Enterprise Data Center Program

The Enterprise Data Center Program (EDC) provides a technical program that encompasses the most essential disciplines of Systems Management, and other tools and techniques, to improve the effectiveness of professionals in SHARE's Member organizations who are accountable for all aspects of Data Center Management

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Project areas include:

Communications Server (CS)

The Communications Server (CS) Project focuses on the network equipment, software, and transport facilities required to design, develop, engineer and deploy an enterprise network. The project's scope encompasses all aspects of communications with the Communications Server on the Enterprise Server, via the Wide Area Network. The project's aim is to establish an effective dialog among and between users, IBM and other vendors required to provide enterprise networking solutions. This will enable users to design, develop, engineer and deploy enterprise network solutions that meet their business requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. The CS project will:

  • Provide the SHARE community with information and tutorial sessions on new and existing enterprise network products, functions and solutions
  • Exchange user experiences on key products and innovative networking solutions

The CS project tends to focus on areas of common interest to a system programmer – showing how z/OS is implemented to provide secure and reliable networking services. The CS project is open. New members are encouraged to actively participate by volunteering to share their experiences with others.

Data Center Management (DCM)

The Data Center Management (DCM) Project targets organizations that operate heterogeneous enterprise computing environments. Emphasis is placed on the issues affecting the data center itself and the tools, methodologies, and architectures needed to create and maintain reliable, redundant data centers. The project provides a combination of vendor and user sessions on topics of current and ongoing interest. The Data Center Project is currently open and actively encourages new and existing members to participate in all activities.

The project has recently been focused on mini-tracks within the subject area, such as Analytics as it applies to the Data Center and Disaster Recovery.

Integrating Innovative Technologies (I2T)

The Integrating Innovative Technologies (I2T) Project focuses on emerging technologies, and looks at the broader impact of new ideas as they are integrated into current business applications. Current topic focuses, often interdisciplinary, include:

  • Social media
  • Mobile computing
  • Telecommuting
  • Cloud computin
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Privacy and Ethics
  • Cognitive Computing and Software Engineering

The I2T project focuses on emerging technologies and methodologies, which coincides with SHARE's Hot Topics during events. With this focus, I2T brings content appropriate for webcasts. The I2T project offers several series of sessions at each SHARE around specific focus areas. Recent tracks have included Big Data and Analytics, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing and the impact of technology trends on enterprise computing.

Network Management and Security (NMS)

The objective of the Network Management and Security (NMS) Project is to educate SHARE members on management protocols, tools, methodologies, best practices, and issues involved in managing today's complex networks. The project will also provide information, assistance and guidance in performing network management functions.

The project has several goals, including:

  • Defining requirements for existing and future networking management products and applications from IBM and other vendors
  • Educating SHARE membership on multi-vendor management technologies, services, products, implementation, and usage
  • Maintaining dialog between IBM, its business partners and other vendors
  • Providing a forum for discussion of tools, methodologies, and architectures related to the network management arena

Professional Development (PDEV)

The Professional Development (PDEV) Project focuses on the development of professional and business related aspects of today’s enterprise IT environment. The business side and professional side of the enterprise IT environment has become critical to effectively meeting your enterprise’s business goals. The project presents sessions that are designed to address four areas of interest:

  • Professional Skills - address professional skills required to work with the business aspects of the IT environment and understand the business as a whole.
  • Leadership Skills - address skills required to be an effective technical leader regardless of position.
  • Personal Skills - address basic skills providing a foundation for building leadership and professional skills as well as technical skills.
  • Career Building Skills - address skills and methods assisting the IT professional to flourish in an ever changing environment and with changing career challenges in the IT environment.

The project has been developing a series of sessions related to IT professional skills and career building skills with an emphasis on technology architects. The project has broadened the speaker base and scope of session offerings.

Security and Compliance (SEC)

The Security and Compliance (SEC) Project is concerned with enterprise-wide security management, which includes security, auditability, and disaster recovery of corporate data, software, and hardware. We are concerned with security management on the desktop, in the client/server environment, on the mainframe, over the Internet, or within any heterogeneous network. The Security and Compliance Project provides information on security management tools, policies and procedures that address identity management, data integrity, confidentiality, access control, and systems management -- from within a single enterprise, or across public or private networks, such as the Internet, intranet, or extranet.

The SEC project continues to grow as it has doubled session attendance at SHARE events in the past two years.