Social Media Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Get the most out of you SHARE in Pittsburgh experience by connecting with fellow attendees on social media! The simple benefits of a tweet, Facebook post or photo upload far outweigh the consequences. Read on for SHARE's top tips to navigate social while onsite.

Social Network 101

SHARE Inc. on Facebook


Facebook is the most "social" of all social networks and is a great way to display more long-form messages as well as to send out event invites and connect with old (or new!) friends. Check out the official SHARE in Pittsburgh event and "Like" our page.



At its core, Twitter is a public forum where anyone can read, write and share messages. Users connect through handles (i.e., @SHAREhq) and with hashtags (i.e., #SHAREorg). All tweets must be under 140 characters.



Instagram doubles as a fun tool for photography enthusiasts and an awesome social network to literally show off your life to friends, co-workers, strangers ... basically whoever! Similar to Twitter, Instagrammers are identified by handles (i.e., @SHAREhqpics) and can also join photo streams through hashtags.

SHARE on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most business-savvy of all social networks and is a great tool to quickly connect with those you meet at events and in your everyday professional life. You can also follow companies (like SHARE!), join unique discussion groups and receive daily news digests on industry hot topics relevant to you.

How-To Craft a Tweet

    Sample Tweet

Facebook Like Button See something you "Like"?

Select your favorite session and share it with your network using these quick steps:

  • Select "Compose New Tweet" within the Twitter desktop site or mobile app 
  • Type/Copy/Paste what you'd like to say about the content and/or session you're excited for into the box that appears.
  • Add the session URL (available via Confex; to save space, shorten links with
  • Add #SHAREorg to the text
  • Post away! The same message can easily be used across other networks like Facebook or Instagram if you want to cover your bases.


Attendee Social Media Webinar

Twitter Feed (#Shareorg)

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Want to win prizes for joining the #SHAREorg conversation? Visit our SHARE in Pittsburgh social media contest page for details!