Why Attend

With 300+ industry speakers and 1,000+ attendees, SHARE in Boston combines renowned industry leaders, user-driven technical sessions, insights from colleagues, and hardware and software product highlights. SHARE gives you the tools and knowledge base to bring value to your job every single day.

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Why do Enterprise IT Professionals Attend SHARE?

Take advantage of the opportunity to get the best in enterprise IT education, networking and innovations. The business impact of your SHARE participation, including increased simplicity, agility and cost efficiency, makes this one of the best IT investments your company will make all year. Prepare for the conversation with your supervisor about the benefits of SHARE conferences and review the top reasons why other IT professionals attend SHARE.

Reason #1: Enterprise IT Education

  • Hands-on training designed with a user-focused approach allows you to bring back new skills and ideas to your organization.  
  • Big Data – Big Analytics – Big Needs: We have seen the opportunities to manage Big Data and derive benefits never before realizable. But do we comprehend the underlying requirements for bandwidth, processing capacity and storage capacity? Do we have a plan to manage those as well as the inherent security, compliance and privacy issues? Do you have any plan to manage personally identifiable information (PII) in that environment? With all that accomplished, now how do we deliver the data to the processes that will analyze it? What parts of our business would benefit most if we manage to solve these issues?
  • Cloud in the Enterprise: Cloud computing is not just vaporware anymore. IT organizations are adopting cloud as a service paradigm that has supporting infrastructure and software technologies. They are deploying private clouds in order to manage access, security and reliability. How does a business choose between build vs. buy? How might they use cloud as a resource for disaster recovery, business continuity or business resilience?
  • Mobile in the Enterprise: Don't be surprised when mobile devices impact your enterprise. The Mobile in the Enterprise track covers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management), security, application development challenges and much more.  
  • Virtualization in the Enterprise: We all understand the efficiencies that can be realized with virtualization such as reduction of power needs, reduction of space needs and improved reliability. But do we understand the issues that virtualization may introduce in terms of management complexity, security, performance and privacy. For example, when you create a virtual LAN to connect virtual systems, how do you do intrusion detection or provide some service like firewall? Now that we have hundreds of guest servers, how are we going to perform maintenance on the hosting system?

Reason #2: Networking

  • Respected presenters and seasoned enterprise IT professionals share their tips for success along with lessons learned.
  • Ask others how they addressed road blocks that you might be experiencing with current projects of your own.

Reason #3: Innovations

  • Connect directly with vendors and check out the latest solutions that you may be evaluating and considering for your organization.
  • Hear from vendors at the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo and get your questions about a product or service answered by the experts.

Convince the Boss

To help your manager(s) understand the importance of your SHARE participation, as well as the return on investment it will bring, you don’t have to start from scratch. SHARE provides a myriad of ways to help you justify your attendance. Download the customizable justification e-mail template and view our tips below to communicate why joining us at SHARE in Boston is worth the investment:

  • Share a copy of the session schedule with your supervisor(s) and note specific areas of interest, sessions or speakers that align with your company’s current initiatives and your job role.
  • Note past successes and new ideas that you have brought to your company as a result of attending SHARE.
  • Download the justification e-mail template and customize to add specific issues, concerns or initiatives within your organization for which SHARE will be especially valuable.
  • Recognize and emphasize the value of attending in-person. Remember, SHARE is not an acronym, it’s what we do. IT professionals regularly cite networking as a critical reason for attending SHARE. The ability to learn directly from peers – both successes and what pitfalls to avoid – is the primary reason we have been coming together for over 50 years.  


Can't Attend SHARE for the Full Week? We Have Options for You! Visit the SHARE in Boston registration page for details on the below flexible scheduling options.

One-Day Registration Badges
If you are unable to attend the full week of SHARE in Boston, consider our convenient single day registration option. Identify one or two days that feature key sessions relevant to your area of interest and secure a single day badge! 
Company Badges
Company badges allow multiple staff members from the same organization to attend sessions throughout the week. One individual may use the badge at a time, so you can take turns attending sessions that are relevant to each of your specific job roles. Make sure to coordinate pick-up/drop-off instructions for the company badge among your group prior to arrival.

Passport to Education
If you have colleagues that are also attending SHARE events, consider the Passport to Education option to save as a group! This bundle of five full-conference member individual registrations is good for two years from the date of purchase, and can be used for all conferences brought to you by SHARE. Please contact us at SHAREhq@SHARE.org for more information.

Virtual Attendance – SHARE Live!
Unable to get away from the office to attend SHARE in Boston? Have an upcoming deadline? Are budget constraints limiting your travel? Be a part of the audience from your desk with SHARE Live! and access a variety of selected content at an affordable rate. SHARE Live! will broadcast sessions live, as they happen from SHARE in Boston. Your colleagues are also able to access SHARE Live! with you from a conference room. All SHARE Live! sessions will be available to replay for six months after the event.