SHARE ExecuForum 2014 Speakers

Linda Ban Linda Ban, CIO Study Director at the IBM Institute of Business Value 
The Customer-activated Enterprise: How organizations are reinventing the rules of engagement

Ten years, 17 studies and 23,000 face-to-face interviews have provided rich insights into how individual members of the C-suite think. The Customer-activated Enterprise is the first simultaneous study where executives from across the C-suite shared their perspective on the challenges and opportunities they encounter in support of their organizations and the broader enterprise. Major insights from this most recent installment include how executives are focusing on the growing power of customers and how they are integrating the digital and physical worlds to become a customer-activated enterprise. Join us to learn more on how C-suite leaders are tackling these opportunities and preparing for the future.

Jose Castano Jose Castano, Director, System z Technology and Strategy, IBM Corporation 
Mainframe Security in the Cloud Age

Discuss current industry trends and directions around security — where companies should be focused on security, the importance of data protection and how to protect themselves from security issues. 

Ray Hoppenjans

Terri Ray

Ray Hoppenjans, Vice President, Program Management, Nationwide Insurance
Terri Ray, Sr. Consultant, Program and Change Enablement, Nationwide Insurance
Building Enterprise Change Management Capability: The Nationwide Journey

Traditionally, large programs at Nationwide consisted of multi-year, $100M+ investments that primarily impacted IT assets. As the industry began to change, Nationwide realized parts of our business would require significant change to remain competitive. Large programs would become "transformational" in nature with far more impact to business processes and the people who use them. Our challenge would shift from making changes to IT assets to changing how people do their jobs every day. We needed better Organizational Change Management (OCM) to ensure our people understood why the changes were being made, accepted the need to change, and embraced the changes, which we believed would maximize benefit realization. So in 2009, Nationwide began a journey to introduce and grow change management capability across the enterprise.

In this presentation, Ray and Terri will share their journey, successes, failures and plan for the future, including: the challenges they faced in moving from piece-part change management to enterprise change management, the partnerships required to define and build enterprise-wide capability and a common language and tool kit, and the approach they used to engage the enterprise (the OCM for OCM implementation).

Ray Jones

Ray Jones, Vice President, Worldwide zSeries Software Sales, IBM Corporation
Joe Clabby, President, Clabby Analytics

IT Value and Cost-savings of Analytics on the Mainframe: Keeping the Data Where it Resides

Understanding the cost components of your IT environment includes important factors that are often overlooked or even lost in the equation. For example, if you’re constantly moving data from one system to another, you’d better be able to justify that cost. The lower cost per unit-of-work for running large-scale workloads on the mainframe is well-known. But what about big data analytics on System z: If most of your data resides on the mainframe, how do you determine the cost-performance benefit of running these workloads on the mainframe? How much can you save? What are other companies doing?

In this session, Mr. Jones and Mr. Clabby will take a closer look at the often unforeseen costs of moving data off the mainframe for big data analytics, including hardware, software and labor. Using real-world scenarios, they will demonstrate the value of leaving data on the mainframe for analytics – and how you can determine the costs and benefits for your enterprise.

Hayden Lindsey Hayden Lindsey, Vice President, IBM Corporation 
Making DevOps real for the Enterprise

Unprecedented demands associated with cloud, mobile, social business, big data and analytics are causing significant changes in how businesses deliver software. This requires new levels of speed, frequency, customer feedback and stakeholder participation. Hayden discusses how a DevOps approach is helping organizations deliver continuous software innovation that is crucial to them achieving a competitive advantage. This is a great forum to learn about IBM’s new and enhanced solutions to help you quickly integrate and modernize your mission critical applications and data and show you how to exploit new technologies of mobile and social. Hayden will also identify ways for you to attract new developers to your mainframe platform.

John Sileo John Sileo, Executive Advisor, Privacy and Reputation 
SHARE Keynote Discussion Roundtable

Discuss John’s keynote presentation, Digital Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers: Bulletproofing Privacy in the Information Economy which highlights current data privacy trends as well as practice, tactical solutions. John asks: Are you in control of your digital footprint, or are you being controlled? Are you protecting the information your people share on social networks? Are mobile devices and free Wi-Fi a recipe for costly data exposure?

Ray Sun Ray Sun, Director, Marketing, SHARE Inc. 
SHARE 2014 Research: Big Analytics

For 2014, the SHARE Member opinion survey focused on analytics. Incorporating analytics into business applications is now essential to maintain a competitive edge. When implemented correctly, analytics help business leaders quickly identify new opportunities, respond to changing situations faster and ultimately improve competitive advantage. Ray will review the results of the Member survey and discuss the implications.

Pat Toole Pat Toole, General Manager, System z, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Corporation
SHARE Keynote Discussion Roundtable

Discuss Pat’s keynote presentation, IBM Mainframe: Driving Future Industry-changing Reinvention and Transformation including the innovation that z has delivered over five decades as well as exciting new zEnterprise offerings. The presentation highlights zEnterprise technologies that have helped clients throughout the world, from the first manned mission to the moon to technologies that are helping clients succeed in today's thriving digital era.