SHARE in Anaheim 2014

The Mainframe Makes Its Mark in the Golden State

#Mainframe50 Cake

SHARE hosted over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals in Anaheim. Attendees came together from March 9-14 for an educational week filled with lively discussions on some of today’s most pressing enterprise technology topics, including Big Data, Cloud in the Enterprise, Mobile in the Enterprise, Virtualization in the Enterprise and many more. In addition to the user-focused content, attendees also looked toward the future of the mainframe as the industry commemorated its 50th anniversary year.

A collection of four mainframe superhero buttons were passed out in registration bags and in the exhibit hall to generate excitement for SHARE’s first event of the 50th anniversary year. While SHARE celebrated, it also reflected on what the user group community has brought to the industry. SHARE Immediate Past President, Janet L. Sun outlined it best in an article for IBM Systems Magazine. As an independent source for users, IBM and ISVs have a place to come together and have a dialog with everyone in the industry to understand key road blocks, success stories and more.

Attendees enjoyed networking with new connections and old friends from around the country with celebratory-themed receptions and nearly 500 sessions to choose from. SHARE in Anaheim proved in-person events are an invaluable way for members to make connections with fellow enterprise IT professionals, vendors and IBM executives — all while attending technical sessions and labs that keep them on top of a quickly changing field.

Keynote Highlight

Pat TooleOn Monday, March 10, Pat Toole, General Manager, System z, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Corporation presented IBM Mainframe: Driving Future Industry-changing Reinvention and Transformation.

Toole spoke about System z’s pervasive reach over the past 50 years. “There isn’t really anything in the world that hasn’t been affected by the mainframe,” he said.

Businesses with a rich legacy have seen their operations transformed through the mainframe, Toole said. Fratelli Carli, for example, was founded more than a century ago as an olive oil producer that delivered its wares door to door. Through the decades, it has maintained that deep relationship with its customers, even as it evolved to accept phone and eCommerce orders for a wide range of products.

That adaptation — and expansion — was made possible through the mainframe, which allowed Fratelli Carli to take advantage of the platform’s scale while reducing costs.

With such a dynamic past and present, the future for System z is nothing short of astonishing, he said. In our lifetime, developers predict atomic-level storage will be within our grasp — as well as neurosynaptic chips that work at the speed of light. That level of innovation, Toole noted, will be delivered because of the passion inherent to the people who make the mainframe their life’s work.

John SileoOn Tuesday, March 11, John Sileo, Executive Advisor, Privacy and Reputation presented Digital Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers: Bulletproofing Privacy in the Information Economy.

During his keynote address at SHARE in Anaheim, Sileo armed the audience with the mindset that they need to stay ahead of the crooks and preserve the security of their data. A big part of that mentality is understanding that, as far as criminals are concerned, computers, smartphones and the cloud store our identity.

“Part of who we are, part of our makeup is digital,” Sileo said. “Just because it’s electronic doesn’t mean it’s any less real than anything else.”

That means data is a currency, more valuable than gold to savvy criminals who can use bits of information to take out a fraudulent mortgage, drain bank accounts and frame you for crimes committed in your name.

Though a bank with adequate customer protections might be able to restore your money within weeks, it can take years to repair a damaged reputation, as Sileo learned when his business partner embezzled nearly $300,000 in Sileo’s name.

Four elements that contribute to digital security breaches, Sileo said, are human, physical, technology and Internet factors. Most people assume IT is the biggest contributor to safeguarding privacy, but the other components play just as big of a role.

Sileo said most security training is so bland that employees don’t take to it, but if you make it emotional and engaging your staff will understand how much is at stake. “You have to make possession, even of digital assets, an obsession,” he maintained.


For an online recording of the two keynote presentations, plus 20 additional hours of sessions from SHARE in Anaheim, click here to purchase access to SHARE Live! for up to six months post-event.

Program Highlights

SHARE in Anaheim brought user insight and expert perspectives together to address the latest technical advancements. 

Here are a few highlights from the session rooms:

  • z/OS 2.1 dominated the z/OS content for the event. IBM was very accommodating with content and executive presence and accessibility at SHARE. We had a full slate of user experiences which, as always, were well attended, well rated, and had great comments.
  • The Communications Technologies Project saw high attendance at its introductory sessions.
  • The AADI Program had a successful week in Anaheim. Each of the projects Application Development & Integration, CICS, Language Environment Programming Languages and WebSphere MQ all provided a strong core of quality technical sessions during the week. A total of 78 sessions were successfully put on by the projects in the program. The breakdown of the program sessions were as follows: 69 technical, six labs and three administrative.
  • The CICS Project put on 25 technical sessions and two lab sessions in Anaheim. The sessions put on by the CICS project continue to be the most popular in terms of attendance for the AADI Program. The quality of the CICS sessions is consistently high according to evaluation feedback. Feedback results from its technical sessions in Anaheim confirm the popularity and quality of the project’s technical content. The session with the highest attendance was “CICS TS V5.1 Technical Overview.” During SHARE in Pittsburgh, the CICS product will be celebrating 45 years of transactional processing and the CICS Project will be celebrating 40 years of supporting CICS and SHARE.
  • The LE Programming Languages project put on 14 technical sessions in Anaheim. Its sessions were the second highest in popularity compared to other AADI Projects based on pure headcount numbers. The Assembler Boot Camp block of session continues to be extremely popular with attendees. The best attended and attendee feedback rated session was “zOMG The Next COBOL Compiler has Arrived! - Part 1 of 2.” The session with the highest attendance was “How to Take Advantage of the New COBOL V5 Compiler – Migration.”
  • The WebSphere MQ Project put on 19 technical sessions in Anaheim. The major of the technical sessions revolved around the main themes of product internals, troubleshooting and performance. The project continued its cross-over session work with the CICS Project. The cross-over session was well received by attendees. The most popular attended session of the week was “What's Wrong with MQ?”, a user session that struck a chord with attendees. The highest rated based upon attendee feedback was “MQ on z/OS - Vivisection [z/OS].”
  • SHARE in Anaheim was another positive experience for the LVM Program. The project saw a continued interest in core technologies: all levels of z/VM, interest in recent features added to the Linux distributions and how-to sessions by IBM and vendors. Both user experience sessions and hands-on labs continue to be a favorite of attendees. The labs continue to be a strong part of the Linux and VM program. Both the combined z/VM Install and SSI Migration lab and the Linux for Beginners Hands-On labs had good attendance. The BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) lab for REXX packed the room and was very well received again.

SHARE Recognizes

Laetitia Snow Memorial Award for Humanitarian Service

Robert Rosen at SHARE in AnaheimThe purpose of the Laetitia Harrer Snow Memorial Award is to recognize SHARE supporters who stand out by working tirelessly to counsel, guide and lead others.

In 1993, SHARE created the Laetitia Harrer Snow Memorial Award to honor those who have selflessly dedicated their heart-and-soul to the people who make SHARE what it is: our volunteers, attendees and partners. Tish Snow was concerned about the people of SHARE. She consistently made the effort to help younger, less-experienced individuals, whether volunteers or attendees, grow professionally and personally. This award is a memorial to Tish Snow, who was, herself, an example of this type of individual — a friend, a coach and a mentor to many who now lead this organization. At SHARE in Anaheim, SHARE President Brian Peterson presented the award to Robert Rosen.

Robert Rosen: Robert has given SHARE many years of service as a line manager, a task force member, and a member of the Board of Directors, serving as Director at Large, Director of Divisions, and, ultimately, as President of SHARE. He has repeatedly stepped up to help the organization when the need has arisen, most recently serving on several Nominating Committees, and continues to coach and counsel SHARE leaders. Robert creates the space around him for people to think adventurously, to speak freely, and to collaborate in creative and productive ways. His support and mentoring efforts have benefitted SHARE greatly as an organization, and benefitted so many of us as individuals working with him.

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts around the world. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the below session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE in Boston, held in August 2013.

Best of the Best

We recognize the “Best of the Best” in the categories of User, IBM and Vendor to celebrate the highest rated sessions. These individuals were recognized on-site at the SHARE General Session.

IBM Category: Architecting Your Career (Teching Your Way to the Top), Frank DeGilio, IBM Corporation

User Session: CICS Web Services as a Provider and Requestor, Ezriel Gross, Circle Software Incorporated

Vendor Session: Performance of Large Linux Guests on z/VM, Rob van der Heij, Velocity Software

Best Session Awards by Program

We’d like to especially recognize and thank the Project Managers who identified these compelling topics and outstanding speakers.

Application Architecture Development and Integration

User Category: CICS Web Services as a Provider and Requestor, Ezriel Gross, Circle Software Incorporated
Project Manager: Gene Hudders, C\Trek Corporation

IBM Category: An introduction to IPCS for Application Programmers, John Monti; Tom Petrolino, IBM Corportaion
Project Manager: M. Carl Gehr, Edge Information Group, Inc

Enterprise Data Center Program

IBM Category: Architecting Your Career (Teching Your Way to the Top), Frank DeGilio, IBM Corporation and Glenn Anderson
Project Manager: Ellis Holman, IBM Corporation

User Category: Want Better Solutions? Think Differently!, George J. D'Iorio, Martin's Point Health Care
Project Manager: Ellis Holman, IBM Corporation

Information Management Program

IBM Category: Key Metrics for DB2 for z/OS Subsystem and Application Performance Monitoring - Part 2 of 2, Robert Catterall, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Paul Pendle, EMC Corporation

Linux and VM Program

User Category: z/VM Single System Image and Live Guest Relocation Panel Discussion, Bob Bates, Wells Fargo Bank; Richard Baeke, BB&T; Rick Barlow, Nationwide Insurance; John Franciscovich, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Dan Martin, Rocket Software

IBM Category: Backing Up and Restoring a z/VM Cluster and Linux on System z Guests, Tracy Dean, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Dan Martin, Rocket Software

MVS Program

User Category: z/OS 2.1 User Experiences, Edward Jaffe, Phoenix Software
Project Manager: Mary Anne Matyaz, U.S. Customs

IBM Category: The World of z/OS Dispatching on the zEC12 Processor, Glenn Anderson, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Norman Hollander, IBM Corporation

Book Awards

Book Awards are given to recognize individuals in SHARE Programs who have made outstanding contributions for SHARE in Boston. SHARE thanks the following recipients for their dedication:

  • Diana Donnellan, I2T Project Manager, from Karla Houser
  • Greg Boyd, IBM Rep Security Project, from Karla Houser
  • Laura Knapp, CTEC Project Manager, from Karla Houser
  • Peter Van Dyke, IBM Representative- ISPF, from Skip Robinson


SHARE wouldn’t be what it is without high-impact, high-value input from legions of individual contributors. To better recognize these outstanding efforts, SHARE continued the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – Program at SHARE in Anaheim.

The following individuals were recognized by their peers for their contributions to enhance networking, assistance, support and presentations while at SHARE in Anaheim:

RAVE Recipient: Greg Boyd, IBM Corporation
“Greg is a great IBM rep to the SEC Project at SHARE. As the EDC Program Manager, I want to personally recognize all of his hard work and support of SHARE.” – Karla Houser, Caterpillar

RAVE Recipient: Justin Bastin, EMC Corporation
“Justin has really stepped up at SHARE in Anaheim to reach out and connect and engage Volunteers. He gas also reached out and engaged attendees and students. He has enthusiastically presented First Time Attendee sessions, Volunteer training sessions and presented to the students at Career Day. He has left a lasting impact on so many people here- he deserves to be recognized for his selfless efforts and passion for SHARE.” – Kristine Harper, Rocket Software

RAVE Recipients: Megan Laatsch and Rachel Stephens, SHARE Headquarters
“Postage stamp screens in Platinum 5 and 6 on Monday were replaced by properly sized screens first thing Tuesday. This made the presentations readable for all attendees.” – Tom Conley, Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.

RAVE Recipient: Tom Conley, Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.
“In a session with a speaker no-show, Tom jumps and says “I have a similar presentation from a couple years ago, I can give it,” and proceeds to give a great presentation. THAT is a valiant effort! Thank you Tom!!” – Mary Anne Matyaz, CA Technologies

RAVE Recipient: David Morlitz, IBM Corporation
“Dave has stepped into IBM blue ribbon role for the Innovation project with gusto.” – Diana Donnellan, SunRise

RAVE Recipients: Keith Moe, BMC Software and Ed Webb, SAS
Great names come in pairs: Abbott & Costello, Cheech & Chong, and… Keith Moe & Ed Webb! Keith & Ed are always there, making the MVS project run smoothly, welcoming attendees and much more. Thank you Keith & Ed for all you do for SHARE!” – Mary Anne Matyaz, CA Technologies

SHARE in Anaheim Exhibit Hall

Mainframe Academy Scholarship Program

In partnership with SHARE, CA Technologies is awarding over $1 Million in Mainframe Academy scholarships through 2016. SHARE volunteers participate in the selection of individuals who demonstrate a desire to master mainframe programming skills.

Congratulations to the most recent Mainframe Academy Scholarship Winners!

Rudolfs Dambis (Hendersen, Nevada)
Jan Sadek (Swilcza, Poland)

Find out how you can apply for a mainframe scholarship.


SHARE Live! provided the user community with a virtual conference option for those who were unable to join us in-person at SHARE in Anaheim. Selected content from each day was streamed live, and participants also receive access to the 25 hours of recorded proceedings for six months post-event.

You can still purchase your access to virtual recordings and share the recordings with your colleagues.

SHARE Mobile App

Download the SHARE Mobile AppSHARE launched its mobile app at SHARE in Anaheim, which was downloaded by nearly 900 people. The app was well-received by attendees who used it to create schedules, view session updates, the exhibitor listing, connect with other attendees and view show documents. Eighty eight percent of survey respondents were satisfied with the app.

The app helps attendees connect and stay in touch with networking contacts from SHARE throughout the year with social media options. One attendee noted that the app made navigation around the event effortless. The app offered session room maps, local street maps, points of interest in Anaheim to point attendees in the right direction.

SHARE Attendees Connect via Social Media

SHARE in Anaheim again saw an exciting amount of conversation on social media. Attendees engaged more than ever to share their thoughts, quote speakers, post photos and discuss the overall event experience using hashtag #SHAREorg.

The activity doesn’t stop there! Social media is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest SHARE information, connect with new professional contacts and engage with industry influencers. Join SHARE’s social media communities today to stay updated on upcoming events, webcasts, announcements and much more:

Follow @SHAREhq on Twitter Daily tweets helped attendees stay updated on conference milestones and tune in to updates during the week by tagging and searching for #SHAREorg. Stay connected with SHARE throughout the year by following @SHAREhq and tagging your IT comments with #SHAREorg.
Find SHARE on Facebook By becoming a fan of "SHARE Association", attendees were able to post comments and pictures from sessions and networking events to the SHARE wall. Visit our page and check out all the pictures from the event!
Connect with SHARE on LinkedIn IT professionals join the "SHARE Association" LinkedIn group to interact with valuable professional and personal connections. The discussion board is a great place to share ideas and pose questions to fellow users.
@SHAREhqpics on Instagram New at SHARE in Anaheim, the @SHAREhqpics account was launched on Instagram. Attendees were able get reminders through photos and view behind the scenes images.


Congratulations Amazing Expo Challenge Winners

Thank you to all SHARE in Anaheim Amazing Expo Challenge vendors and attendee participants! The Amazing Expo Challenge was a new approach to Passport to Prizes at SHARE in Anaheim that helped encourage conversation among attendees and vendors.

SHARE in Anaheim Graphic RecordingAdvanced Software Products Group – Carl D’Antonio, UPS
BMC – Daniel Terry, BB &T
CA Technologies – Christer Gustafson, Tieto
Data 21 – David Wolenski, Commerce Bancshares
DTS Software, Inc. – Larry Turner, State Employees Credit Union
EMC – Richard Sundell, CSC
Enterprise Systems Media – Steven Johnson, Moneygram
IBM Corporation – Steve Long, Secu
Innovation Data Processing – Kenneth Stire, IBM Corporation
Luminex – Barbara McDonald, IBM Corporation
MVS Solutions Inc. – Steve Scala, AIG
New Era- Joseph Augulis, Marist College
Oracle- Murat Aydin, Garanti Bank
SERENA Software– Andy Cooper, Money Gram International
Software Diversified Services – Tom Phillips, Principal Financial Group
Software Engineering of America – Jesse Navas, Jr., Verizon Wireless
SUSE – Karen Layman, Shelter Insurance
Syspertec – Chuck Kreiter, VISA
Syncsort, Inc. – Leonard Woren, Rocket Software
Tone Software Corp. – Bob Gilbert, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.
TPF Software – Mike Shorkend, Self Employed
Trident Services – Dorthea Gilbreath, Washington State Consolidated Technology Services
William Data Systems – Julia Dawson, HCSC

In addition to the new Amazing Expo Challenge, the SHARE booth also featured a graphic recording artist who captured the event’s happenings visually (pictured in the sample at the right).

Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors

We would not be able to put on such a successful event without the commitment of our Strategic Partner, IBM; and our Premier Sponsors, CA Technologies, EMC Corporation, BMC Software, Innovation Data Processing, Luminex and Oracle. We are also grateful to our Technology Exchange Expo exhibitors, sponsors and media partners.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

SHARE in Anaheim would not be possible without the countless hours of support from volunteers. A special thanks to all SHARE Project Managers who act as the guiding light of the conference’s technical program. They help put together a program full of compelling content based on attendee interests and feedback.

To learn how you can volunteer with SHARE visit

Proceedings DVD Information

SHARE in Anaheim Proceedings DVDAll full-conference attendees receive a SHARE Proceedings DVD as part of your registration. Proceedings DVDs are mailed six to eight weeks after the event and include presentation materials from participating SHARE in Anaheim speakers. This is a valuable tool you can share with colleagues when you return to the office!

Save the Date

SHARE in Pittsburgh
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Pittsburgh, PA
August 3-8, 2014

Join us for SHARE in Pittsburgh to take advantage of professional development opportunities and the best in enterprise IT content, including high-quality, user-driven educational sessions, access to industry leaders, new innovations and peer networking events.

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