SHARE in San Antonio 2016

An Unforgettable Event

From February 28–March 6, SHARE hosted more than 1,300 enterprise IT professionals in San Antonio for an educational week filled with lectures and roundtables covering some of today’s most pressing enterprise technology topics, including DevOps, Security, Big Data, Mobile and many others. In addition to technical content, attendees were offered the opportunity to attend the new educational offering, SHARE Academy. The inaugural SHARE Academy focused on two topics: Assembler Language and IMS. SHARE Academy attendees took a deep dive into one of the two topics on Sunday, a day before the full event kicked off. The fan-favorite, EXECUforum, included sessions with keynotes Juliet Funt and Patrick Gray, as well as panels lead by industry executives. All in all, this in-person event proved that connecting and learning in one space is an invaluable way for SHARE user group Members and non-members alike to engage with the enterprise IT industry, vendors and IBM executives. 

Keynote Highlights

Juliet FuntOn Monday, February 29, Juliet Funt, Founder and CEO, WhiteSpace at Work, presented Reclaiming Your WhiteSpace

Funt kicked off the opening general session by providing tools to ease busy schedules and increase productivity. 

According to Funt, some people have this doubt, "Maybe it's just me — maybe I'm not organized enough or I'm not doing enough." But it's not you, it's generated outside of you. WhiteSpace is a strategic pause between activities. Incorporating WhiteSpace will act like oxygen to a fire, it will help light things up in your productivity. 

Patrick GrayOn Tuesday, March 1, Patrick Gray, IT Security Consultant, presented The Confluence of Data Security Challenges. 

Gray touched on network threats and how they continue to evolve. 

Everything users touch, your company touches also, and a new breed of malware is evolving. We are up against disgruntled employees and hackers and, unfortunately, it's easier to attack than it is to defend. 

Gray gave insights into how we can prepare for these attacks. In order to understand the threat environment, you need to know what to look for, you need to educate the people around you and you need to collaborate with one another.

For an online recording of the two keynote presentations, plus other top-attended sessions from SHARE in San Antonio, click here and purchase access to SHARE Live!, our virtual attendance option that lasts for up to 6 months post-event.

Program Highlights

Application Development & Integration

The ADI Project put on 23 technical sessions and 3 lab sessions at the San Antonio event. The lab session was actually a combination of several sessions held in a single lab time slot. Overall attendance of project sessions was up around 27% compared to Orlando. “BlockChain Explained” was an extremely popular session and, due to its high head count, explains the the overall attendance spike for the ADI project (without “BlockChain Explained," the ADI attendance would have been a 14% increase over Orlando). The lab sessions remained extremely popular and were forced to turn away attendees because the lack of available seating. The lab topics ranged from using zToos to Dive to Increased Programmer Productivity to WAS Liberty Profile Development. Sessions pertaining to new ways to modernize development on z/OS were also popular themes for the ADI Project. The session with the highest attendance, again, was “BlockChain Explained” and the session with the highest overall feedback was “ABCs of WAS." All the technical sessions received strong positive feedback based on attendee evaluations.


The CICS Project put on 27 technical sessions and 2 administrative sessions at the San Antonio event. Overall attendance was down around 1% compared to the total technical session head count in Orlando. The sessions put on by the CICS project continue to be the most popular in terms of attendance for the AADI Program and, indeed, SHAREwide. The quality of the CICS sessions is consistently high according to evaluation feedback. Feedback results from its technical sessions in San Antonio confirm the popularity and quality of the project’s technical content. The session with the highest attendance was “CICS Futures Interactive Discussion.” The session with the best overall feedback was “CICS Debugging Essentials.”

Additionally, the CICS project has volunteered to put on a SHARE Academy training session for the upcoming 2016 Atlanta Conference. The excitement in the CICS project to put on this type of training and help SHARE expand this training offering is very high.

It needs to be pointed out that under Glenn Schneck’s leadership as a project manager, there has been a noticeable shift in project volunteer involvement help with new SHARE initiatives. Glenn was given a “RAVE” award in San Antonio by project members for their recognition of the changes Glenn has brought to the project.

LE and Programming Languages

The LE and Programming Languages Project continues to be a strong and very popular one based on attendance and attendee feedback. Overall attendance was down 2% compared to the total technical session head count in Orlando, and the project put on 18 technical sessions in San Antonio. It sessions were the second highest in popularity compared to other AADI Projects based on session average head count numbers. The session with the highest attendance in San Antonio was “COBOL V6.1 Was Announced! What's New?," which was a last-minute replacement that was facilitated because the COBOL announcement was only a few days prior to the beginning of the San Antonio event. Putting on this session helped showcase SHARE’s ability to provide timely and relevant technical content. The session with the best overall feedback was “How to Take Advantage of the New COBOL V5 Compiler – Migration!"  It is quite possible that this session will be a SHAREwide winner for San Antonio.


The MQ Project put on 22 technical sessions and 1 lab session at the San Antonio event, including two DevOps topic sessions. Overall attendance was up 31% compared to Orlando. The majority of the technical sessions revolved around the themes of product security, mobile, internals, troubleshooting and performance. In addition to the major themes, several sessions in focused on the latest version 8 release of MQ along with IIB version 10. Additionally, the attendees showed strong interest in these sessions based on cummulative head counts and feedback. The crossover session “MQ and CICS – Integration Options and Costs” with the CICS Project was also well-received by event attendees. The most well-attended session of the week was “MQ for z/OS: The Insider Story”. Also, the session “What's New in the Messaging Family – MQ v8 and More” received the highest marks in terms of attendee feedback. All the technical sessions received strong positive feedback based on evaluations.

SHARE Recognizes

Reg Harbeck

Reg Harbeck

Reg Harbeck has been actively involved in zNextGen® from its inception more than 10 years ago in Boston in 2005. Over the years, he’s served as a facilitator, educator, mentor, speaker, coordinator, writer, editor, and anything else that was needed to help the project grow and establish itself. He’s given lively presentations on the zNextGen monthly calls, even stepping up at the last minute recently when a speaker had to cancel.

At SHARE, he’s served as a moderator, chairperson and speaker. Between events, he’s refined session abstracts and titles and given valuable input into session scheduling. Reg has also written a number of articles highlighting our project’s achievements both for and elsewhere. His unwavering commitment to his goals has set a wonderful example for the malleable young professionals in zNextGen.

 [Written by: Warren Harper and Jim Erdahl]

Year-Round RAVE

SHARE wouldn't be what it is without high-value input from many dedicated individuals. The RAVE (Recognize a Valiant Effort) Award recognizes the extra efforts of SHARE attendees who enhance the overall education experience. Anyone who participates in SHARE can nominate another participant for their assistance. All RAVE recipients will be recognized in the bi-annual Member update, interactions. RAVEs will continue to be awarded at all SHARE events.

RAVE Award Winners – SHARE in San Antonio 2016

Glenn Schneck (ASG)

Nominated by Gene Linefsky (Depository Trust and Clearing Company):

Glenn has presided over the restructuring of the CICS Project. He has accomplished gaining efficiencies of and effort for project members, while maintaining the quality of the projects sessions and networking opportunities available to attendees.

Warren Harper (BMC Software)

Nominated by Lindsey Dote (SmithBucklin):

For outstanding work in getting zNextGen ready for San Antonio.

Holden O'Neal (SAS Institute Inc.)

Nominated by Lindsey Dote (SmithBucklin): 

For outstanding work in getting zNextGen ready for San Antonio.

Dan Ruehl (Humana Inc.)

Nominated by Martha McConaghy (Marist College): 

For his work in helping to create the DevOps track for San Antonio.

Rosalind Radcliffe (IBM)

Nominated by Martha McConaghy (Marist College):  

For her work in helping to create the DevOps track for San Antonio.

Dan Martin (Rocket Software)

Nominated by Martha McConaghy (Marist College):  

For his hard work in helping clean up the program and project roster data and for surviving his first scheduling cycle as a DDOO.

Jerry Seefeldt (NewEra Software)

Nominated by Megan Laatsch (SmithBucklin): 

When the MVS keynote room exceeded capacity, Jerry jumped to action to assist staff in pulling more chairs.

Arthur Gutowski (General Motors)

Nominated by Megan Laatsch (SmithBucklin):

When the MVS keynote room exceeded capacity, Arthur jumped to action to assist staff in pulling more chairs.

Tom Conley (Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.)

Nominated by Megan Laatsch (SmithBucklin): 

When the MVS keynote room exceeded capacity, Tom jumped to action to assist staff in pulling more chairs.

Jim Willette (Sunrise eServices)

Nominated by Karla Houser (Caterpillar)

Jim has provided great support and assistance to the running of the EDC program the past couple of months. Thanks, Jim!

Cheryl Watson (Watson & Walker)

Nominated by Mary Anne Matyaz (CA Technologies): 

Cheryl has been patient and persistent with a broken requirements system and has worked diligently to integrate it with the new RFE system.

Karla Houser (Caterpillar)

Nominated by Jim Willette (Sunrise eServices): 

Went above and beyond even her normal above-and-beyond efforts to ensure the EDC program had full support in San Antonio.

David Morlitz (IBM)

Nominated by Diana Donnellan (Sunrise eServices):

David chased down a February announcement to replace a cancelled session.

Carla Flores (CA Technologies)

Nominated by Diana Donnellan (Sunrise eServices): 

Carla went above and beyond to hep coordinate and organize the DevOps customer panel.

Michael Friske (Fidelity)

Nominated by Barbara McDonald (IBM): 

Michael is an active and long-standing SHARE volunteer. He also exemplifies what SHARE is about. I want to recognize his willingness to share his vast DFSMS knowledge. After my 4:30 p.m. session, he spent another 30+ minutes helping another attendee with a problem and answered a question from my session. In real-time, the attendee got information he could take back to his show. This is what SHARE is about!

Liz Holby (SmithBucklin)

Nominated by Jerry Seefeldt (NewEra Software): 

Creation of the SHARE area in the STE.

Catherine Perkins (SmithBucklin)

Nominated by Jerry Seefeldt (NewEra Software): 

Creation of the SHARE area in the STE.

Annie Volkerding (SmithBucklin)

Nominated by Glenn Schneck (ASG): 

Fantastic assistance with registration issues!

SHARE Best Session Winners – Orlando 2015

Application Architecture Development Program

IBM Session

17676: What You Need to Know About CICS Java Performance

Speaker:Ian Burnett

Project Manager: Glenn Schneck, CICS


User Session

17683: COBOL V5 Migration Strategies

Speaker: Jim Liebert

Project Manager: Carl Gehr, LE and Programming Languages


Enterprise Data Center Program

IBM Session

17394: GTO – IBM's Global Technology Outlook

Speaker: Donna Dillenberger

Project Manager: Diana Donnellan, Integrating Innovative Technologies


User Session

17497: Stress is IT

Speakers: William C. Cross, PhD

Project Manager: Ellis Allen Holman, Professional Development


Vendor Session

17743: Best Practices for Securing Privileged Accounts

Speaker: Brian Marshall

Project Manager: Carla Flores, Security and Compliance


Linux & VM

IBM Session

17240: Are These Free Tools Available to Use on My z/VM System?

Speaker: Bruce Hayden

Project Managers: Rich Smrcina,  VM



IBM Session

17811: DFSMS SMStrape: Overview

Speaker: Erika Dawson

Project Manager: Russell Witt,  MVS Storage Management


User Session

17845:MVSS Project Opening – Information growth a challenge or an opportunity for mainframe storage user?

Speakers: Roberto Basilio and Ed Petka

Project Manager: Russell Witt,  MVS Storage Management



IBM Session

17217: SHARE Live! – History and Evolution of IBM Mainframes over SHARE's 60 Years

Speaker:Jim Elliott

Project Managers: Warren Harper, zNextGen

SHARE Card Case Awards – San Antonio 2016

Bruce Koss, MVSE Project
Nominated by Skip Robinson

John Eels, MVSE Project
Nominated by Skip Robinson

Thank You to Our Volunteers

SHARE in San Antonio would not be possible without the countless hours of support from volunteers. A special thanks to all SHARE Project Managers who act as the guiding light for the event's technical program. They help put together a program full of compelling content based on attendee interests and feedback.

To learn how you can volunteer with SHARE, visit


SHARE Live!SHARE Live! provides the user community with a virtual attendance option for those unable to join SHARE events in-person. Selected content from each day was streamed live, and participants also received access to the 20+ hours of recorded proceedings for six months post-event. 

Congratulations Passport to Prizes Winners

ASG Software Solutions

Denis O’Brien, Bank of America

BMC Software

Chris Sultis, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

CA Technologies

Unable to locate record


MaryBeth Delphia, TX Computers of Public Account

EMC Corporation

Jolynne Larson, USPS

Enterprise Systems Media

Brian Veltre, USAA

GT Software

Frank Fusco, UPS


Jimmy Kelley, Aon

Hitachi Data Systems

Rick Vogel, Grange Mutual Insurance Co.

IBM Corporation

Nancy Toom, Wells Fargo

IN-COM Data Systems

Kim Copland, Canada Border Services

Innovation Data Processing

Albertus De Wet, Northrop Grumman

Luminex Software, Inc.

John Stanley, Wells Fargo

Micro Focus

Micky Reichenberg, MRCS

MVS Solutions Inc

Marcy Cortes, Wells Fargo

NewEra Software

John Brobst, MetLife

Optica Technologies

Harmony Gilder, BCBSAL


Scott Guynes, FIS

Rocket Software

Karl Grafer, America First CU

Secure Agent Software

Ryan Montang, BCBSMS

SERENA Software Inc.

Johnny Barron, Ben E. Keith Co.

Software Diversified Services

Paul Waldowski, US Senate


Dan Ruehl, Humana INC


Gerard Howells, AFCU

Trident Services

John Hoelmer, Thomson Reuters


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