SHARE in Boston

New Products and Updates in a Historic City

Greg Lotko at SHARE in Boston

SHARE hosted over 1,100 enterprise IT professionals in Boston. Showing solid attendance, SHARE has seen growth over the past few years. Attendees came together from August 11-16 for an educational week filled with lively discussions on some of today’s most pressing enterprise technology topics, including Big Data, Cloud in the Enterprise, Mobile in the Enterprise, Visualization in the Enterprise and much more. The excitement in the halls of the Hynes Convention Center was a result of positive attendance numbers coupled with new industry upgrades and releases. IBM’s recently-announced zEnterprise BC12 was the talk of the event with numerous sessions covering the new technology. Additionally, attendees were able to see the zBC12 in person at the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo. The open discussions made for a great conversation between users and IBMers.

Attendees enjoyed networking with many colleagues from around the country with Boston-themed receptions and had nearly 600 sessions to choose from. SHARE in Boston was the best SHARE event in recent years and showed that in-person events are an invaluable way for our members to make connections with fellow enterprise IT professionals, vendors and IBM executives all while attending technical sessions and labs that keep you on top of the quickly changing field. 

Keynote Highlight

Greg Lotko at SHARE in Boston On Monday, August 12, Greg Lotko, VP & Business Line Executive, System z, from IBM Corporation and Kevin Barber, Associate Director of the Medication Management Center at the College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona presented, zEnterprise – The Smarter Computing Choice – Interactive Panel on Why z. Lotko kicked off the presentation by explaining how the world is changing via ever-increasing emphasis on digital interactions, whether they are rooted socially or for business. He made the connection that our digital world has led to smart computing and people being better informed than ever, due in part to operating in a network of their peers and their interactions through a multitude of devices. He noted that as a result, customer expectations are higher than ever.

 Barber then explained how the College of Pharmacy had a need for a reliable, scalable, flexible and economical technology solution for its pharmacist-run call center. The unique solution offered to pharmacists ensures proper prescriptions and billing of their clients while also providing background Kevin Barber at SHARE in Bostoninformation on each patient so pharmacists can see the full picture of a patient’s pharmaceutical needs. Barber gave the example that pharmacists are better able to be informed on other prescriptions the patient is taking to inform them on how drugs interact. The overall goal of the program helps increase the quality of health care while reducing costs. This was a growing business for the College of Pharmacy and they were searching for a scalable solution for the organization’s growing business needs. He detailed how System z handles a significant amount of analytics as it is constantly checking against alerts and conditions that are set to examine possible interactions among the different drugs any given patient may be taking. He noted that every time the patient information changes, the data gets re-examined. This means that integral, and near constant, analytics are being run on System z to ensure that patients don’t end up taking a dangerous combination of drugs.

The joint keynote was a success and only served to relevantly illustrate the strength and impact of the mainframe from two different, yet important perspectives.

Bruce Schneier at SHARE in Boston On Tuesday, August 13, Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer, from BT presented Surviving in a Feudal Security World. Schneier explained how we no longer control our email, photos or even much of our personal data. It’s all on cloud data services such as Gmail or Flickr. Even the devices we regularly use to access our data are out of our control. You don’t control the security of your iPhone, Apple does. We’re moving away from the model of us controlling our computer and our data to someone else controlling our data and our device. Schneier calls this new model ‘feudal security.’ 

Schneier detailed the balances of power and the roles the government, corporations, and individuals will play as data and security continue down their current course. From an IT perspective, organizations need to be mindful as they increase interactions with other companies, clients and individual and data accumulation grows. And a good portion of this data, incidentally, is sensitive in nature. Yet again, the spotlight will shine on how secure your data center is. And if it’s comprised of servers, you can find yourself facing a breach. Those who are responsible for the vast amounts of data housed by companies need to be continuously vigilant and monitor and upgrade security to ensure that they protect the data that we as individuals entrust to them.

For an online recording of the two keynote presentations plus 25 additional hours of sessions from SHARE in Boston, click here to purchase a SHARE Live! pass and receive access for up to six months post-event.

Program Highlights

SHARE in Boston was no exception to the reputation of cutting edge technical content. One attendee noted they “continue to be impressed with the level of technical expertise that is presented at SHARE.”

SHARE continues to be a key player in the industry with its requirements program. The MVS requirements session was well-attended with 30 participants that reviewed a “Top 50” list with IBM executives. In addition, looking at z/OS V2.1, 25 percent of SHARE's top requirements were delivered in the new z/OS release. Working together at SHARE with face-to-face interaction proved again to be a top value – with attendees, IBM executives and SHARE leadership.

Here are some highpoints from behind the doors of SHARE in Boston’s technical session line-up:

  • z/OS 2.1 had a heavy presence at the event with plenty of content and expert support from IBM.
  • The IMS Project under SHARE’s Information Management Program saw an attendance increase in Boston and offered15 sessions and four hands-on labs.
  • The Application Architecture Development and Integration Program was again a large player with representation across the board with the Application Development & Integration, Assembler Language, CICS, Language Environment and WebSphere MQ projects for a total of 88 technical sessions and four hands-on labs.
  • Numerous sessions focused on mobility along with various ways to leverage the capabilities of WebSphere Application Server. Content included everything from Big Data frameworks to Business Rules Engines to Application Modernization Tools. The most popular session was “Mobile Interfaces to Mainframe Applications – Architecture Considerations.”
  • The Assembler Boot Camp series was again a hit in Boston with “z/Architecture Instructions Added for EC12” as the highest-rated session.
  • The CICS Project continued its high marks and attendance with 29 sessions and two hands-on labs. The most popular session was “CICS TS V5.1 Technical Overview.”
  • The Languages Project featured 16 technical sessions with the “Language Environment for Dummies” session having the highest attendance.
  • The WebSphere MQ Project showcased 19 technical sessions with the majority of them revolving around the main themes of product internals, troubleshooting and performance. 
  • The Linux Customer Experience Panel was well-attended and showed a variety of perspectives for the session attendees.
  • Project team members of the Security and Compliance Project noted that security intelligence is here to stay and that point was driven home by the number of sessions held in Boston. Sessions on Linux and Cloud management were also noteworthy as the project members felt it is encouraging to see others trending in that direction.

SHARE Recognizes

SHARE President’s Award

The purpose of the SHARE President’s Award is to recognize the individual effort of a SHARE attendee who has performed outstanding service for SHARE in the preceding year.  At SHARE in Boston, SHARE President Brian Peterson presented the award to the following SHARE volunteers:

Marty Zimelis: An unsung hero of our volunteer cadre, Marty works diligently behind the scenes to ensure the programs at each SHARE event not only meet attendees’ needs, but exhibit the quality that  has come to be expected of SHARE events. 

Ray Sun: A tireless supporter of SHARE, Ray works as SHARE’s Marketing Director.  Through Ray’s strong thought leadership, SHARE has introduced new, exciting marketing initiatives - all geared to ensure SHARE is taking advantage of current marketing trends and opportunities while maintaining a strong industry brand.

Cheryl Watson: A larger-than-life presence in our industry through her consulting practice and “Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter,” Cheryl has been both an active SHARE volunteer as well as one of SHARE’s most consistent and effective advocates with her frequent references to “things she learned at SHARE” in nearly every issue of her newsletter.  Most recently, Cheryl and her MVS Requirements team have rekindled the relationship between SHARE and IBM with the MVS Core Technology Project’s “Top 39 Requirements,” effectively driving engagement between the SHARE community and IBM leadership, with results included in the z/OS 2.1 announcement and beyond.

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts around the world. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the below session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE in San Francisco, held in February 2013.

Best of the Best

We recognize the “Best of the Best” in the categories of User, IBM and Vendor to celebrate the highest rated sessions. These individuals were recognized on-site at the SHARE General Session.

IBM Category: The Art and Science of Technical Presentations, Frank DeGilio, IBM Corporation and Glenn Anderson, IBM Corporation

User Session: Exploiting z/OS - Tales From the MVS Survey, Cheryl Watson, Watson & Walker, Inc.

Vendor Session: z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing on the z Enterprise, Steve Goetze, Dovetailed Technologies, LLC and Kirk Wolf, Dovetailed Technologies, LLC

Best Session Awards by Program:

We’d like to especially recognize and thank the Project Managers who identified these compelling topics and outstanding speakers.

Application Architecture Development and Integration 

User Category: Introduction to CICS Web Services for the Systems Programmer, Ezriel Gross, Circle Software, Inc.
Project Manager: Gene Hudders, C\Trek Corporation

IBM Category: CICS TS V5.1 - Planning Your CICS Upgrade, Steve Zemblowski, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Gene Hudders, C\Trek Corporation

Communications Infrastructure Program

IBM Category: Sysplex Networking Technologies and Considerations, Gus Kassimis, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Angela Schmitz, AS Communication Consultant Services

Enterprise Data Center Program

IBM Category: IBM Corporation, The Art and Science of Technical Presentations, Frank DeGilio, IBM Corporation and Glenn Anderson
Project Manager: Ellis Holman, IBM Corporation

User Category:  z/OS Ethical Hacking (aka Penetration Testing), Mark Wilson (RSM Partners)
Project Manager: Brian Cummings, Tata Consultancy Services

Information Management Program

IBM Category:
DB2 10 for z/OS and Beyond, Jeff Josten, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Paul Pendle, EMC Corporation

Linux and VM Program

IBM Category:
Tips Learned Implementing Oracle Solutions with Linux for IBM System z (Part 1 of 2), Eberhard Pasch, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Mark Post, SUSE

User Category: Disaster Recovery of Linux on System z, Deric Abel, America First Credit Union
Project Manager: Dan Martin, Rocket Software

MVS Program

User Category: Exploiting z/OS - Tales from the MVS Survey, Cheryl Watson, Watson & Walker, Inc.
Project Manager: Mary Anne Matyaz, U.S. Customs

IBM Category: A New Frontier in the Evolution of Space Management...Blast Off!, Glenn Wilcock, IBM Corporation
Project Manager: Russell Witt, CA Technologies

Vendor Category: z/OS Hybrid Batch Processing on the zEnterprise, Steve Goetze and Kirk Wolf, Dovetailed Technologies, LLC
Project Manager: Mary Anne Matyaz, U.S. Customs


User Category: VSAM Boot Camp, Part 1 of 3, An Introduction to VSAM, Michael E. Friske, Fidelity Investments
Project Managers: Linda Mooney County of Sacramento & Vit Gottwald, CA Technologies 

Book Awards

Book Awards are given to recognize individuals in SHARE Programs who have made outstanding contributions for SHARE in Boston. SHARE thanks the following recipients for their dedication:  

Mike Buzzetti, I2T Project

Art Psalidas, DCM Project Manager


SHARE wouldn’t be what it is without high-impact, high-value input from legions of individual contributors. To better recognize these outstanding efforts, SHARE continued the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – Program at SHARE in Boston.

The following individuals were recognized by their peers for their contributions to enhance networking, assistance, support and presentations while at SHARE in Boston:

RAVE Recipient: Maria Tzortzatos, IBM Corporation

“Maria is an outstanding representative from IBM to SHARE” – Skip Robinson, Sothern California Edison

RAVE Recipient: Tony Negro, EMC Corporation

“Tony joined the SHARE volunteer ranks in February 2011. Later that year he was asked to accept the volunteer position of STOR Project Manager and accepted. Tony took control and demonstrated great leadership in a project that needed some serious help. Since then, the STOR project has excelled in completing assigned tasks on time and with great quality. Tony is always willing to step in and help with each and every opportunity.” – Brian Kithcart, EMC Corporation

RAVE Recipient: Romney White, IBM Corporation

“Romney stepped up and rescued an inexperienced session chair.” – Mark Post, SUSE

RAVE Recipient: Michael Buzzetti, IBM Corporation “The I2T Project is short handed in Boston. Mike has stepped up and coordinated the onsite activities for the project.” – Karla Houser, Caterpillar Inc

RAVE Recipient: Laura Knapp, AES

“Laura stepped in, coordinated and moderated a great panel on social media, privacy and security.” – Karla Houser, Caterpillar Inc

RAVE Recipient: Gordon Daniels, New Era
“Gordon just keeps taking on more responsibility but never gives up any of his old ones! He does an amazing amount of work for the project. Thanks Gordon!” – Mary Anne Matyaz, US Customs

RAVE Recipient: Marna Walle, IBM Corporation

“Among other things, Marna sets up the project dinner at every SHARE. Thanks Marna!” – Mary Anne Matyaz, US Customs