MVS Storage Management Project

The MVSS Project focuses on education, professional networking, & industry influence in the area of zSystems Storage Management, and the facilities and products necessary to support these functions.  In z/OS environments, we discuss all of the components of DFSMS, IBM Tivoli storage software products for z/OS, and other independent software vendor (ISV) developed packages used to provide supporting services.  Among the many subjects covered are strategies used for storage management, maintaining data integrity, storage tiers, data backup/recovery, and data archival solutions.  We work closely with the SAN/DISK/TAPE Project to address topics related to storage hardware supporting zSystems, Storage Area Networks, storage interfaces, and other storage hardware and software issues.  Our project mascot is Godzilla, adopted by acclamation in honor of the DFSMS load module IGDZILLA.  The primary activities of the project include:

  • Sponsoring quality IBM, ISV, and USER EXPERIENCE presentations at SHARE that cover “best practices” of storage management, enhancements, and new technologies
  • Requirements and Advocacy generation and prioritization
  • Customer driven task forces and discussions that influence IBM and ISVs regarding future storage management direction.

The project is always open, and new and existing members are encouraged to provide continued and active participation.  See one of the Project Officers or IBM representative for more information.

MVS Storage Management Project Web Links

The following links on the World Wide Web are provided to enhance your visit to this page.  If you would like to suggest additional links, use the below email address of the Project Manager.

SHARE Requirements and Advocacy Tracking and Voting

We strongly recommend you submit requirements in advance of the meeting.  Instructions for creating a new SHARE Requirement and joining a SHARE Requirements Forum can be found by clicking on this Requirements FAQs link.  Submitters should be present when their requirements are read following the MVSS Project Opening session to clarify and (possibly) rewrite or edit as needed.  Requirements discussions and voting take place via the internet, on this SHARE Requirements & Advocacy link.  Registered participants will be notified when requirements are available for discussion and voting.  Every organization is welcome and encouraged to participate in the MVSS Requirements and Advocacy process!

MVS Storage Management Project Officers

The following dedicated volunteers make this project work for you. You can contact those that have e-mail addresses by clicking on the mailto link below.  If you would like to become involved in the project by giving a user experience presentation or in some other capacity please contact any of the project member below.


Russell Witt

MVSS Project Manager Email
Tom Conley

Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.
MVSS Deputy Project Manager Email
Edward J Petka, Jr.

MVSS Deputy Project Manager/Requirements Coordinator Email
William R. Smith

Hitachi Data Systems
MVSS Deputy Project Manager/Volunteer Coordinator Email
Janet Sun

Sun Coast
MVSS Deputy Project Manager Email
Michael Friske

Fidelity Investments
MVSS Project Officer Email
Marty Hasegawa

Rocket Software
MVSS Project Officer Email
Chris Taylor

IBM Corporation
MVSS Project Officer / IBM Representative - DFSMS Services Email
Barbara White McDonald

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative - Lead Email
Stephen Merritt Branch

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative/DFSMSdfp Email
Robert Gensler

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative/DFSMShsm Email
Lisa Gundy

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative/DFSMS SDM Email
Thomas Reed

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative/DFSMS Services Email
Jeff Suarez

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative Email
Glenn Wilcock

IBM Corporation
MVSS IBM Representative/DFSMShsm Email