Tampa Wrap Up Article

SHARE Stays Warm in Tampa

February 20, 2007 – SHARE’s winter event kicked off the new year by welcoming thousands of practicing IT professionals to sunny Tampa, Florida for SHARE User Events from February 11-16, 2007. Attendees networked with a diverse community of IT professionals, learned the latest updates from IBM developers and met with industry experts to stay informed of the latest industry news. The busy week provided attendees with knowledge on how to solve business challenges and drive business objectives for their organizations. It also highlighted the beginning of Martin Timmerman’s first event as President of SHARE.


SHARE Board of Directors gathers in Tampa for SHARE User Events.


On Monday, February 19, SHARE was the subject of an article on eWeek.com, by reporter Daryl K. Taft on how the mainframe system is showing continued growth and beginning to claim a new generation of users. IBM officials released information that the mainframe has achieved three consecutive quarters of growth. Additionally, the successful partnership between SHARE and IBM in developing zNextGen, a user-driven community for new and emerging IT professionals focused on mainframe computing, has grown to over 200 members since its launch in 2005. Click here to read the full article.

2007 Award for Excellence in Technology

During the evening Welcome Reception on Monday, February 12, SHARE President, Martin Timmerman, and IBM's System z Technical Sales Support Director, Mike Bliss announced the Province of Quebec as the winner of the 2007 SHARE Award for Excellence in Technology. The Province of Quebec was honored for a project that successfully migrated nearly 200 Oracle databases and other types of services from Unix environments to Linux on System z in 2006. The Province of Quebec's David Kreuter, Karen Ann Plourde and the entire project team were on hand in Tampa to accept the award. The Province of Quebec delivered details of their award-winning project in two sessions on Wednesday, February 14. To learn more about the Award for Excellence, click here.

The Province of Quebec's project team poses with IBM's Mike Bliss and SHARE President, Martin Timmerman.

A SHARE’d Experience – A Technology Community Driving Results

In Tampa, SHARE attendees were provided a platform where they could offer input about their experiences at SHARE and how specific aspects of SHARE will benefit their organizations when they return to work. SHARE received several stories from attendees while in Tampa and hopes to obtain many more positive experiences in the coming weeks. SHARE thanks all participants for their cooperation and input.

The SHARE’d Experience is a program established to explain the value of the community that is SHARE. Through A SHARE'd Experience, professionals can learn directly from SHARE attendees about their experiences and the value they derived from SHARE for their organizations and for their individual careers.

Best Session Winners from SHARE Summer 2006

The cornerstone of SHARE User Events is the educational session program. SHARE is proud to congratulate the following session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE’s 2006 summer event held in Baltimore:

  • Debug Tool, Totally LIVE, HOT, & COOL and NEW all over again! - Janice Winchell, IBM Corporation
  • Learn to Program in TSO Rexx - Hands-On Lab, Part 3 of 3 - Thomas Conley, Pinnacle Consulting Group and Michael Weiss, UnumProvident Corporation
  • CICS Web Services Hands-on Lab - Leigh Compton, IBM Corporation
  • CICS Performance Management Best Practices - Ivan Gelb, Gelb Information Systems Corporation
  • Configuring, Customizing and Modifying Your VM System Without an IPL - John Franciscovich, IBM Corporation
  • Linux for Beginners Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 3 - Neale Ferguson, Sine Nomine Associates
  • Customer Early Experiences with z/VM 5.2 - Martha McConaghy, Marist College and Jim Vincent, Nationwide Insurance
  • ISPF Hidden Treasures - Part 2 of 2 - Peter van Dyke, IBM Corporation
  • Fully Wired Hot Topics Charmed City Edition: Free MVS Tools and Tips Update - Sam Knutson, GEICO Direct
  • What's New with Enterprise Extender? - Sam Reynolds, IBM Corporation
  • SNA/LLC Migration to SNA and Data Link Switch Technology - Judy Miskill, Social Security Administration
  • Using Enterprise Extender in the Network with Cisco SNA Switch - Ray Romney, CISCO Systems
  • Magic of Selling Technology! - Randall Munson, Creatively Speaking
  • Breaking News in Using System z9 Crypto - Ernest Nachtigall, IBM Corporation
  • Performance Tuning For Your Windows Laptop - Learn About and Try the Tools - John Chapman, Cooperative Processes

To recognize outstanding efforts, SHARE announces the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – recipients. A RAVE is given to any individual whose efforts reach above and beyond the norm while onsite. The following RAVE's were recognized in Tampa.

Debra Singer-Harter recognizes Bobie Chantavong with SHARE HQ for her last minute help. A co-worker was stuck (in snow) and could not get to SHARE. He sent the presentation today (Thursday for Friday) and Bobie helped get it posted and printed urgently for the session!

Monique Conway recognizes Rob Van Hoboken for putting together and presenting a session with only two days notice to cover a suddenly unavailable speaker.

Steve Ryder recognizes Mandy Frjelich with SHARE HQ for all the evaluations scanned and attendance updates even before the next session evaluations.

Jim Willette recognizes Ellis Holman who volunteered to take over a presentation for a speaker who was unable to attend, and did an outstanding job of giving that presentation!

Angela Schmitz recognizes Doug Lyon. This is Doug's last SHARE. Thank you for your time and afford as a EN volunteer. Happy retirement!

Monique Conway recognizes Eric Rosenfeld for putting together and presenting a session with only two days notice to cover for a suddenly unavailable speaker.

Mary Ann Edwards recognizes Reg Harbech who stepped in to help cover sessions for speakers who could not arrive due to ice in the DC area.

Cheryl Watson recognizes Norman Hollander who stepped up to fill in for a missing project manager and two missing deputies. He organized sessions and dinner.

Iris Rivera recognizes Kristine Harper for her strong leadership, contributions and commitment to making the zNextGen project a success. Thank you for all you have done!

SHARE HQ recognizes John Ehrman for his generous contribution of time and energy in helping to prepare the registration bags.

Sam Knutson recognizes Ken Tomiak for his development of scripts to automate pre and post-conference mailings to speakers and volunteers everyday in some capacity and he has assumed SCHEDULER duties for MUSE. Ken makes a difference!

Sam Knutson recognizes Monique Conway for her help with an outside project with NONCOM. In addition, she produced our newsletter and has assisted volunteers every day in some way for the project.

Sam Knutson recognizes Steve Conway who set a record in scheduling for SHARE without being able to attend. He is handing over scheduling this SHARE and MVS/SCP will miss Sergeant Steve, our Super Scheduler!

Michael Weiss recognizes Steve Ryder for his efforts above and beyond the call of duty on the session information and evaluation pages. Great job Steve!

Tim Hare recognizes the Personal Itinerary Team of SHARE HQ. Wow! The Personal Itinerary tool is a big improvement.

Barry Brooks and the CICS Project recognize Phil Hanson’s contributions to the CICS Project as the lead IBM Representative in providing quality technical sessions and speakers. Phil is turning over his duties as IBM Rep to Kathy Tyrell after this meeting. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the CICS Project!

John Jones recognizes Rich Bicheno who made a double journey outside in the rain to prepare to chair a session after the DATA lunch across the nearest bridge.

Monique Conway recognizes Ellis Holman for excellent chairing of a user session with unusual circumstances.

Jim Willette recognizes Karla Houser who volunteered to update and present twice to ensure attendees had valuable sessions in replacement of two cancelled sessions.

Steve Conway recognizes Bobie Chanthavong at SHARE HQ. As scheduler for MVS/SCP, I flooded Bobie with change requests right up until the Thursday before SHARE. Her unfailing good humor, hard work and keeping straight all of our changes were a huge contribution to the success of the MVS program here in Tampa.

Ed Williams recognizes Marianne Hammer who jumped in to lead the working sessions when Linwood Merritt, our Project Manager, was unable to attend SHARE.

Sylvia Gorman recognizes Rosalind Radcliffe who agreed to chair multiple EWSM sessions and work on the SOA sessions.

Sylvia Gorman recognizes Art Psalidas for keeping her from having to chair every slot, every day and for doing a great job coordinating all the IBM speakers for the project.

Sylvia Gorman recognizes Rich Szulewski for agreeing to chair multiple EWSM sessions without any arm twisting and keeping her from having to chair every hour of every day!