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MVS CoreThe MVS Core Technologies Project is concerned with a broad spectrum of mainframe-related topics that provide in-depth exploration of IBM's flagship platform in both the hardware and software realms. Hardware areas of interest include System z processor, zBX/blades, HMC/zManager, coupling facilities, time services, and I/O connectivity. Software areas of interest include z/OS operating system components, subsystems and applications such as RSM, VSM, IOS, Parallel Sysplex, JES2, JES3, TSO/E, ISPF, z/OS UNIX, zFS, Ported Tools, z/OSMF, and enterprise presentation solutions such as Infoprint. Advanced sessions will discuss architecture, installation, configuration, migration, service, problem determination, and exploitation of the latest System z and z/OS capabilities. Tools such as ServerPac, HCD/HCM, SMP/E, IPCS, and others are regularly discussed. The Project also offers sessions for those who are new to the platform, intended to help them quickly integrate into their environment and acquire mainframe skills and understanding of the platform, especially in z/OS.

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We believe the z/OS platform continues to survive because of Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS). To support that tradition, we are advocates for training not just in how to install and maintain the flagship operating system, but also in why and how the major components function as they do.

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One of the most important areas that MVS Core Technologies covers is exploiting new technologies that are available via z/OS. New hardware announcements affecting z/OS are covered as part of MVS Core Technologies, too.

These functions are accomplished by scheduling sessions at SHARE Technical Conference events using highly knowledgeable IBM personnel and SHARE members who have experience in implementing something in one of these technology areas.

We also provide a venue for IBM customers to submit requirements to IBM. Project members also participate in task forces to give needed input to IBM.

The MVS Core Technologies Project also comprises the following committees which advocate on behalf of major MVS components

We also took back the z/OS UNIX Services material from the MVSO - MVS Open and Distributed Project.

We Need Your Help! At every SHARE you will hear a call for volunteers from various project officers. Your contribution helps make SHARE a success. Volunteer tasks can be just about anything that needs doing! All projects are on the lookout for people to volunteer to help with the following tasks:

  • SPEAKERS - Needed on a session topic of benefit to others. If your material does not cover a full session, let the project manager know and we can try to set up your session up with one or more other speakers. Attend the excellent Speaker Training session on Sunday for pointers on giving a great presentation.
  • SESSION CHAIRS - Each session at SHARE requires some administration. Duties during a session includes making announcements, introducing the speaker, moderating questions, and collecting session evaluation cards. There is an excellent Chair Training session on Sunday (3:00 p.m.), which will give you more hands on info about these tasks.
  • PROJECT OFFICERS - Have specific responsibilities within the project, such as Requirements Coordinator or Session Scheduler. The officers also help out by handing out session evaluation envelopes to the Chairs prior to the start of a session, assist with scheduling, update web pages, and other things as needed.

To volunteer, please see any of the `ribbon-wearers'. Your help is appreciated!

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Work Products

MVS Core Technologies Project - Call for Presentations

Are you working on something you think other MVS folks would be interested in? Did you just complete a project you are especially proud of? Do you ever think about something you have done and say to yourself, "Hmmm, that would make a great 'User Experience' pitch at SHARE"?

If the answer to any of these is "yes", contact the Scheduling Volunteers. We would love to sponsor your session at SHARE.

Speakers are eligible for a reduced conference rate! Have a topic in mind that was not presented at the last Conference event? SHARE the topic idea and we will see if we can find a speaker for it.

MVS Core Technologies Project Web Links

The following links on the World Wide Web are provided to enhance your visit to this page. If you would like to suggest additional links, send them to the mailto address of the Project Manager or Web Page Editor.

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The following dedicated volunteers make this project work for you. You can contact those that have e-mail addresses by clicking on the mailto link below. If you would like to become involved with the Project by giving a user experience presentation or in some other capacity, please contact any of the Project Volunteers.

                                                                            MVS Core Technologies Project Officers

James Lund

Texas A&M University
MVSE Project Manager/JES3 Committee Chair/Project Planning Chair/Requirements Team Email
Mary Anne Knutson

MVSE Deputy Project Manager/Project Planning Team Email
Dan Dirkse

Iuvo Technologies, Inc.
MVSE Deputy Project Manager/ISPF Committee Chair/Project Planning Team Email
Glenn M Hanna

21st Century Software Inc
MVSE Deputy Project Manager/JES2 Committee Chair/Project Planning Team Email
Jim Horne

Lowe's Companies
MVSE Project Officer Email
Mike Shorkend

Michael Shorkend
MVSE Deputy Project Manager/Requirements Chair Email
Jason Brosius

MVSE Project Officer/Broadcom Representative Email
Cheryl Watson

Watson & Walker, Inc.
MVSE Project Officer/Requirements Team Email
David Astemborski

VISA USA/Inovant
MVSE Project Officer/Project Planning Team Email
Gordon Daniel

NewEra Software, Inc.
MVSE Project Officer Email
Arthur J Gutowski, Jr

General Motors
MVSE Project Officer/Project Planning Team Email
Sam Knutson

Compuware Corporation
MVSE Project Officer/Requirements Team/Project Planning Team Email
Bruce Koss

Wells Fargo Bank
MVSE Project Officer Email
Keith Moe

BMC Software
MVSE Project Officer Email
Peter Sawyer

Sawyer and Associates
MVSE Project Officer/Project Planning Team Email
William J. Smith, MA Ed C/I

Trident Services, Inc
MVSE Project Officer / Requirements Team Email
Rebecca Parchman

BMC Software
MVSE Project Officer Email
John Szura

MVSE Project Officer Email
Cheryl L Turner

Internal Revenue Service
MVSE Project Officer Email
Paul Vincent

California Department of Technology
MVSE Project Officer/Requirements Team Email
Rich Wolff, Jr.

The Kroger Co.
MVSE Project Officer Email
Elizabeth Smith

Ricoh Production Print Solutions
MVSE Vendor Representative - EPS Email
Marna Walle

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative - Lead Email
Stephen Warren

IBM Corporation
MVS Program Representative /Project Planning Team Email
John Plew

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative - SHARE Operations Liaison Email
Laura Carbone

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative - MVS/Requirements Team Email
Liam Doherty

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative Email
Sam Reynolds

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative - ISPF Email
Tom Wasik

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative - JES2 Email
Jerry Whitteridge

IBM Corporation
MVSE IBM Representative/Project Planning Team Email
Kevin Hernandez

Texas A&M University
MVSE Project Officer Email
Ed Webb

Affiliate Members
Project Officer Email
Russell Witt

Deputy Project Manager Email

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Friends of MVSE

MVSE friends are SHARE members who have an interest in z/OS. Join us during our working sessions, our Project dinner, and other events.

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Historical Perspective

The MVSE Project has been in existence for quite a long time. So long in fact, that we need help finding our roots. On a recent teleconference call we heard the 'E' in MVSE stood for Everything Else. Meaning we do MVS and everything else not covered by some other Project.

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