Communications Server Project

The Communications Server (CS) Project focuses on the network equipment, software, and transport facilities required to design, develop, engineer and deploy an enterprise network. The project's scope encompasses all aspects of communications with the Communications Server on the Enterprise Server, via the Wide Area Network. The project's aim is to establish an effective dialogue among and between users, IBM and other vendors required to provide enterprise networking solutions. This will enable users to design, develop, engineer and deploy enterprise network solutions that meet their business requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. The CS project will:

  • Provide the SHARE community with information and tutorial sessions on new and existing enterprise network products, functions and solutions
  • Exchange user experiences on key products and innovative networking solutions

The CS project tends to focus on areas of common interest to a system programmer – showing how z/OS is implemented to provide secure and reliable networking services. The CS project is open. New members are encouraged to actively participate by volunteering to share their experiences with others.

The CS Project is currently looking for project officers. If you are interested in taking on an officer role please contact the project manager, Angela Schmitz.