SHARE ExecuForum for Enterprise IT Leaders

      Discuss top-of-mind issues with other senior IT leaders. 
      Connect face-to-face with IBM executives. 
      Gain strategic insights. All in one place.

Creating efficiency in your organization has never been more important.

Getting direction and resources from the people who know your business best - at the level needed - is key to the success of your business and profession. The SHARE ExecuForum, March 10-11, 2014 held in conjunction with SHARE in Anaheim is the ideal place for leaders to interface with IBM executives, and fellow leaders, who understand the daily demands of their job, and the importance of leading their teams to maximize their technology investments.

Recognizing that your time is valuable, we've created a jam-packed schedule spanning two days to limit time out of the office. Where the SHARE in Anaheim program tends to be more technical and 'user-level' in nature, SHARE ExecuForum is designed to deliver true best practices from executive-level peers that have applied or are about to apply strategies within their own environment. Topics at SHARE ExecuForum will address the top-of-mind issues and concerns of senior IT leadership.

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 The cost to attend ExecuForum is $550.

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SHARE ExeucFourm - For Enterprise IT Leaders

Who is qualified to attend?

  • Participants of the SHARE ExecuForum should be enterprise IT executives, or an otherwise equivalent role.
  • SHARE defines the equivalent role as the 'third level IT manager within an organization' (Group Manager, Senior Manager, Director, Senior Director, VP).
  • All participants are subject to approval by SHARE.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Zader at 312.673.5872 or e-mail at