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SHARE hosted over 1,100 enterprise IT professionals in San Francisco, February 3-8, for an enlightening week filled with lively discussions on some of today’s most pressing enterprise technology topics, including Big Data, Mobility, Cloud, zEC12, zAware, Data Center Modernization, Application Development, Virtualization and much more.

SHARE attendees chose from nearly 600 sessions presented by almost 300 speakers who discussed timely IT topics, including two keynote speakers who addressed leadership and the new era of IT.



Keynote Highlight


On Monday, February 4, Henry Givray, President & CEO, from SmithBucklin Corporation presented, The Passion of Leadership. In his speech, he discussed what leadership means to him, stating “Leadership is an elusive concept for which there are no simple formulas or instruction manuals. That’s why leadership can't be taught – it must be learned through a process of personal, active engagement and self-discovery.” Overall, Henry’s presentation focused on helping others identify opportunities to grow as leaders, while also building their commitment to continuous learning in this area. During the presentation, he shared some essential foundational principles around leadership, introduced a working framework to help attendees better understand and learn how to measure leadership capacity and performance, and offered practical ideas and tools for everyday use.


On Tuesday, February 5, Doug Balog, General Manager for System z, IBM Corporation, discussed Smarter Computing in the New Era of IT. Defining IBM System z as “where the truth is,” Doug addressed the rapid evolution of cloud, big data and social technologies and how they deliver opportunities as the world enters a new era of computing. Doug pointed out ways in which these technologies open the door to new possibilities for innovation. He shared insight on how to prepare your IT infrastructure for the new era with technologies that are cloud enabled, data ready and secured end-to-end. Doug covered how IBM technologies are helping clients drive greater performance, improve IT economics and deliver smarter computing.

For an online recording of Henry and Doug’s presentations, click here to purchase a SHARE Live! pass and receive access for up to six months post-event.

For more information on the SHARE in San Francisco keynote presenters, click here.


Mobility Spotlight

The Mobility Spotlight, February 4-5, featured sessions on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management), security, SHARE4.jpgapplication development challenges and much more! The two-day spotlight included 11 hours of sessions covering how advancements in mobile technologies impact the mainframe and the enterprise.

Mobility Spotlight Sessions included:

  • The Impact of Technology Trends on Enterprise Computing
  • Build and Connect Apps, Devices and Data: Take Your Enterprise Mobile
  • Six Things to Think About Before Officially Supporting a BYOD Policy
  • Delivering CICS to Mobile Devices
  • Is that a Mainframe in Your Pocket?

Read more about mobility in the SHARE President’s Corner where we explore Mainframe and Mobility: Tools and Techniques for Complex Corporate Uses.

Program Highlights

SHARE consistently provides vital information for both day-to-day work and recovery of critical systems. One attendee noted that he learned one thing that would have paid for his trip to SHARE.  A few weeks ago, their company had to abandon a change weekend and reschedule – had he known about the facility he heard about at SHARE he could have fixed the issue and continued the implementation. In today's constrained environments, every change window is precious.

Attendees were able to hear from IBM executives at the System z Executive Panel. The open discussion with the System z Executive Team led by Doug Balog, General Manager of System z, made for a great conversation between users and IBM executives.

One attendee also noted "I've attended a lot of conferences and I'd have to say that the consistency and quality of the sessions at SHARE have been first class."

User Experiences
SHARE in San Francisco offered many sessions where attendees learned about new features and functions in hardware and software, how to implement them and how they were implemented by other users. There were several sessions about the zEC12 hardware including a z/OS V2R1 preview. All z/OS core, z/OS performance and z/OS storage sessions were full of new and advanced-level information related to both new features/functions as well as important existing functions such as FlashExpress, zAware, zEC12 enhancements, z/OS enhancements, DFSMS, WLM, RMF and LPAR management for improving performance.

Speakers shared great insights, but they also shared drivers behind them. Attendees were able to understand the need that triggered them. Many sessions highlighted that “Big Data,” “Big Analytics” and “Cloud” are not only buzz words, but the importance to understand the relationship between these words and market inventions, so attendees could understand why/where/how we need to use these functions/features.

User experiences also provided value because presenters were able to explain their own story. Many attendees left sessions looking forward to implementing new tips and tricks they had learned. Even for features that were already implemented, attendees learned that they can do more or do it in different way.

Technical Poster Session
SHARE in San Francisco featured an afternoon poster session where over 40 software developers from IBM's bay area labs displayed and discussed some of their work on DB2, IMS, COBOL and Watson, as well as the latest in tools, solutions and services. Attendees crowded around the posters to hear the latest on the new DB2 Analytics Accelerator, NoSQL, zero downtime with Replication and risk mitigation using Optim Query Capture and Replay; optimized DB2 hashed table support, faster database copy and improving query performance of data-partitioned secondary indexes; the IMS application (R)evolution using native SQL, IMS Explorer, the IMS SOAP Gateway and real life examples of IMS callout solutions; COBOL program control flow visualization, and advanced editor features for COBOL and PL/I; advances in mobile solutions using Watson technologies and Cast Iron's web API; in cloud solutions using PureSystems  database provisioning; and in web analytics and precision marketing solutions using Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange.

Application Architecture Development and Integration (AADI) Program
Each of the projects Application Development & Integration, Assembler Language, CICS, Language Environment and WebSphere MQ all provided a strong core of quality technical sessions during the week with a total of 96 sessions including: 85 technical sessions and eight labs.

Application Development & Integration (ADI) Project
The ADI Project put on 16 technical sessions at the San Francisco conference. There were several sessions about the Mobile theme highlighting the IBM “Worklight” product, which was a success from both an attendance and feedback perspective. Technical session content ranged from Big Data frameworks, Business Rules Engines and Application Modernization Tools. The session with the highest attendance and overall feedback rating was “Build and Connect Apps, Devices and Data: Take Your Enterprise Mobile.”

CICS Project
The CICS Project included 30 technical sessions at the conference. The sessions put on by the CICS project continue to be the most popular in terms of attendance for the AADI Program. The quality of the CICS sessions is consistently high according to evaluation feedback. The session with the highest attendance was “CICS and the Cloud, Mobile and Big Data.”

Enterprise Data Center (EDC) and Communications Infrastructure (CINF) Programs
The EDC and CINF session offerings were well received and the Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing and Mobile track’s sessions were well attended. The projects saw that interest in mobile is growing and cloud looks to have stabilized. The multiple themes kickoff session on Monday worked well and the FBI session, “The Dark Side of Mobility: The FBI on Cyber Crime and What You Can Do About It” was well received.

Languages Project
The Languages Project put on 14 technical sessions in San Francisco. The session with the highest attendance was “Full Speed Ahead with COBOL into the Future.” 

Linux Project
The Linux Project sponsored 34 sessions, with 38 percent new content and 26 percent user experiences. The project also included labs, which were well attended. The customer panel was once again successful providing a conversation with different perspectives to pressing questions.

WebSphere MQ Project
The WebSphere MQ Project included 19 technical sessions at SHARE in San Francisco. The majority of the technical sessions revolved around the main themes of product internals, troubleshooting and performance. Additionally, there were several sessions that followed the conference hot topics of Cloud and Big Data. Also, the project continued its cross-over session work with the CICS Project.  

zNextGen Project
zNextGen saw a healthy increase in the number of sessions that were sponsored and presented at SHARE in San Francisco. The most attended zNextGen session was “Getting a New Generation to a New Normal on the Mainframe.”

A new audience also started to take advantage of the zNextGen session track – the mainframe veterans who are faced with the reality of finding, training and mentoring new colleagues. They are looking for educational material, guidelines and tips about how to approach new hires – something they didn’t have to worry about in the past. The zNextGen session track helps experienced mainframers pick up information for this task efficiently and effectively.


2013 SHARE ExecuForum
SHARE ExecuForum was an exclusive two-day forum designed for enterprise IT Leaders. SHARE ExecuForum provided today's IT leadership with direct access to industry thought leaders while encouraging networking amongst peers. SHARE ExecuForum addressed important issues to today's enterprise IT business leaders including Managing Mobile, Big Data/Big Analytics, and IT Skills Gap/Generational Gap. Attendees participated in sessions and engaging roundtable discussions to swap ideas and experiences from an executive-level point of view.

SHARE Recognizes

Best Session Awards

SHARE is proud to feature a variety of technical sessions from users and experts around the world. In recognition of their exemplary presentations, SHARE congratulates the below session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE in Anaheim, held in August 2012.

Best of the Best

We recognize the “Best of the Best” in the categories of User, IBM and Vendor to celebrate the highest rated sessions. These individuals were recognized on-site at the SHARE General Session.

User Category: Ian Mitchell, IBM Corporation, CICS WLM: Improved Throughput from Optimized WLM IBM Category: Bill Bitner, IBM Corporation, z/VM Performance Update for 2012 Vendor Category: David Lytle, Brocade Communications Systems, A First Look at the Inner Workings and Hidden Mechanisms of FICON Performance

Best Session Awards by Program:

Application Architecture Development and Integration

User Category: Ian Mitchell, IBM Corporation, CICS WLM: Improved Throughput from Optimized WLM

IBM Category: Lyn Elkins, IBM Corporation, MQ on z/OS - Vivisection [z/OS]

Communications Infrastructure Program

User Category: Angela Schmitz, AS Communication Consultant Services, Exploring VTAM's Performance Parameters

IBM Category: Michael Fitzpatrick, IBM Corporation, Getting the Most Out of Your OSA Adapter with z/OS Comm Server

Enterprise Data Center Program

User Category: Mitch Mackrory, Luminex Software, Inc., Business Communication Skills: An Introduction to Reading Body Language

IBM Category: Mike Buzzetti, IBM Corporation, The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

Information Management Program

IBM Category: Suzie M. Wendler; Ken Blackman, IBM Corporation, Using IMS to Build a Smarter Cloud

Vendor Category: David Lytle, Brocade Communications Systems, A First Look at the Inner Workings and Hidden Mechanisms of FICON Performance

Linux and VM Program

IBM Category: Bill Bitner, IBM Corporation, z/VM Performance Update for 2012

MVS Program

User Category: Peter Enrico, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc, Introduction to WLM Management of CICS and IMS Workloads

IBM Category: Frank Kyne, IBM Corporation, z/OS Planned Outages - Control Them, Instead of the Other Way Around


User Category: Jason Dorsey, The Center for Generational Kinetics, LLC- Crossing the Generations Divide: Leveraging the Power of the Generations for Your Strategic Advantage

During opening remarks, James Vincent, SHARE Vice President and Director, Operations and Brian Peterson, SHARE President, presented awards to the top presentations known as the “Best of the Best.”

SHARE7.jpg Bill Bitner accepts the award for the Best IBM Session.

SHARE8.jpg Ian Mitchell accepts the award for
the Best User Category.

SHARE9.jpg David Lytle accepts the award for Best Vendor Category.


Book Awards

Book Awards are given to recognize individuals in SHARE Programs who have made outstanding contributions for SHARE in San Francisco. SHARE thanks the following recipient for his support:   

Ed Addison, IBM Corporation, Application Architecture Development and Integration (AADI) Program


SHARE wouldn’t be what it is without high-impact, high-value input from legions of individual contributors. To better recognize these outstanding efforts, SHARE continued the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – Program at SHARE in San Francisco.

The following individuals were recognized by their peers for their contributions to enhance networking, assistance, support and presentations while at SHARE in San Francisco:

Steve Ware, University of Florida

Nominated By: Glenn Schneck, GT Software

Steve has been a SHARE Volunteer for many years. Each conference he steps up and provides exceptional support to whoever needs it. Steve is retiring and the CICS Project wants to thank him for his guidance and support.

Fillmore Bowen, IBM Corporation
Nominated By: Ray Sun, SHARE Association

 @fbowen congratulations on earning a RAVE for your great #SHAREorg tweets! Keep it up!

Mary Anne Matyaz, US Customs and Border Protection
Nominated By: Alexis Kolak, SHARE Association

Mary Anne, thanks for being a Socious super user! You have some great ideas. I am excited to keep working with you!

Brian Jagos, CA Technologies
Nominated By: Daniel Martin, Rocket Software, Inc.

Service as session chair organizer pre-con frequency, chairing 20 sessions this week.

Mark Giglio, Shelter Insurance Companies
Nominated By: Daniel Martin, Rocket Software, Inc.

Service as session chair, 10 sessions this week.

Gail Riley, EMC Corporation
Nominated By: Daniel Martin, Rocket Software, Inc.

Session chair – filled in for chair services in a session which slipped through organizational sign-up process.

Karla Houser, Caterpillar Inc.
Nominated By: Angela Schmitz, AS Communication Consulting Services

Karla deserves a RAVE pin for all the additional work she got when getting the responsibilities of the CINF program as well as the EDC program. Thanks from the CINF PMs and IBM Reps.

Mainframe Academy Scholarship Program

In partnership with SHARE, CA Technologies is awarding over $1 Million in Mainframe Academy scholarships through 2016. SHARE volunteers participate in the selection of individuals who demonstrate a desire to master mainframe programming skills.

Congratulations to the most recent Mainframe Academy Scholarship Winners!

Ahamed Ali Tousif (India)
Victoria Wixon (Texas)

Find out how you can apply for a mainframe scholarship.


SHARE Live!, provided the user community with a virtual conference option for those who were unable to join us in-person at SHARE in San Francisco. Selected content from each day was streamed live, and participants also receive access to the recorded proceedings for six months post-event.

You can still purchase your virtual recording pass and share the recordings with your colleagues.

Learn more about SHARE Live! here.

SHARE Attendees Connect Via Social Media

SHARE in San Francisco again saw an exciting amount of conversation on social media. Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to share their experiences on Twitter (using the #SHAREorg hashtag) and Facebook by quoting speakers, posting pictures of sessions and commenting on the overall SHARE in San Francisco experience. We thank everyone who engaged in social media to share their thoughts on the event.

Highlighted tweets from SHARE in San Francisco include:

@fbowen Listening to Doug Balog on Smarter Computing #SHAREorg Great start to Day 2. Lots of great sessions on Cloud & OMEGAMON today

@Wiggs_9 "Never trust a computer you can lift" @SHAREhq #SHAREorg #mainframe

@DouglasBalog1  Did the press run about here in SF today discussing the new zEnterprise solutions #zEnterprise and the great collaboration at #SHAREorg

@RCDirkes CA's Brian Johnson at SHARE in SF on Big Knowledge Mgt: Just sharing data is the classic "Reply All" of Knowledge Mgt. #SHAREorg

@maryanne4psu: I never met a debugging session that I didn't like...IBM Level 2 presenting Common z/OS Problems to Avoid. #ibm #shareorg

The activity doesn’t stop there! Social media is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest SHARE information and connect with your new professional contacts. The below communities are active year-round to provide information on upcoming activities, events, webcasts, announcements, blog updates, articles and information that is important to you. Join SHARE’s communities today:

SHARE10.png Daily tweets helped attendees stay updated on conference milestones and tune in to updates during the week by tagging and searching for #SHAREorg. Stay connected with SHARE throughout the year by following “SHAREhq” and tagging your IT comments with #SHAREorg
By becoming a fan of "SHARE Association", attendees were able to post comments and pictures from sessions and networking events to the SHARE wall.
SHARE12.png More than 1,100 IT professionals have joined the "SHARE Association" LinkedIn group to interact with valuable professional and personal connections. The discussion board is a great place to share ideas and pose questions to fellow users.

Congratulations Passport to Prizes Winners

Thank you to all of our SHARE in San Francisco Passport to Prizes vendor and attendee participants!  

Data 21: Apple TV - Curtis Prior
Enterprise Systems Media: 5 Famous T-shirts - Linda Duvall
EMC Corporation: iPad - Tom Kreel
Hitachi Data Systems: Hitachi Cordless Drill - Jannie Nielsen
IBM Corporation: Nook HD - Jerry Miastkowski
Innovation Data Processing: iPad2 - Ning Chang
Luminex: $200 American Express Gift Card - Dennis O'brien
Micro Focus: Apple TV - Jason Stotler
MVS Solutions: iPod Touch - George Worden
Oracle: Bose QC03 Noise Cancelling Headset - Beverly Pintello
Serena Software: Google Nexus 7 - Ed Woodward
Software Diversified Services: $100 Visa Gift Card - William Hinsdale
Software Engineering of America: $50 App Store (iTunes) Gift Card - Ann Pieri
SUSE: Samsung Galaxy Tablet - Clifford Friske
Syncsort: iPad Mini - Robin Vetrady
Syspertec: iPod Nano - Daniel Sutton
TPF Software Inc.: $500 Gift Card - J. Alan Gray
Trident: Hawaiian Shirt and $100 Visa Gift Card - Mike Shorkend
UNICOM Global: $100 Visa Gift Card - Daniel Terry
William Data Systems: Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader - Clive Smith

Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors

We would not be able to put on such a successful event without the commitment of our Strategic Partner: IBM Corporation and our Premier Sponsors: EMC Corporation, UNICOM Global, Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems, Innovation Data Processing and Luminex. We are also grateful to our Technology Exchange Expo exhibitors, sponsors and media partners.

Proceedings DVD Information

All full-conference attendees receive a SHARE Proceedings DVD as part of your registration.

Proceedings DVDs are mailed six to eight weeks after the event and include presentation materials from participating SHARE in San Francisco speakers. This is a valuable tool you can share with colleagues when you return to the office!

Save the Date

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August 11-16, 2013

Join us for SHARE in Boston to take advantage of professional development opportunities and the best in enterprise IT content, including high-quality, user-driven educational sessions, access to industry leaders, new innovations and peer networking events.

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