SHARE in Seattle Sights

Yes it's been a while since SHARE in Seattle. Well, I had a datacenter move, which I will talk about in Orlando! I guess that's the only really good excuse I can come up with.

If this is a blog full of pictures from SHARE in Seattle, I guess I should start off with one of me before I make fun of anyone else. So....


Yes, I did make that pic more narrow. But I did not use the Photoshop Face Slimming. :)

So that was Monday at the MVS Project Opening. There was a lot going on that week as it is SHARE's 60th anniversary year.

 hb.jpg   60 years! The worlds first computer users group, and still going strong! Congratulations SHARE!

There was a focus in Seattle on creating videos for the launch of a new YouTube channel on SHARE. In the coming months, you'll see videos from Bit Bucket segments, roving, on-the-spot interviews, and more formal interviews with popular SHARE speakers like Cheryl Watson. To get you going, here's a link to Skip Robinson's Bit Bucket segment from Seattle:    'Irreconciled Differences'

Wednesday evening the lovely and talented Marna Walle arranged a dinner for any MVS people that wanted to join us, and here are some shots of that group at Rock Bottom Brewery:









There were a few other tables as I did not get good pics of all the tables. Including my own table. But I did get a lovely photobomb selfie of my table:



I did say I would make fun of myself, right? So my arm is not long enough to take a selfie with the table but Sam Knutson's freakishly long arms did the trick.

As I mentioned we did some interviews, and one was with the current and former MVS Program Managers.


L-R Ed Jaffe, Sam Knutson, Brian Peterson, Skip Robinson

Folks, let me just say that that is a lot of years of MVS experience right there. But what most people don't know is that these four gentlemen have also donated countless volunteer hours over the years to the success of SHARE and the MVS program.

I just want to say: Thank you!  THANK YOU!

Your link for today is to the SHARE Youtube channel:

Have a wonderful day!

Mary Anne






Great Pics!

June 15, 2015 08:41 AM by Jeff Magdall

It's a great reminder to step back and appreciate everyone (Clients & Vendors) who make SHARE and this whole community work!.  Thank You !!!

Fun times!

June 15, 2015 08:36 PM by Marna Walle

Thanks for posting these was a GREAT conference!

Great Conference

June 17, 2015 11:11 AM by Thomas Cosenza

There was a real energy at this last Share that lacked in some of the others.  Great job by the staff in making this share one of the best I have gone to in the last 10 years.

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