The Most Relevant IT Topics and Trends

Address the opportunities and challenges facing today’s IT professionals. Dive deep into current best practices and technical content selected by users like you. SHARE in Boston features Hot Topics including:

  • Big Data – Big Analytics – Big Needs: We have seen the opportunities to manage Big Data and derive benefits never before realizable. But do we comprehend the underlying requirements for bandwidth, processing capacity and storage capacity? Do we have a plan to manage those as well as the inherent security, compliance and privacy issues? Do you have any plan to manage personally identifiable information (PII) in that environment? With all that accomplished, now how do we deliver the data to the processes that will analyze it? What parts of our business would benefit most if we manage to solve these issues?
  • Cloud in the Enterprise: Cloud computing is not just vaporware anymore. IT organizations are adopting cloud as a service paradigm that has supporting infrastructure and software technologies. They are deploying private clouds in order to manage access, security and reliability. How does a business choose between build vs. buy? How might they use cloud as a resource for disaster recovery, business continuity or business resilience?
  • Mobile in the Enterprise: Don't be surprised when mobile devices impact your enterprise. The Mobile in the Enterprise track covers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management), security, application development challenges and much more.  
  • Virtualization in the Enterprise: We all understand the efficiencies that can be realized with virtualization such as reduction of power needs, reduction of space needs and improved reliability. But do we understand the issues that virtualization may introduce in terms of management complexity, security, performance and privacy. For example, when you create a virtual LAN to connect virtual systems, how do you do intrusion detection or provide some service like firewall? Now that we have hundreds of guest servers, how are we going to perform maintenance on the hosting system?


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