sessions, get involved in session scheduling and other project activities.

If you are interested in taking on a role please contact the project manager, Dean Butler.