CA Mainframe Academy Scholarship Contest

CA Technologies, in partnership with SHARE, will be awarding over $1 Million in Mainframe Academy scholarships through 2016. Scholarships will be awarded by members of the SHARE board to those individuals who demonstrate a desire to master mainframe programming skills. 

Mainframe Academy Includes:

  • 220+ hours of training
  • 26 mastery tests and
  • 3 certification exams focused on a targeted spectrum of mainframe processing, programming concepts and applications.

Content is delivered with a unique, flexible blend of instructor-led, web-based and self-paced learning.

MastertheMainframe banner1.pngSubmission Dates:

CA Technologies will be awarding scholarships of $35,000 each. The scholarship is only intended to cover the complete cost of attending Mainframe Academy with CA Technologies so that winners will be enabled to develop their core mainframe programming skills.

Scholarships will be awarded at SHARE Atlanta July 31–August 5, 2016.

The submission deadline for applications is Friday, July 22.

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Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be working towards a career in Information Technology.
  • Must have less than 5 years of professional IT experience
  • Must be a current student or a graduate from an accredited institution
  • Aptitude for critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Submit an essay not to exceed 500 words
  • Complete Call for Entries form

Essay Submission:

  • Essay (not to exceed 500 words)
         Subject Matter
             - Describe why you need this scholarship?
             - How will this scholarship help you meet your educational goals?
             - How will this scholarship help you meet your career goals?
             - What are your major accomplishments that build toward your career goals?
  • Optional: supplementary materials to demonstrate creativity (videos, photos, etc...).

Scholarships will be awarded based on the essay and critical thinking submission.

Previous Scholarship Winners






Alinson Wayne
Atione Harris
Jessica Caceres 
Wille Amorim
Rudolfs Dambis


Alan Dantas
Andrian Nanos
Ibrahim Rasheed 
Jan Sadek 


LaQuara Clary
Mark Ervin
Ryan Miller


Ahmed Ali Tousif
Victoria Wixon 
Chetan Chavan 
Michael Mattews 
David Joseph Bare


Daniela Ferreira de Paiva
Faik Erdem Dalkilic
Tanya Moore
Ahmet Alper Tecimer
Clinton Woodson