Baltimore Wrap Up Article

SHARE Excels in Bal’mer

August 21, 2006 – In the 51st year of its existence, SHARE’s summer event welcomed thousands of enterprise IT professionals to Baltimore for SHARE User Events from August 13-18, 2006. Leading-edge education, unique access to expert developers and plentiful peer networking opportunities highlighted a busy week that marked the beginning of SHARE’s second half-century.

On Monday, August 14th, SHARE was the subject of an article in eWeek, by reporter Daryl K. Taft regarding how IBM officials laid out IBM's commitment to SOA and the company's strategy for helping customers migrate to SOA while in Baltimore. Exciting news such as this and spots to satiate a seafood craving were aplenty around the Baltimore Convention Center. Not to mention outgoing President Robert Rosen informing all Welcome Reception attendees how to correctly pronounce Baltimore, or Bal’mer. SHARE would like to thank Robert for his service to the organization and wishes him well in all his future endeavors.


Outgoing SHARE President, Robert Rosen, addresses attendees at the Monday Welcome Reception.

Congratulations to the SHARE Election Winners

President: Martin Timmerman
Vice President: Pamela J. Taylor
Treasurer: Jim Michael
Secretary: Janet L. Sun
Directors: Arthur R. Louise, Paul D. Seay, Jr.

A Taste of SHARE

IBM is investing significantly in the academic community to prepare students for their IT careers. While SHARE has traditionally been about continuing education for the practicing professional, we have also been interested in how to promote awareness of the SHARE community in each new generation as it enters the workforce.

In Baltimore, SHARE partnered with IBM to explore their options. A group of professors who are already engaged with IBM were invited to experience “A Taste of SHARE”. The group represented institutions such as University of Maryland, Syracuse University, Howard University, Illinois State University, Widener College, Stevens Institute of Technology and Long Island University.

On Monday, academic visitors attended sessions to sample technical content, visit the SHARE Technology Exchange and meet with IBM and the SHARE Board of Directors. They were also invited to the Welcome Reception to see first-hand the unstructured community and networking aspects of the SHARE experience.


Jim Michael, Marc Sharon, Bob Shannon, Pam Taylor and David Schmahl enjoy
an evening reception at SHARE User Events in Baltimore.

Best Session Winners from SHARE Winter 2006

The cornerstone of SHARE User Events is the technical session program. SHARE is proud to congratulate the following technical session presenters, and their organizations, for receiving the highest attendee ratings from SHARE’s 2006 winter event held in Seattle:

HEAPs of fun with LE HEAPs - John Monti, IBM Corporation

Asm 104: Introduction to Assembler Language: 'Boot Camp' - Part 4 of 5 - John Dravnieks, IBM Corporation; John Ehrman, IBM Corporation; Michael Stack, Northern IL University

The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly: DSNZPARM - William Favero, IBM Corporation

CICSPlex/SM: A Single Point of Control for the 'Type A' Personality - Lisa Fellows, Bank of America
IBM Business Continuity Solutions - Jeff Barckley, IBM Corporation

VM Performance Update - Bill Bitner, IBM Corporation

VM Performance Internals - Why It Works That Way - Marty Zimelis, Computer Associates

z/OS UNIX Advanced Topics - Garth Godfrey, IBM Corporation

JES2 User Experiences: Exit Conversion and Other Cats in the 1.7 Bag Part 2 - Dave Danner, Summit Technical Services, Inc.; Tony DeMichele, Aetna Inc.

New Features in IOF Release 8 - Jim Ott, Triangle Systems, Inc.; Jim Walker, Triangle Systems, Inc.

While You Were Sleeping: z/OS Comm Server 'Magic Tricks' You Probably Overlooked - Gwen Dente, IBM Corporation

Storage Area Networking Concepts - Mike Blair, CISCO Systems; Michael Frase, CISCO Systems

How to Deliver a GREAT Technical Presentation! - Randall Munson, Creatively Speaking

zBusiness Security: WebSphere for z/OS V6 Security – Part 1 of 3 - Glenn Anderson, IBM Corporation

Hacking: The Gory Details About Viruses, Cookies and Other Invasive Technologies - Ellis Holman, IBM Corporation

SEC Keynote Session: Building System Security Based System Integrity - Martin King, Western Metal Supply CO

Best Session Winners from SHARE User Events in Seattle celebrate at the recent SHARE User Events in Baltimore.


To recognize outstanding efforts, SHARE continues the RAVE – Recognize a Valiant Effort – Program. Anyone who participates in a SHARE conference can nominate another meeting participant to recognize efforts over and above the norm.

Angela Schmitz recognizes Jonathan Harter for always doing a high scoring session and for being so gracious about leading the 8:00 am, 6:00 pm and Friday morning sessions. Angela recognizes Henning Strandgaard as he helped out with the EN session on short notice. Angela recognizes Judy Mikill who in addition to presenting three sessions, helped chairing several others.

Mira Willis recognizes Thomas Cosenza for stepping in at the last minute with very little training as a chair volunteer and taking care of several sessions for her project.

John Hogan recognizes Margie House for outstanding support during the SHARE election, including a quantum leap in cleaning up the membership database. John feels Margie’s contribution was not only huge but it was all done with a cheerful attitude.