Chairperson Guidelines

During the Session

  • Verify A/V requirements are met. 
  • Be aware that we are required to comply with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1992). It is possible that individuals with disabilities will be attending sessions and that it may be necessary to make special provisions. 
  • Distribute the handouts to attendees at the start of the session. Any extra handouts should go to the front of the room during the session and to the Extra Handout Tables after the session. 
  • Remind attendees to complete the electronic session evaluation form.
  • Welcome and introduce the speaker. (Welcome Statement). Review the Chairperson Video.
  • Ensure that the ground rules stated in your welcome and Canons of Conduct are observed by all those present. If a violation occurs, you must interrupt the session to warn the speaker; if the violation continues, you have the authority and obligation to expel the person from the session, or to end the session. Any violation and/or actions taken must be reported to the Program Leader of the sponsoring project or to a member of the Board or Senior Management Team. 
  • Adhere to restrictions placed on non-members (i.e. if it is a requirements session, non-members are prohibited from voting). 
  • Ensure that all attendees prominently display their registration badges. Exhibitors and guests are not allowed to attend sessions without the permission of the Chairperson and the Speaker. 
  • Recognize the end of the speaker’s presentation by thanking the speaker and opening the session for questions from the audience, or introducing the next speaker. If the speaker is accepting questions, you should recognize each question from the floor and make sure the individual states his/her name and organization. It is your responsibility to control the discussion and comments from the audience. 
  • Before announcing the session is over, invite interested members of the audience to remain behind and talk to the speaker(s). Such an invitation is also a good way to identify potential additions to your project membership. Also, feel free to mention sessions related to the particular topic.

If the session taking place is part of a SHARE Certificate Track, please announce to the attendees that you will be distributing stickers towards the completion of the Certificate of Achievement.

Either before, or after, the session, verify with the speakers that they have submitted their electronic proceedings presentation. If they haven’t turned in their presentation, strongly encourage the speaker(s) to turn in their presentation(s) or offer to turn it in for them.