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White Piece - Mobile App Development: The DON'Ts
Topic: White Pieces
Owner: SHARE Headquarters
Date: 2015-08-06

By James Willette, David Morlitz, Karla Houser, Diana Donnellan and Aron Eisenpress


Designing and building applications and user interfaces for mobile devices has always been a challenge. Even carefully designed applications and web-delivered interactive sites can prove challenging for the user when limited by a mobile device. The issues become more complicated when multiple devices from multiple vendors are involved. By mobile devices, we mean smart phones, and tablet computers like iPads or Androids.

The intent of this White Piece is to provide some hints to the developer community from the user community, describing some of the common usability shortcomings we have observed. These are not comprehensive and using Human Factors professionals is still a good practice. We hope these suggestions will come to mind the next time you have the opportunity to build software that will be consumed by mobile devices, be they dedicated apps or web-based.

Download File   SHARE_White Piece_Mobile App Development DONTs.pdf