Happy 60th Birthday SHARE!

60 Years.

When I think about that kind of longevity in an industry prone to rapid change, I’m a little bit astounded. (Can you be a little bit astounded? If you’re astounded, it’s probably not a little bit, right?)

SHARE began as the first-ever enterprise IT user group back in 1955

Share held its first meeting on Aug. 15, 1955, at Rand Corp., a think tank in Santa Monica, Calif.

Morton Bernstein, an associate mathematician at Rand, and one of the first members of SHARE, said: IBM could say, You can join Share, with literally hundreds of experts and get all the support you need. It turned out to be the best marketing tool that anyone could have invented.

So what else was going on in 1955? You know I love these little looks back:


  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are born. Also Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner.
  • Ford Thunderbird costs $2,695
  • Minimum wage is raised to $1
  • McDonald's hamburger costs 15 cents
  • IBM delivers the first IBM 704, designed by Gene Amdahl
  • The world series was first broadcast in color and Gunsmoke debuted


And for those of you who prefer a visual to text, The 1955 Chevy:



SHARE has withstood the test of time, adapted to changes, kept to its mission, and served our platform selflessly for 60 years. Thank you, and congratulations!

Your link today is to the self-proclaimed ‘Internet’s oldest fifties and sixties site’


Have a wonderful day, and for those of you here in Orlando, a wonderful week at SHARE!

Mary Anne



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Happy 60th Birthday SHARE!

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