SHARE in Pittsburgh 2014

Steel City Shines as SHARE Continues Its Mainframe50 Celebrations

Mainframe Man Cut-Out

SHARE hosted over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals in Pittsburgh. Attendees came together from August 3-8 for an educational week filled with lively discussions on some of today’s most pressing enterprise technology topics, including Big Data, Cloud in the Enterprise, Mobile and Social Networking in the Enterprise, Dark Side of Virtualization and many more. In addition to user-focused content, attendees also looked toward the future of the mainframe as SHARE continued celebrations honoring the industry-wide milestone of the mainframe’s 50th anniversary.

A brand-new collection of four commemorative Mainframe Man superhero buttons, a continuation of what was brought to SHARE in Anaheim this past March, were released throughout the week and attendees were also able to take “selfies” with Mainframe Man himself (in cardboard cut-out form).

Attendees enjoyed making new connections and networking with colleagues from around the country with celebratory-themed receptions and nearly 500 sessions to choose from. SHARE events, like SHARE in Pittsburgh, continue to prove that in-person events are an invaluable way for user group members to make connections with fellow enterprise IT professionals, vendors and IBM executives — all while gaining valuable education through sessions and hands-on labs that help members stay at the forefront of the always evolving enterprise IT field.

Keynote Highlight

Dr. Bernard S. MeyersonOn Monday, August 4, Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Vice President of Innovation at IBM Corporation presented Beyond Silicon: Cognition and Much, Much More.

Meyerson spoke about what drives both technical and financial success in a global enterprise stating, “Those who stop innovating disappear.”

The presentation also focused on strategies employed to ensure simultaneous availability of the right people, infrastructure and motivation to sustain innovation, giving examples of the extraordinary outcomes that can result. Meyerson commented on innovations developed on the mainframe:

According to Meyerson, Moore’s Law — roughly understood to be processor performance doubling every 18 months to 2 years — is dead, and we cannot continue to make things smaller and faster but instead need to focus on integration. An example of this is the use of FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) to optimize analytics of data held on System z.

Meyerson also noted the need for both discontinuous and continuous innovation, such as the value of RAMAC (disk technology), which was a discontinuous innovation when introduced in the ’50s, but has since been continuously improved to the point that now GBs can be stored in a laptop.

“System z has been an engine of innovation forever. These are innovations that matter. They materially move the needle on society and technology,” said Meyerson.

Robert AndrewsOn Tuesday, August 5, Robert Andrews, Co-Founder of CISO – Mainstream Security presented Security Trends — Looking to Future Threats.

During his keynote address in Pittsburgh, Andrews expanded upon the critical need for organizations to point their vision forward and look to challenges that are looming over network infrastructure security.

“Attackers are willing to pay to get into your computer,” Andrews said.

Andrews discussed how bot-net attacks are on the rise and told attendees about to view a “live attack map” of threats throughout the world. Improving end-user awareness will go a long way to protect users these days. Andrews gave numerous examples of his mother and mother-in-law falling for scams that install malware and exposing personal information.


For an online recording of the two keynote presentations, plus 20 additional hours of sessions from SHARE in Pittsburgh, click here and purchase access to SHARE Live!, our virtual attendance option that lasts for up to 6 months post event.

2014 SHARE Election

On Wednesday, August 6, SHARE held its 2014 election for positions on the SHARE Board of Directors. Candidates for four SHARE Officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and two Director positions were elected. Full details are available on the SHARE website and below are the results of the most recent SHARE election.

James Vincent, Nationwide Insurance
James Vincent Vice President
Harry Williams, Marist College
Harry Williams
Aron Eisenpress, City University
of New York
Aron Eisenpress Treasurer
Justin Bastin, EMC Corporation
Justin Bastin
Gail Bymun, Fiserv
Gail Bymun Director
Martha McConaghy, Marist College
Martha McConaghy

Program Highlights

SHARE in Pittsburgh brought user insight and expert perspectives together to address the latest technical advancements.

Here are a few highlights from the session rooms:

  • Application Architecture and Development Infrastructure
    • Each of the projects — Application Development & Integration (ADI), CICS, Language Environment Programming Languages and WebSphere MQ — provided a strong core of quality technical sessions during the week.
    • In sum, a total of 82 sessions were successfully held and featured a content breakdown of 71 technical, 6 labs and 5 administrative.
    • ADI Project (15 technical sessions, 3 hands-on labs).
      • The three labs were a tremendous success with topics ranging from WebSphere Liberty to development tools and mobile. Each occurred back-to-back and had an astonishing 19 people in attendance.
      • Other popular themes for the ADI Project included sessions pertaining to new ways of modernizing development on z/OS, with the highest attendance numbers and rating going to: “z/OS Connect: Opening up z/OS Assets to the Cloud and Mobile Worlds.”
    • CICS Project (26 technical sessions, 2 hands-on labs)
      • The CICS 45th Anniversary session, “Evolution of CICS,” was particularly successful and saw participation from volunteers that covered all 45 years, while its best-attended session was “CICS and Threadsafe: Exploiting the Open Transaction Environment”.
      • The agenda for this project ultimately provided attendees with a number of superb sessions given by a mix of IBM team members and volunteers alike.
      • New release information, performance & tuning, and debugging continue to draw attendees as do sessions on new technology/capabilities in CICS.
    • LE Programming Languages Project(15 technical sessions)
      • Initially formed by combing the Assembler Project and LE Languages Project, these sessions during Pittsburgh were the second highest in overall popularity compared to other AADI Projects. This statistic is based on average headcount numbers for sessions.
      • The Assembler Boot Camp block of sessions continues to be extremely popular with attendees.
      • The best-attended and highest-rated session was “How to Take Advantage of the New COBOL V5 Compiler – Migration.”
    • WebSphere MQ Project ( 15 technical sessions)
      • The majority of sessions in this project revolved around the main themes of product internals, troubleshooting and performance.
      • In addition to the major themes, several sessions focused on the new version 8 release of MQ, with attendees showing a strong interest.
      • The best-attended sessions of the week were “The Introduction to MQ” and “MQ Beyond the Basics.”
      • Finally, this project included the SHARE Live! session, “MQ Clustering – The Basics, Advances and What's New in V8,”which was a success both in-person and online.
  • Linux and VM Program
    • SHARE in Pittsburgh was a great event for the LVM Program, showing continued interest in all of our core agenda and drawing attendees to focus in five major areas:
      • User experience
      • Hands-on Lab / BYOC REXX Lab (both received high evaluation marks)
      • z/VM from the basics through the advanced topics
      • Interest in recent features added to the Linux distributions and announcements of new features being made available
      • “How-to” sessions by IBM and other vendor partners
    • Top technical sessions from the Linux Project:
      • OpenStack sessions from Alan Clark
      • Linux for Beginners Hands-on Lab
      • Hadoop and Data Integration with System z
      • Information on Red Hat's latest release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
      • Two sessions on KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine)
      • First look at IBM's GPFS clustering file system for Linux on System z
  • MVS Core Technologies
    • Pittsburgh’s program included two sessions celebrating the 50th anniversary of the mainframe — one from John Eells, a great collector of memorabilia, and the other from mainframe treasure himself, Bob Rogers.
    • Additional highlights included a z/OS 2.1 update and z/OS 2.2 preview from John Eells; a great new, well-received session from IBM’s Marna Walle, “z/OS Little Enhancements: Many Small Potatoes Can Make a Big Meal” (comments included “lots of actionable tips” and “good items to check out”); and “How to Make the Most out of BCPii,” which was rated 97% by attendees!
  • Enterprise-Wide Capacity and Performance (EWCP)
    • EWCP had three sessions that overflowed room capacity: “Understanding z/OSMF for the Performance Management Sysprog,” “Configuring LPARs for Performance” and “System z Processor Consumption Analysis, or Who is Consuming all the CPU?”
  • ISPF Advocacy
    • This program saw high attendance at “ISPF Hidden Treasures and Experienced User Shares Secrets” as well as “Configuring ISPF for Fun and Profit,” with a pleasantly surprising 30 total attendees.
  • MVS Storage
    • “PDSE Best Practices” exceeded seating capacity — the team had to get chairs from an adjacent room!
  • Database Project
    • Content at the Pittsburgh event include a User Experience presentation that focused on DB2 application performance tuning. The team also received several compliments that this programming provided good value.

SHARE Recognizes

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts around the world. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the following session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE in Anaheim, held in March 2014.

Highest Rated

We recognize the highest rated sessions in the categories of User, IBM and Vendor. These individuals were recognized on-site at the SHARE General Session.

User Session: Customer Experience with Virtualization on System z, Steve Conger, Automatic Data Processing

IBM Category: To MIPS or Not to MIPS, That is the CP Question!, Gary King, IBM Corporation

Vendor Session: Digital Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers: Bulletproofing Privacy in the Information Economy, John Sileo, The Sileo Group

Best Session Awards by Program

We’d like to especially recognize and thank the Project Managers who identified these compelling topics and outstanding speakers.

Application Architecture Development and Integration

IBM Category: CICS Extreme Debugging, Edward Addison, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, ASG Software

Enterprise Data Center Program

User Category: Introduction to Mainframe Network Management, Laura Knapp, AES
Project Manager: Dean Butler, IBM Corporation

IBM Category: z/OS V2R1 Communications Server: Shared Memory Communications – RDMA (SMC-R), Part 1 of 2, Gus Kassimis, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Angela Schmitz, AS Communication Consulting Services

Information Management Program

User Category: EMC Customer Experience: Universal Storage Consistency of DASD and Virtual Tape, Jim Erdahl, U.S. Bank
Project Managers: Mike Blair, Cisco Systems; David Lytle, Brocade Corporation; Tony Negro, EMC Corporation

Linux and VM Program

User Category: Customer Experience with Virtualization on System z, Steve Conger, Automatic Data Processing
Project Manager: Dan Martin, Rocket Software

IBM Category: z/VM Systems Management Fundamentals, Bill Bitner, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Dan Martin, Rocket Software

MVS Program

User Category: WLM – Performing a Quick WLM Performance Check-up, Peter Enrico, Enterprise Performance Strategies Inc.
Project Manager: Norman Hollander, IBM Corporation

IBM Category: To MIPS or Not to MIPS, That is the CP Question!, Gary King, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Norman Hollander, IBM Corporation

Book Awards

Book Awards are given to recognize individuals in SHARE Programs who have made outstanding contributions for SHARE in Anaheim. SHARE thanks the following 2014 recipient for her dedication:

Carla Flores, CA Technologies, from Karla Houser


SHARE wouldn’t be what it is without high-impact, high-value input from legions of individual contributors. To better recognize these outstanding efforts, SHARE continued the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – Program at SHARE in Pittsburgh.

The following individuals were recognized by their peers for their contributions to enhance networking, assistance, support and presentations while at SHARE in Pittsburgh:

RAVE Recipient: James Moling, Federal Government
“We had a last-minute cancel of a member who was chairing many sessions. Jim stepped in and took all of them.” — Brian Jagos, CA Technologies

RAVE Recipient: Ulrike Muench, IBM Corporation
Ulrike provided great on-site support in Pittsburgh. – Linda Mooney, County of Sacramento

RAVE Recipient: Carla Flores, CA Technologies
“Carla was very instrumental in producing an excellent security track, including the Tuesday Keynote & Panel of Experts” – Jerry Seefeldt, NewEra Software

SHARE in Pittsburgh Mainframe Man Button

Mainframe Academy Scholarship Program

In partnership with SHARE, CA Technologies is awarding over $1 Million in Mainframe Academy scholarships through 2016. SHARE volunteers participate in the selection of individuals who demonstrate a desire to master mainframe programming skills.

Congratulations to the most recent Mainframe Academy Scholarship Winners!

Alan Dantas (Brazil, South America)
Andrian Nanos (Glenview, IL, USA)
Ibrahim Rasheed (Columbia, SC, USA)


Find out how you can apply for a mainframe scholarship.


SHARE Live! provides the user community with a virtual conference option for those who were unable to join us in-person at SHARE in Pittsburgh. Selected content from each day was streamed live, and participants also receive access to the 20+ hours of recorded proceedings for six months post-event.

You can still purchase your access to virtual recordings and share the recordings with your colleagues.

SHARE Mobile App

SHARE Mobile AppSHARE continued its 2014 mobile app launch, using it for the second time to complement SHARE in Pittsburgh. The app continues to be well-received by attendees — with over 800 downloads — and is used to create schedules, view session updates and the exhibitor listing, connect with attendees, and even download show documents.

SHARE Attendees Connect via Social Media

SHARE in Pittsburgh again saw an exciting amount of conversation on social media. Attendees engaged to share their thoughts, quote speakers, post photos and discuss the overall event experience using the official event hashtag: #SHAREorg.

The activity doesn’t stop with Pittsburgh, though. Social media is a great way for those interested in SHARE to stay up-to-date on the latest information, connect with new professional contacts and engage with industry influencers. Join SHARE’s social media communities today to stay updated on upcoming events, webcasts, announcements and much more:

Follow @SHAREhq on Twitter Daily tweets helped attendees stay updated on event milestones and tune in to updates during the week by tagging and searching for #SHAREorg. Stay connected with SHARE throughout the year by following @SHAREhq and tagging your IT comments with #SHAREorg.
Find SHARE on Facebook By becoming a fan of "SHARE Association", attendees were able to post comments and pictures from sessions and networking events to the SHARE wall. Visit our page and check out all the pictures from the event!
Connect with SHARE on LinkedIn IT professionals in the "SHARE Association" LinkedIn group are able to interact with valuable professional and personal connections. Plus, follow the SHARE company page for updates straight from SHARE.
@SHAREhqpics on Instagram @SHAREhqpics allows attendees and members a behind-the-scenes look at SHARE event and life at SHARE HQ both during and between events.


Congratulations Amazing Expo Challenge Winners

Thank you to all SHARE in Pittsburgh Amazing Expo Challenge vendors and attendee participants! Winners from Pittsburgh are outlined below.

Visit Pittsburgh © 2014Advanced Software Products Group – Lethika Panichez
CA Technologies – Linda Wright, ExxonMobil
CoreLog, Inc. – Talha Torania, Franchise Tax Board
CSI-International, Inc. – Rick Barlow, Nationwide Insurance
Data 21, Inc. – Bk Kosmach, U.S. Steel
DTS Software, Inc. – Mike Neeley, American International Group, Inc. (AIG)
EMC Corporation – Ginny Nugent, SAS Institute
H&W Computer Systems, Inc. – Satua Pulikonda, USAA
IBM Corporation – Chinedu Ibeh, New York Life Insurance Company
IBM Corporation – Steve Fowlkes, IBM Corporation
Innovation Data Processing – Lam Ly, CA Technologies
IntelliMagic – Jerome Vitner, Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
Luminex Software, Inc. – Reg Harbeck, Mainframe Analytics ltd.
MVS Solutions Inc. – Diane Langen, American Electric Power (AEP)
New Era Software – Ashley Isra, ExxonMobil
Oracle – Mark Paden, PNC Bank
SERENA Software – Brendan Bush
Software Engineering of America, Inc. – Tom Phillips, Principal Financial Group
Software Engineering of America – Patricia Janas
Trident Services – John Sheets, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors

We would not be able to put on such a successful event without the commitment of our Strategic Partner, IBM Corporation; our Conference Sponsor, Rocket Software; and our Premier Sponsors, CA Technologies, EMC Corporation, BMC Software, Innovation Data Processing, Luminex Software, Inc. and Oracle. We are also grateful to our Technology Exchange Expo exhibitors, sponsors and media partners.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

SHARE in Pittsburgh would not be possible without the countless hours of support from volunteers. A special thanks to all SHARE Project Managers who act as the guiding light of the conference’s technical program. They help put together a program full of compelling content based on attendee interests and feedback.

To learn how you can volunteer with SHARE visit

Proceedings DVD Information

SHARE in Pittsburgh 2014 Proceedings DVDAll full-conference attendees receive a SHARE Proceedings DVD as part of registration. Proceedings DVDs are mailed six to eight weeks after the event and include presentation materials from participating SHARE in Pittsburgh speakers. This is a valuable tool you can share with colleagues when you return to the office!

Save the Date

SHARE in Seattle
Sheraton Seattle
Seattle, WA
March 1-6, 2015

Join us for SHARE in Seattle to take advantage of professional development opportunities and the best in enterprise IT content, including high-quality, user-driven educational sessions, access to industry leaders, new innovations and peer networking events.

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